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Hodge brings his percussive A-game to Livity Sound for a new three track EP. His first solo release on the label since the anthemic "Amor Fati", this new record bristles with his irrepressible energy and signature dancefloor dynamics. "No Single Thing" graces the whole of side A; a futureproof rhythm track that'd surely cause the Rhythm Section crowd to lose their shit. Hodge constructs the track from rapid fire drum hits before adding tribal whoops and the odd analogue fx. The result is a carnival-ready banger that's clever enough and techy enough to also cut it indoors, in some low-ceiling basement to a select bunch of up-for-it ravers. "Light Waves" sticks an aural pin head somewhere between General Ludd and Sunklo - deploying some 808 subs to a tightly mechanized backing and supported by big floor toms.

Starting in 2011, Livity Sound quickly grew to become one of the leading labels in the UK dance music underground. Combining the legacy of Bristol's sound system culture and the futuristic visions of techno, the label forged a unique voice in the contemporary musical landscape. Initially based around a core group of producers, Livity Sound has since grown and diversified, expanding its outlook and roster while retaining its ideals of innovative, forward thinking dance music.

As the label head, Peverelist is core to this vision. Livity Sound builds on his pioneering work with Punch Drunk Records and releases for esteemed labels such as Skull Disco, Hessle Audio and Tectonic. "Tessellations" is his first long player for Livity Sound; a succinct nine tracks demonstrating the breadth of his work and scope of his influences through a snapshot of productions from the last two years. The mood is suitably cutting-edge, as the producer deftly mixes tantalizingly upfront electronics with various mutations of new techno's bump and grind. 

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