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Shop faves, Dj Windows XP after their massive EP on Who's Susan, the boys are back with more ammo and with a democratic ethos. There is a bit for everyone. From the anthemic 'Breakfast at Wendys' to the smooth dreamy house we find in 'Disco Dreaming', and from the slightly rougher 'Some People Get It' to the funkier and mellower 'Sloppy Beat'. Does someone know which sample is used Sloppy Beat - the bit with the trumpets? It is ace. And so is the whole EP. They nailed it once again!


Sil says: Ace house music by Dj Windows XP. Keeping the quality up and always surprising. A bit for everybody on this 12". As always, essential!

Live Ones returns with Lorca after a six-year (!!!) hiatus. The "Tribute To Eddie" EP firmly nods at North American house music with its wild filter action and pumping 4/4 beats. "No Chains On Me" has a beautifully mixed and mastered low end, humming away just under the low-mids and tickling the subs in just the right areas. Orchestral disco samples add the melodic touches along with some nicely executed MPC action - most excellent. "All My Love" delicately polishes an organic disco groove with technological inflections, adding some subtle reverb sweeps, filter action and digital edits; sounding very much like a lost Lumberjack's In Hell / "Chicago Service" B-side. "Intimate Friends" on the other hand, is blatantly deep house, nodding its head at Mike Grant and Moods & Grooves in the process; poised Rhodes licks characterized this deep n funky jam. Finally, "Better Man" pumps and jerks in all the right places, meeting somewhere between Delano Smith and Boo Williams with expert filter use, a seductive syncopated rhythm and uplifting vocal hook. Don't sleep on this last track it's a belter! Flawless house music through and through on this baby, don't sleep!

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RT @Sinkyateeth: DEBUT ALBUM out 1st June!! Pre-order VINYL or CD here:
Thu 22nd - 12:00
F L O K Bar Manchester sees our Kickin Pigeon grace the platters 2nite from 8pm if anyone's looking for some shelter from this blizzard!
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SNOWDAY! Take shelter from the freeze with this set of super cool jams... @theblackangels @Thundercat
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