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Brilliant soul from the Detroit underground of the late 60s - a full set of work by vocalist Little Ann, issued here for the first time ever! You might recognize Ann's name from her appearance on a few of the Ace / Kent Records tracks by Detroit producer Dave Hamilton over the years - and the work here all comes from those classic collaborations. Trapped on tape for many years, and always contemplated as a possible Little Ann album these tracks finally see the light of day issued by the funky folks at Timmion Records! The groove here is as off-beat as some of Dave's other great work - not nearly as tight, or uptight, as Motown music, instead done with a sly undercurrent of darkness on most numbers, even the mellower ones. It's almost like that mix of Detroit styles that you get on pre-fame singles from Westbound Records artists. Ann's vocals are nice and lean, and slide right into the mix with ease - heartfelt enough to grab us right away, yet without any obvious cliches as well.


1. Deep Shadows
2. Possession
3. Who Are You Trying To Fool
4. Sweep It Out In The Shed
5. What Should I Do
6. Lean Lanky Daddy
7. I Got To Have You
8. The Smile On Your Face
9. Who Are You Trying To Fool (Instrumental Version)

Tiny Topsy / Jo Ann Henderson

Just A Little Bit / Baby Please Don't Go

Tiny Topsy was a big-voiced Chicago Blues singer born Otha Lee Moore in 1930. She signed to Federal records in 1957 and released 5 singles, the last and finest being our top choice “Just A Little Bit”. Roscoe Gordon would take the song to #2 on the R&B Chart in 1960. Jo Ann Henderson was also based in Chicago, but leant more to Jazz than the aforementioned Blues style. Little is known about her apart from her lone 45 for Paul Geallis’ short-lived Phonograph imprint featuring the mid-tempo jazzy “Just Leave Me Alone” and the thumping “Baby Please Don’t Go” which went on to become a U.K. hit for the group ‘Them’ in 1964.


1. Just A Little Bit
2. Baby Please Don't Go

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