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Algorithmic / Baby Demo

Ctrl Alt Dread / Nah Run

Ball splitting carnival jungle bizniz here from Algorithmic and Baby Demo on the superb Lickshot Recordings. Sure to separate the men from the boys, "Cntl Alt Dread" opens with bouncy roots reggae licks peppered with piston subs and hyped up breaks in a true ragga-jungle mashup style. When the amens drop on this bad boi yous better be ready for the ensuing mayhem as this one explodes! With some ultra inventive, super trickski drum programming we're left gasping for breath until the next horn-laced, roots-fuelled breakdown, then its straight back into the pummeling subs and speedy breakbeats. On the flip, we get more OG jungle flavours as skippy beats meet a dread's ode to marijuana. Gritty and covered in pitch black dread, this ones for the real underground headz, rich in pirate radio flavour and crying out for some supplemented MC action. Solid double A-side here from all involved.


Algorithmic - Ctrl Alt Dread
Baby Demo - Nah Run

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Can’t wait! 🙌 Hit the link for all the info👇
Sun 26th - 11:32
Looking great John 👌Thanks for ordering and sharing 🙏 @DeadOceans @whereisMUNA
Fri 24th - 12:45
Yes, physical copies available July 1. Get your pre-orders in here 👇 @TheVintageCrop
Fri 24th - 12:12
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