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Belief (Stella Mozgawa & Boom Bip)


    With a back catalogue at Lex Records that spans half a dozen studio LPs as Boom Bip, plus another two as one half of electronic pop duo Neon Neon, Bryan Hollon has already made a name for himself as a Mercury prize-nominated producer and multi-instrumentalist. Equally impressive are the credits to Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa’s name; she’s contributed percussion to albums by Kurt Vile, Cate le Bon, Courtney Barnett, Sharon Van Etten, and Kim Gordon, among others. But as improvisational techno duo Belief, the pair make music that harkens back to ‘90s acts like LFO and 808 State – artists that indelibly, but near-anonymously, altered club and rave culture, mostly identifiable by clean, bold logos on 12” sleeves. “They didn’t have much of an image – you didn’t really know what the guys looked like, it didn’t matter at all,” says Hollon. “Their logos kind of define them.”

    Hollon met Mozgawa just after she joined Warpaint, when Boom Bip shared a rehearsal space in Echo Park with the band. The two quickly bonded over a love of early Warp Records, drum breaks, acid house, and Y2K-era rave flyers. They swapped playlists and ideas when Mozgawa played drums for Neon Neon’s 2013 West Coast tour, but due to busy schedules, it would be another three years before they packed every piece of gear they collectively owned into Eric Wareheim’s Absolutely Studios for an initial jam session. “The actual rat’s nest of midi cables was so overwhelming and intense. But for some reason when we just started jamming, it just felt like we intuitively knew how to make something sound the way that both of us wanted it to sound,” says Mozgawa. “We had a kind of mutual taste or something. It just came so easily once there was another mind there.”

    Instinctively playing to each other’s strengths and whims – and recording the session to build on later – allowed Mozgawa to explore a style of music she’d long considered a dark art, and pushed Hollon, known for his meticulous planning in previous work, to be more spontaneous. “There is a looseness and jam quality to it that my other music doesn’t have. We have hours of improvised sessions, which is something I always wanted to do but never took the time in my solo work nor have I ever trusted anyone as much as Stella in knowing exactly what to do and when to do it,” Hollon says. “We connect on another level that you can only tap into when improvising.” They found pockets of time to revisit the project over the next four years, even playing some early shows where they billed themselves as ‘Beef’ – a comedic wink to the project’s pulsating minimalism.

    While it was all in good fun, more reverent threads began to emerge as they began finalizing and recording headier, more enigmatic tracks. “As the music started developing, it was a bit more soulful and deep,” Hollon says. “There was always that little bit of a religious element in early rave culture… it gave us a bit of a box to work within.”

    When they’d hit on something during a performance, they’d make a note to record it; samples they’d used as placeholders were reworked with the duo’s personal touches; Mozgawa tapped bandmate Emily Kokal to record some vocal textures during Warpaint studio time; Hollon chopped, looped and arranged the jungle breaks Mozgawa had recorded from memory; and finally, the two returned to a mostly complete album during pandemic down time to flesh out and warm up some of the cooler machine-like tones, an invaluable final step.

    “The house-y acid-y stuff works really well in the live setting but when it came to recording the stuff, some of it just didn’t feel as warm or as whole as it should, to represent Stella and I,” says Hollon. “We were able to go back and inject a lot of personality into the music, so I’m really happy that we didn’t rush it and spent more time digging a little bit deeper into the songs.”
    “We were also very aware of not overcooking it,” adds Mozgawa. “It’s such a delicate balance.”

    Though governed by the central question – What Would Mark Bell Do? – Belief were careful not to create anything too derivative. “It’s something that really does come up a lot when we’re making decisions in the studio. We felt a kindred connection with one another over that music,” says Mozgawa. “It’s definitely a record that we made with our own influences and capabilities but there’s still this prevalent thread of wanting to add to that conversation in the musical universe, like making a contribution to that out of reverence to what came before.” Born out of an oddly divine foresight the duo share, Belief pays homage to the pioneers of techno, the synergy of two devout tastemakers building a shrine to inner peace and outward pleasure.


    Side A
    1. I Want To Be
    2. Anx
    3. Bayo
    4. Luther
    5. Dreams
    Side B
    1. Nebo
    2. WOT
    3. Ulu
    4. Jung
    5. Art Of Love

    Superb, cosmic-leaning house music from Lex on the newly invigored Delusions Of Grandeur. The Greek DJ, producer and Radical Soundz shop owner has been immersed in dance music for over 20 years and considered one of the key figures in the Athens underground house scene. Fellow Greek artist Locke joins proceedings for this EP bringing his own psychedelic influences to the table..

    Title track "7 Day Path" is both spacious and driving. Rooted to a deep bassline, Lex unpacks funky leads deep in the mix whilst a lively percussion template keeps hands and heads aloft; preventing that hypnotic b-line cementing too much grip.

    Cosmic royalty DJ Rocca is on hand for a remix. Here he adds his trademark dubby disco wiggle, pushing the original in a jazzy direction with live flute. Definitely one to be heard under the stars on a Croatian beach for maximum Adriatica effect!

    Flipping over, things head into nocturnal territories on "See No Ball" featuring Locomotives, a more stripped back club jam with a repeated vocal, funky guitar chops and a smattering of improvised synth and Hammond B3 keeping things jazzy and musical while that percolated beat keeps the dancefloor on tenterhooks.

    Closing out this brilliant EP we have "Catch Up With The Sun" which drops the BPM’s for a low-slung cosmic jam loaded with good vibes. Killer! 


    Matt says: Delusions Of Grandeur enlist Lex & Locke for sparkly midnight excursion into cosmic house and future disco. Sure to appeal to lovers of Future Boogie and destined to be a massive hit at Barbarellas in Croatia this Summer!


    A1. 7 Day Path
    A2. 7 Day Path (DJ Rocca Remix)
    B1. I See No Ball (feat. Locomotives)
    B2. Catch Up With The Sun

    Lex Lathan / William Kincaid

    Mayhem Manipulated / Can't Be

    More imperative, PCP-soaked DJ tools from the Dirty Blends crew continuing in the vein of classic Chi-town tweakers Ron Hardy / Adonis / Jamal Moss etc. No-one's come as close to recreating that druggy, head twisting lysergic vibe of the Muzic Box as much as these cats in recent times.

    William Kincaid takes over side A with a muddy whiplash of Ron Hardy's "Your Passion" - with that incessant woodblock sound twisting your melon inside out!

    Lex Lathan lays down some jackbeat damage on "Mayhem Manipulation" - utilizing those echo soaked drum boxes to devastating effect as a plethora of squiggly sfx, warbled vox and flailing sine tones drips through the mix.

    Proper warehouse voodoo for the freaks and rave gremlins. You need. 


    William Kincaid - Can't Be
    Lex Lathan - Mayhem Manipulated

    Andrew Hung


      Stars collapse and new worlds arise in Devastations, the bold new album from Andrew Hung.

      Andrew Hung is an artist known for his breakthrough debut Realisationship, film soundtracks (The Greasy Strangler, An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn) and his collaborations (Fuck Buttons, Beth Orton and Aimée Osbourne)

      His work as Fuck Buttons brought about three critically-acclaimed albums, headline slots at festivals such as Glastonbury, Green Man and All Tomorrow’s Parties. Their music sound tracked key moments in the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony.

      Hung went on to work with cult director Jim Hosking and his films “The Greasy Strangler” (winning best comedy at the Empire awards, “An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn” and “Tropical Cop Tales” for Adult Swim.

      Hung continued his collaborative streak through writing and producing with artist Beth Orton on her career redefining album Kidsticks (described by The Skinny as “…an exceptional return to form.”) and daughter of a rock god, Aimée Osbourne on her incredible debut album Vacare Adamaré (Released under the name ARO).

      Hung now returns his attention to his own expression.

      Hung’s second album Devastations is the ecstatic cry of colour found between light and dark. The album documents a transitional period in Hung’s life; a stepping out from the shadows. Hung explores the deepest recesses of his psyche and in doing so finds himself reconciling the light and dark within. Underlying the propulsive bests and prisms of noise is a melodic tenderness that weaves throughout the album; an offering hand emerging from a turbulent sky. The deepening of inner space becomes an exploration of the universal; a new beginning from the Devastations of old worlds.

      The artist wrote, performed, produced and mixed the whole album himself. He also painted the self-portrait that adorns the cover of the album. The oil painting further illuminates the artist’s intentions in his work; it depicts the artist stepping out of a shadowy world, partially lit by the bright light of the sun.


      Barry says: Former Fuck Button Andrew Hung returns for only his second full album under his own name, though has been busy with a number of superb soundtrack outings since then. 'Devastations' is a brilliantly innovative mix of gothic synth pop, avant electronica and slow motion loungy Krautrock grooves, all topped with Hung's distinctive vocal style. Bold and exciting, and filled with moments of pure joy.


      Side A
      1. Battle
      2. Promises
      3. Brother
      4. Colour

      Side B
      1. Light
      2. Wave
      3. Space
      4. Goodbye 

      Fly Anakin & Pink Siifu


        FlySiifu is a new collaborative project by Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin. Their debut album, ‘FlySiifu’s’, unites two prolific rappers with infectious chemistry. The album mirrors their musical community, as they welcome guests into FlySiifu’s record store, with appearances from Liv.e, Foushe , $ILKMONEY, and producers Madlib, Jay Versace, Ohbliv, Awhlee, Budgie, Playa Haze, Animoss and more


        Suitcase Special
        Foisey’s Interlude Feat. $ilk Money
        Richard Pryor
        Open Up Shop Feat. B. Cool-Aid
        Mind Right Feat. Liv.e
        Rick James
        Clean Feat. Liv.e
        Creme’s Interlude Feat. Foushe
        Waiting To Get Shot
        Time Up
        Dollar Dr. Dream
        Morphs Interlude


        Let's Skip To The Wedding

          Eyedress returns with a new album, 'Let's Skip To The Wedding' - a loved up remedy for uncertain times. Eyedress is an LA based Filipino singer, musician and producer. 'Let's Skip To The Wedding' is his first album since relocating from Manila to the US in late 2018. A passionate exploration of the themes of love, adjusting to life in a new city, and preparing to welcome a child into this ever changing world. His unique songwriting pairs lovesick lyrics with infectious guitar hooks & his trademark, cold wave inspired, woozy synths.

          The album follows his Valentine's Day single, which was championed by Mike D on his Beats 1 show, and 2019's 'Jealous' EP, whose title track has grown to become his most popular to date. Over the past year Eyedress began collaborating with kindred spirits like Cuco, Triathalon and Inner Wave, and earned a reputation for his wild and unpredictable performances.
          He’s shared stages with acts like Homeshake, Enjoy, Jasper Bones, N8NOFACE and B Cool Aid, as well as supporting Inner Wave on their 13 date west coast tour. His last album 'Sensitive G' was a personal reflection of Manila life told through the music of his youth; dreampop, punk & indie rock. In 2017 he released his debut album 'Manila Ice', a record about love and survival in the Philippines. Eyedress has previously collaborated with King Krule, VRITRA, Fazerdaze and Jess Connelly.


          1. Let's Skip To The Wedding
          2. Skateboarding Day
          3. Never Want To Be Apart
          4. Can I See You Tonight?
          5. Romantic Lover
          6. X-Girl
          7. I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend
          8. Jealous
          9. Last Time I'm Falling In Love
          10. Pop The Question
          11. Happy Hour
          12. Trauma
          13. My Girl The Finest
          14. Never Been To Prom
          15. Mystical Creature's Best Friend
          16. Pick Up Your Phone
          17. Self Improvement
          18. Kiss Me Like It's The Last Time
          19. Anything For You

          Becoming Real

          Mist Face

            Becoming Real is a UK electronic producer based in Copenhagen. ‘Mist Face’ finds him further exploring the influence of grime, vapour wave, cyberpunk and ambient dream music, paired with detailed and engrossing sound design that conjures fragmented ghostly scenes in empty future cities. It should appeal to fans of Arca, Burial, Four Tet, Varg, HKE, Murlo, Dream Catalogue and Actress. Since his first release in 2010 he’s dropped several well-received EPs and an album on Transgressive Records. His early promise earned him inclusion in The Guardian’s ‘New Band Of The Week’ and NME’s ‘Radar’ features, and saw him pick up radio support from Lauren Laverne, Huw Stevens, Mistajam, Rinse and Mary Ann Hobbs. Following the release of his debut album ‘Pure Apparition’, he took some time out of music to focus on the visual arts. ‘Mist Face’ is his most fully realised project yet.

            TRACK LISTING

            12 Masks
            A.I. Gear Solid
            Shy Boi
            True Angel


            Trench Tones

              Gila is an electronic producer from Denver, Colorado. His four track EP "Trench Tones", showcases the diversity of his sound. His signature, hard-edged productions should appeal to fans of Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Hudson Mohawke, Jacques Greene, Lunice, Telefon Tel Aviv & Suicideyear. Born Kyle Reid, he was a talented jazz drummer and percussionist until diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis forced him to give up his sticks at age 17. Turning to his laptop, he channeled his frustrated musicality into beat making. Gila, (pronounced hee-la) is named for the gila monster, the only venomous lizard native to the United States. Often slow, full of texture, and deadly, the gila monster possesses many of the same qualities in Reid's music. making it more than an apt pseudonym for the producer.

              TRACK LISTING

              I Lose
              Throw This Away

              Andrew Hung


                Realisationship is Andrew Hung's debut solo album. As co-founder of Fuck Buttons; the highly-influential noise-electronic duo, Andrew Hung has toured extensively with headline shows at the Kentish Town Forum, Glastonbury and Greenman Festivals, been featured on the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony and all three albums have featured as Best New Music on Pitchfork Media. His production work has included Zun Zun Egui's "Shackles Gift" and co-writing/co-producing the critically acclaimed "Kidsticks" by Beth Orton. He soundtracked the multiple-award winning film "The Greasy Strangler". 

                TRACK LISTING

                Side A:
                1. Say What You Want
                2. Elbow
                3. No I Won’t
                4. Private Commercial
                5. Whispers
                Side B:
                1. Shadow
                2. Sugar Pops
                3. Animal
                4. Open Your Eyes

                I Speak Machine

                Zombies 1985

                  I Speak Machine are vocalist and synth nerd Tara Busch and filmmaker Maf Lewis. Together they make brooding soundtracks and horror/sci-fi films, creating the audio and visual in unison and giving both elements equal prominence. Their approach is inspired by Spaghetti Western cinema duo Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone, who used to play with score ideas for scenes while scripts were being written. Following the release of The Silence (the score to their own sci-fi short film) in 2014, Busch and Lewis have teamed up with Benge from Wrangler/John Foxx & The Maths to work on their latest short film and album, Zombies 1985

                  * For analogue synth enthusiasts and fans of John Carpenter scores.
                  * Tara Bush has previously collaborated with John Foxx, Clint Mansell, and Bat For Lashes

                  Lex lay on some of the good stuff here with the debut LP from Fudge, a killer collaboration between dope MC Michael Christmas and production wizz Prefuse 73. Wonky beats and wild lyricism abound as the duo take us on a trip through their out-the-box inner-thoughts. "Lady Parts" came together during several sessions in the summer and fall of 2015 at Nick Hook’s Green Point studio. Ever-ready and perma-prepared like any good boy scout, Prefuse 73 brought along a hard drive full of beats. Christmas wrote to the instrumentals in the studio, and recorded the vocals the same day, as friends swung by to check it out. Some of the drop-ins at the studio ended up joining in the recording, not least D.R.A.M. who brings lifted soul vocals on “All Points South”. Though the wacky-factor is high (check out the rude, nude and lewd cover), "Lady Parts" is a subtle story, bestowed with musical intricacies and lyrical themes which only reveal themselves on multiple listens. Let this one into your life, y'all.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Young Vet
                  Circuit Breaker
                  In My Shoes
                  Kids Kill
                  These Saturdays
                  All Points Feat D.R.A.M
                  Popstar Shit
                  Every Off Key Interlude
                  I Think Imma
                  Japanese Mall
                  Nothing Good
                  No Vibes
                  I Got The Good 



                    'NEHRUVIANDOOM' is Bishop Nehru’s debut album. Produced by Metal Fingers and featuring MF DOOM vocals on several tracks, it’s a compact nine track, 30 minute long player.

                    Bishop Nehru’s breakthrough mixtapes, released from the age of 15 saw him rhyming over DOOM produced instrumentals. DOOM joined the line of MCs who co-signed the young rapper including heavyweight lyricists Kendrick Lamar and Nas, who introduced him on stage during his set at SXSW as “The future of music”.

                    Still only 17, Bishop has wrapped up his debut album for Lex, a collaborative project with MF DOOM.

                    Artwork by GHOSTSHRIMP, best know for Cartoon Networks hit show Adventure Time.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. First Day Of Class
                    2. Om
                    3. Mean The Most
                    4. So Alone
                    5. Darkness (Hbu)
                    6. Coming For You
                    7. Caskets
                    8. Great Things
                    9. Disastrous

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