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It starts off unassumingly, with a bright, airy beach boogie that's all gentle drums and trebly synth figurations, but it quickly turns its eye to the strobe-lit nightclub, first with “Delusions of Grandeur,” an angular hypnosis of syncopated rhythms, then with “Aerial,” a 130 BPM blitz with an epic build and an equally dramatic breakdown.

Capping it off is “50 AM,” which, as the name indicates, is a woozy shuffle that'll help you land the plane nice and easy.

Pepe flexing his muscles and we cannot get enough. His trademarked sound is now on our minds and the bar has been set high enough. Keep them coming, we say!


Sil says: Two Pepes in one week is never mucho Pepe. We are very grateful to be blissed with his productions. Expect the usual glimmering, shiny and clean musical journeys and cross genre bending. Another future classic!

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