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Golden Bug

Tokoyo No Kuni - Inc. Nicola Cruz / Wolf Muller / Michael Mayer Remixes

Born from my meeting with japanese artist Vega Voga, ‘Toyoko No Kuni’ builds a bridge between our two cultures by creating a musical epic sounding like an imaginary, acid-drenched Toshiya Fujita movie. By homaging the 70’s Avant-garde scene and by channelling Akiko Yano and Midori Takada’s music, Tokoyo No Kuni combines a western approach to japanese traditional instruments in which lyrical vocal samples, synth lines, supersonic percussions and razor-sharp guitars drench the country of Chrysanthemums in an unsolved mystery. Remixed by Nicola Cruz, Michael Mayer and Wolf Müller, ‘Tokoyo No Kuni’ acts as the opening act of my new album Piscolabis - Golden Bug

So says the Bug, Piccadilly's Misery Mix (Patrick & Mine) say slanky and psychedelic cosmic funk for your next mushroom party. Remix-wise folkloric front-runner Nicola Cruz translates the cut into a splintered future dub freakout, Wolf Muller makes with the breaks for seismic slab of tribal pressure before Michael Mayer straightens it out into a psychedelic trance-dancer for new disco fans. 


Mine says: Slanky and psychedelic cosmic funk for your next mushroom party!


A1. Tokoyo No Kuni
A2. Tokoyo No Kuni (Nicola Cruz Remix)
B1. Tokoyo No Kuni (Wolf Muller Remix)
B2. Tokoyo No Kuni (Michael Mayer Remix)

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