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23 Skidoo

Seven Songs

    Originally released on Fetish Records as a mini album, Seven Songs topped the indie charts and immediately established 23 Skidoo as a groundbreaking musical force on the post-punk landscape. “Intoxicating – one of the most exciting records I’ve heard since Unknown Pleasures” (Paul Morley, NME, 1982); “23 Skidoo conceived of funk as a sinister energy, and Seven Songs still sounds blood-curdlingly intense” (Simon Reynolds, Rip It Up & Start Again, 2005)

    Digitally remastered, this deluxe 2x12” set contains an additional 35 minutes of material, including cult single The Gospel Comes To New Guinea/Last Words (issued on 12” in 1981) and their only radio session for John Peel, broadcast in September 1981 and featuring four exclusive tracks never recorded elsewhere.

    Following the release of Seven Songs, Skidoo issued a series of hugely influential records fusing post-punk, dub, industrial, world and hip-hop styles, including the singles Tearing Up The Plans, Coup and Language, and albums such as The Culling Is Coming and Urban Gamelan. In 2000 the group returned with a self-titled album, 23 Skidoo, and 24 March 2012 will perform at Electrowerkz (London) at the launch event for Metal Dance, a compilation curated by deejay Trevor Jackson.

    Various Artists

    Shadowplayers - Factory Records & Manchester Post-Punk 1978-81

      A two hour documentary film tracing the early history of iconic Manchester label Factory Records, between 1978 and 1981. The facts and fiction are explored through candid interviews with key participants including Anthony H Wilson, Peter Saville, Peter Hook, Vini Reilly and Howard Devoto. The film is divided into 19 chapters, covering subjects such as The Factory Club, sleeve art and graphic design, producer Martin Hannett, the riot at the Joy Division concert at Bury in 1980, The Factory Benelux connection, the suicide of Ian Curtis and the beginnings of New Order and the decline of the post-punk culture in 1981.


      Twelve Sidelong Glances

      "Twelve Sidelong Glances" is the fourth album by Gnac. The 17 tracks follow on in the tradition of the cult Poptones-released set "Biscuit Barrel Fashion", with imaginary mid-week mid-afternoon murder mystery music ("Midgley Moor"), electronica melodica ("Green With Fright"), and vespertine guitar ("As Night Falls Upon Us") among the instrumental genres. Mark Tranmer also writes the music for the Montgolfier Brothers and is currently recording with Ian Masters (ex-Pale Saints, Spoonfed Hybrid) on their collaborative project Wingdisk, and writing soundtrack music.

      Section 25

      From The Hip - In The Flesh

        Tracks from the classic Factory Records album "From The Hip", captured live in LA and California in 1985.

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