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LA Salami

The Cause Of Doubt & A Reason To Have Faith

    L.A. Salami is back after releasing two EPs in 2019/20 with his third album ‘The Cause of Doubt & a Reason to Have Faith’. This isn’t the music of a virtuoso: it’s explorative, daring, meditative and sometimes wild. For the first time, Lookman has embraced the world of multi-tracking, though the record still retains a raw energy and an integrity. Lookman has translated a whole album of raw emotion and philosophical musings for your delectation. As a testament to a unique and thrilling talent, this record is a beacon of hope in troubled times and L.A. Salami’s most complete vision so far. In short: We need this record right now. L.A. Salami will be embarking on a 6 date German tour in August. Previously championed by QC rising star, Sunday Times Culture, Brooklyn Vegan etc.


    1. The Cause Of Doubt & A Reason To Have Faith
    2. When You Play God (The 2018 Copyright Blues)
    3. Thinking Of Emiley
    4. Dear Jessica Rabbit
    5. Things Ain't Changed
    6. The Cage
    7. The Talis-Man On The Age Of Glass (Redux)

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