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Smoke Fairies


    The band first entered a recording studio to record their debut single 'Living with Ghosts' in 2008, since then school friends Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire have penned and recorded 18 singles as part of their incredible body of work.

    This collection of singles is released on double-LP and CD and comprises all singles the band have released since that debut 7”.

    “Singles” also features for the first time on CD and on an album the tracks 'Gastown’ and ‘River Song’, these Jack White produced tunes were originally released on double a-side 7” as one of Third Man Records’ infamous Blue Series with Jack joining the band on drums and guitar, the tracks have been live favourites and copies of the limited edition 7” still change hands for £100s of pounds.


    A1 Living With Ghosts
    A2 Frozen Heart
    A3 Sunshine
    A4 Gastown
    A5 River Song

    B1 Hotel Room
    B2 Strange Moon Rising
    B3 Storm Song
    B4 The Three Of Us
    B5 Let Me Know

    C1 Eclipse Them All
    C2 We’ve Seen Birds
    C3 Shadow Inversions
    C4 Christmas Without A Kiss

    D1 Out Of The Woods
    D2 Disconnect
    D3 Elevator
    D4 No Matter How This Goes, Just Make Sure That You’re Kind

    700 Bliss

    Nothing To Declare

      700 Bliss is the forward-thinking duo of DJ Haram and Moor Mother. Their first full length for Hyperdub is an album of noise rap that ties together the raw edges of club music and hip hop with punk energy, jazz, house-party catharsis, percussion-heavy analogue sound design, and cheeky skits, ranging from experimental rap tracks with rolling hi hats and lyrical bravado, to poetry set to noise and sound collage.

      Moor Mother and DJ Haram started collaborating in 2014 and eventually formed 700 Bliss, a blistering live act in Philly's DIY scene, releasing their 2018 debut, Spa 700 on Halcyon Veil / Don Giovanni Records. Since that time, both artists have grown global followings. Moor Mother is a prolific solo artist and collaborator, writer, and member of Black Quantum Futurism while Haram has been curating and creating radio shows, DJing, and producing (including an EP for Hyperdub in 2019).

      ‘Nothing To Declare’ is a smart, danceable revelation, a chiseled soundscape of dive bombing bass, piercing bleeps, crunchy distortion, and wavering synth lines. Welcoming in a variety of voices from their extended, cross-genre scene, 700 Bliss also bring along a cast of collaborators, including vocalists Orion Sun, Lawfandah, Ase Manual, and Ali Logout (from the band Special Interest), plus Palestinian producer Muqata'a, and writer M Téllez who delivers a surreal sci fi monologue over a pounding kick drum on ‘More Victories’.

      ‘Nothing To Declare’ is a deeply layered rewriting of hip hop and electronic music that gives more with each listen. You won't hear another rap album like it in 2022.


      A1. Nothing To Declare
      A2. Totally Spies Ft Lafawndah
      A3. Nightflame Ft Orion Sun
      A4. Anthology
      A5. Discipline
      A6. BlessGrips
      A7. Easyjet
      A8. Candace Parker Ft Muqata’a
      B1. No More Kings
      B2. Capitol Ft Alli Logout
      B3. Sixteen
      B4. Spirit Airlines
      B5. Crown
      B6. More Victories Ft M. Téllez
      B7. Seven
      B8. Lead Level 15 Ft Ase Manual

      Nick Cave

      Seven Pslams

        ‘While in lockdown I wrote a number of psalms, or small, sacred songs—one a day for a week.

        The seven psalms are presented as one long meditation—on faith, rage, love, grief, mercy, sex and praise. A veiled, contemplative offering borne of an uncertain time. I hope you like it.’

        Nick Cave.

        Bruno Nicolai

        La Dama Rossa Uccide Sette Volte (The Red Queen Kills Seven Times) (RSD22 EDITION)


          'The Red Queen Kills Seven Times' blurs the line between thriller and horror. The cult success it enjoys can be attributed to its aesthetics that encapsulate the essence of the Italian thriller. Bruno Nicolai's score for The Red Queen Kills Seven Times flawlessly brings together the pop and underground music sensitivity of the 1970s with the gothic nuances of the plot thanks to a clever use of harpsichords. The result is a pivotal score, not just because of the importance of the film itself, but for the whole golden age of the soundtrack genre. Exquisite, sweet and sensual lounge tracks are counterbalanced by tense, deranged and suspense-filled dodecaphonic highlights and by obstinate bass lines that become the perfect soundtrack for the Red Queen's murders or the victims' desperate getaways.

          The album is part of CAM Sugarís PAURA, a series of standalone soundtrack releases that follow the same-titled compilation which explores rare and unreleased horror gems from the label archive. This new limited 50th anniversary blood-red vinyl edition of this cult, sought-after soundtrack - a masterpiece of Italian Giallo cinemaóis fully remastered from original tapes, includes two bonus tracks and is destined to become a staple for the collectors of the genre and for the fans of the golden age of Italian and horror cinema, making it an essential release of Record Store Day 2022.

          Six By Seven

          Then, Now And Neil

            A double album compilation of two double CDs called: 'Neil Young's Shirt' and 'Now And Then' which were released on Bandcamp during mid 2020 and early 2021. Although Chris Olley's songwriting is obviously heavily influenced by the legendary Talk Talk albums 'The Colour Of Spring' and 'Laughing Stock', 'Then, Now And Neil', makes sure the songs and sounds are not just content with the slow burning melancholy of the Talk Talk albums, but that they build up and have the added aggression of the distinct Six By Seven post rock style which earned them such accolade in the 2000's. Although there are shorter more rocking songs and a couple of trademark lyrically twisted ballads, most of the songs on this album sound like mini-symphonies as they extended and are allowed to evolve and build into epic soundscapes. As one fan recently wrote on six by seven's Bandcamp site: "Another brilliant collection from start to finish. The whole album is just beautiful. 2020-2021 has had some of the absolute best music ever released under the name Six By Seven."

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Look At You 08:00
            A2. Can You Wait? (You Sick Old Man) 12:03
            B1. Liar 06:39 B2. Spirit 12:56
            C1. Whitstable 03:27
            C2. I Can't Make You Love Me 12:50
            C3. Neil Young's Shirt 03:51
            D1. Allman Brothers (Live Transmission) 16:22
            D2. Mobile Phone 03:25

            Six By Seven

            The Way I Feel Today (RSD21 EDITION)



              500 heavyweight double coloured vinyl set (Blue & Pinky Red). Released in 2002 on Beggars Banquet, this was by far the best selling six by seven album largely due to the success of the single IOU Love, which reached number 42 in the UK charts. The album was recorded live at Rockfield Studios and mixed by Sean Slade and Paul Kolderie at Q-Division in Boston. The album is a monolithic slab of guitar rock, the type of which only six by seven could create at this time. 

              TRACK LISTING

               A1 So Close A2 I.O.U. Love A3 All My New Best Friends A4 Flypaper For Freaks A5 Speed Is In, Speed Is Out A6 Karen O. B1 American Beer B2 Anyway B3 The Way I Feel Today B4 Cafeteria Rats B5 Bad Man B6 Fraggle Rock. C1 Requiem For An Oil-Spill Seagull (B-Side) C2 All My New Best Friends (Demo) (B-Side) C3 So Close (Alternative Version) (B-Side) C4 Spiegel Ei Und Brot (B-Side) C5 Stop The World (B-Side). D1 Flypaper For Freaks (Live Nottingham Boatclub) D2 Speed Is In, Speed Is Out (Live Nottingham Boatclub) D3 Cafeteria Rats (Live Nottingham Boatclub) D4 IOU Love (Live Nottingham Boatclub) D5 So Close (Live Nottingham Boatclub).

              The White Stripes

              Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix)

                The first official vinyl release of the unforgettable worldwide stadium anthem remix - both editions of the 7" are limited.


                Closed For Business (Seven EP) (RSD21 EDITION)



                  MANSUN 'CLOSED FOR BUSINESS' COLOUR 12" COLLECTING RARE TRACKS FROM THE SEVEN EP FOR THE FIRST TIME ON VINYL.EXCLUSIVELY FOR RECORD STORE DAY FOLLOWING CAREER SPANNING BOXSET. 2020 saw the release of the critically acclaimed career spanning 25-disc box set 'Closed For Business'. Following on from this set is another treat for fans with more rarities released for Record Store Day 2021.This new 12" brings together tracks previously available across the formats for the bands 'Seven EP' release in 1997. The music on the EP reveals a transitional sound for the band, in which the club-crossover brit-pop style of their earliest work is left behind in favour of a more organic sound, one closer to progressive rock and post punk. It also features the first collaboration between the group and Magazine frontman Howard Devoto in 'Everyone Must Win'. Closed For Business (Seven EP)' is released on 12" vinyl for RSD21 through Kscope on 12th June 2021

                  Six By Seven

                  The World Loves Me And The Feeling Is Mutual

                    In many ways "The World Loves Me And The Feeling Is Mutual" is the sister album to "The World Hates Me And The Feeling Is Mutual" but this record is a different beast. With the World Loves Me, Six By Seven return to the sound which gained them such great press and high accolades in the late 90's. Huge build-ups, feral guitars, and emotional lyrics are combined to create a sonic tension and release which is still unmatched by any other band claiming to be doing a similar thing. Six By Seven were making this type of music long before Sigur Ros or The National turned up. This record, perhaps more than any other, embodies this sound again

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. What You Say, Ain't What You Do 08:30
                    A2. Carry Me Home 04:32
                    A3. The Way I Wanted You 03:51
                    A4. Give Us A Chance 03:04

                    B1. Impress 04:09
                    B2. Resurrection (I Came Alive) 16:10.



                      This is a compilation of the foundational Detroit post-punk group from 1980-83, featuring unheard studio and live tracks, unseen photos, and miscellaneous archival material. 

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Mental Game
                      2. Flowers Of Romance
                      3. Mr. Hell
                      4. Maniac
                      5. Rapping Tune
                      6. Human Truths
                      7. Don't Be Lame
                      8. Brixton Shuffle
                      9. Sixty Six Days
                      10. Lost In Paradise
                      11. London Dungeon
                      12. Klickety Klack
                      13. Over Under Sideways Down

                      Seven Wonders is a 14 track snapshot of the experimental Soul and Jazz scene burgeoning in Australia today.

                      Recorded at Plug Seven Studios in Melbourne in collaboration with Wondercore Island, the compilations main aim was to capture spontaneous musical moments that reflect the diversity of sounds, and quality of musicianship in Australia today, with very little interference from microphone to tape to the record in your hands..

                      Seven Wonders contains a super diverse cross section of artists, with well over 50 individuals putting in their time & creativity to bring this to life. It's a record that truly highlights the grass roots soul movement blowing up day to day in Australia.

                      Recorded largely over two weeks, the majority of the tracks on Seven Wonders were captured in one take, bottling the raw energy and virtuosity of Melbourne's most accomplished, established and emerging players. There's an antipodean take on P-Funk from Laneous, characteristically enigmatic vocals from soul singer Allysha Joy and a free-flowing instrumental from Sampa the Great collaborator Dave Godriguez, aka GODTET. Several tracks include production and background instrumentation from Hiatus Kaiyote's rhythm section Perrin Moss and Paul Bender... and way way more.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Millie says: A whole lot of talent being showcased here from Soul and Jazz musicians in Australia in this refreshing compilation featuring some favourites at Piccadilly such as 30/70 and GODTET.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Sweet Water (feat. Rita Satch) - Barney McAll
                      2. Everything I Need - Daniel Merriweather
                      3. Sooki The Love Dog - Laneous
                      4. Womans Choir - GODTET
                      5. Custard Shoulder - WVR BVBY
                      6. Dempsey Roll - Superfeather
                      7. Improvisation #2 - Greg Sheehan, Vinod Prassana & Perrin Moss
                      8. For Yu Sakamoto - James Macaulay Quartet
                      9. True Realm Of The Coin - The Rookies
                      10. Waiting - Jazz Party
                      11. Drifting - 30/70
                      12. Odyssey - Raw Humps
                      13. Work (feat. Ijale) - Mohi & Thedieyoungs
                      14. Bones (feat. Tariro Mavondo) - I Hold The Lions Paw

                      In the making of their new album Darkness Brings The Wonders Home, Smoke Fairies drew inspiration from mysteries both real and imagined: sea monsters, flocks of crows taking flight in extravagant formation, strange creatures dwelling in the mud near their new South London abode. With their mesmeric vocal presence and starkly poetic lyrics, singer/multi-instrumentalists Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies embed all that odd magic into songs that speak to the realities of modern times—isolation, insomnia, an overall unease with the state of the world—and ultimately uncover an unlikely sense of hope.

                      “Times of darkness are when people are often the most imaginative,” says Davies in reflecting on the album’s title. “It helps you to see all the wonders of the world you hadn’t noticed before—the things you’ve been blind to because you’ve been on autopilot for so long.”

                      Produced by Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, The Black Angels, The Shins), Darkness Brings The Wonders Home merges Smoke Fairies’ musings and meditations with a decidedly guitar-driven sound, the duo’s unearthly harmonies endlessly floating atop lead-heavy riffs. Over the course of a rigorous month-long session in Seattle, Smoke Fairies adopted a purposely intimate approach to achieving that singular sonic tone.

                      ‘We spent a long time trying to fathom the direction we wanted to take on this album. At times the options seemed overwhelming, but as new songs started to form we realized we needed to take them back to our core sound – our interplaying guitar parts’ says Davies. “So then we had to really step up and do it ourselves, without relying on a band to fill anything in, which was quite a challenge—physically, mentally, everything.”

                      While Smoke Fairies initially intended to return to the earthy folk of early work like 2011’s Through Low Light and Trees, the duo soon found themselves assuming a new boldness in their guitar style and, in turn, pushing into much wilder terrain. In doing so, Blamire and Davies spent much of their time perusing the guitar shop near Ek’s chosen studio, experimenting with countless guitars and amps to augment the album’s sonic palette. “It was like being in a sweet shop, getting to try all these guitars we’d normally never be able to afford,” says Blamire. “We ended up making friends with guitars we never thought to use before, like this weird vintage Kay that sounded great but was so hard to play—to the point where there were days when our fingers were bleeding, or we had blisters in places you didn’t even know you could get them.”

                      Opening with “On the Wing,” Darkness Brings The Wonders Home quickly proves the power of matching that pummeling guitar work with Smoke Fairies’ finespun songwriting. With its woozy intensity and spellbinding rhythms, the song also introduces one of the album’s most prominent themes: the often-futile attempts at true connection at a time when the most impetuous behavior tends to prevail. “When we were little my brother wrote a poem about waking up and finding he’d changed into a swan overnight, with feathers growing out of his arms,” says Blamire of the song’s inspiration. “To me that’s an interesting metaphor for how people can grow into becoming quite flighty, where they’re never really able to settle in one place or with one person.”

                      An album deeply informed by aberrations of nature, Darkness Brings The Wonders Home delves into a different kind of fascination on “Out of the Woods”—a song sparked from Smoke Fairies’ study of the overgrown pond behind their house. “There’s something magical about all these weird things living out there in the mud,” says Blamire. “We started to project onto that, like the idea of something unexpected and good coming from the mud of your emotions.” Another song attuned to the fear of the unknown, the hypnotically ominous “Chew Your Bones” mines inspiration from the titular beast of Sarah Perry’s novel The Essex Serpent and from a local urban myth involving a character called The Croydon Cat Killer. “For years people thought someone was going around killing cats—they put a proper police force on it and everything, and then realized it’s just foxes,” Davies notes. “I’d also recently read an article about how some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of bringing kids into the world at the moment,” she adds, “We needed to write about the growing feeling that the world is on the verge of real change, there is the sense that there is this scary, unknown future lurking just beyond us ’.

                      Despite its many wanderings into otherworldly territory, Darkness Brings The Wonders Home remains rooted in real-life anxieties, particularly on tracks like the fluttering and urgent “Don’t You Want to Spiral Out of Control.” “The modern way of interacting around love seems too empty to me—it feels like it makes us into much colder people than we ever were before,” says Blamire. “It’s like we’re missing that spontaneity, the ability to bind together over something more than an image on a screen. That song came from wanting to just shake people and go, ‘don’t you want to spiral out of control again? Don’t you want to just let loose?’”

                      Throughout Darkness Brings The Wonders Home, Smoke Fairies adorn their observations with so many exquisite flourishes: the swinging melodies and elegant shredding of “Elevator,” the girl-group harmonies and spiky riffs of “Disconnect,” the delicate tension between taut guitar lines and swooning vocals on “Chocolate Rabbit.”

                      For Smoke Fairies, Darkness Brings The Wonders Home signals a strengthening of the inextricable bond they’ve forged through the years. “So many of the songs are about these feelings of disconnection, but the irony is that Jessica and I have each other, and that means so much more than any of the other relationships that come and go,” says Blamire. And because of that connection, the two found the courage essential for bringing such an emotionally trying album to life. “I think what we’re attempting to show is that, in all this chaos that’s so tumultuous and overwhelming, there are always ways to change your perspective,” says Blamire. “Making this album, we conquered so many worries and doubts and felt so much stronger at the end—we went right into the darkness, and somehow brought something incredibly positive out of it.”

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Barry says: Smoke Fairies follow up 2015's 'Wild Winter' with this chunky, grunge-tinged opus. Swimming guitars and those unmistakable vocals soar over a groove-led background, showing influence from both gothic rock and 70's progressive, 'Darness Brings The Wonders Home' does exactly that, and with aplomb.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. On The Wing
                      2. Elevator
                      3. Disconnect
                      4. Coffee Shop Blues
                      5. Left To Roll
                      6. Out Of The Woods
                      7. Chocolate Rabbit
                      8. Chew Your Bones
                      9. Don't You Want To Spiral Out Of Control?
                      10. Super Tremolo

                      Forty Seven Times It's Own Weight

                      Cumulo Nimbus

                      Fable is a small independent record label started in Austin, Texas in the early 1970s by a young trombone player named Michael Mordecai. In autumn 1975 he debuted a trio of albums on Fable by Austin bands 47 Times its Own Weight, Steam Heat and Starcrost. With only 1000 of each pressed, and each carrying a different emphasis on soul, funk or jazz, all 3 have gone on to become highly sought after by collectors and DJs around the world.

                      This 7” serves up two Jazzfunk gems from the rare 47 Times Its Own Weight LP on the small format for the first time.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. March Of The Goober Woober
                      B1. Cumulo Nimbus

                      Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight

                      Cumulo Nimbus

                      Fable is a small independent record label started in Austin, Texas in the early 1970s by a young trombone player named Michael Mordecai. In autumn 1975 he debuted a trio of albums on Fable by Austin bands 47 Times its Own Weight, Steam Heat and Starcrost. With only 1000 of each pressed, and each carrying a different emphasis on soul, funk or jazz, all 3 have gone on to become highly sought after by collectors and DJs around the world.

                      We meet with Michael at our UK offices and over several hours he tells us the highs and lows of running Fable Records, leaving no stone unturned and with success and tragedy in equal measure. We also speak with members of all 3 bands, and they share with us interesting stories and cool anecdotes of the wild times in the mid '70s when their records were made. We acquire informative press cuttings and some awesome posters & flyers, and all of this we publish in a booklet included with each LP which are housed in a US-style tip-on sleeve. Jazzman Records - We Dig Deeper.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Weedhopper
                      2. March Of The Goober Woobers
                      3. 47 Tears
                      4. Jig
                      5. Halyards
                      6. Cumulo Nimbus 


                      Seven Steps Behind

                        Since Danielle Mana's 2017 debut EP for Hyperdub, ‘Creature’, which was a taut, evocative suite of beatless, almost neo-classical electronics, we now find his music has caught an alien virus and started hallucinating. On ‘Seven Steps Behind’, the borders between reality and the weird have collapsed on each other, and with each listen through its zigzagging course, you’re rewarded by its strange twists and turns. ‘Seven Steps Behind’ is an electronic album that doesn’t always sound electronic; a great deal of the record has been created to sound like prepared pianos, harpsichords, cellos and flutes. At other times, sampled acoustic instruments and specially recorded sessions have been processed through software and careful editing. It’s this sophisticated layering of contrasting versions of the same sources that help give this record its uncanny balance.

                        The album also plays with your sense of time in its mostly drum-free hall of mirrors, pulling from minimalism, chamber music, dark jazz, and synthesiser experiments. Mana’s singing voice also makes it’s debut here, albeit adorned by abrasive FXs. His lyrics are encrypted in noise, in fitting with the music’s chimeric character, casting images for the listener to decipher. His heavily manipulated voice enters on second track ‘Myopia For The Future’, sounding something like a singing motorbike pitched over bouncing ostinatos, or on ‘No Body’s inhuman, word-less range, where it’s impossible to tell where the human finishes and the machine starts. Or in the case of ‘Leverage For Survival’ it’s animal and machine. Here, as with the album’s eponymous final track, a sensory assault subsides to reveal a heart-wrenching melancholy that anchors the record. Listening to ‘Seven Steps Behind’ is like stepping into a dream, with all the curious emotions and buried meaning that involves. Yet for all its restless, shifting energy it manages to hold both dissonance and melody in sweet proportion.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Risk Taking
                        A2. Myopia For The Future
                        A3. Talking / Choking Ft. Yendry
                        A4. A Note To The Limits
                        B1. Swordsmanship
                        B2. Leverage For Survival
                        B3. Symphony Of Regulation
                        C1. Solo
                        C2. No Body
                        C3. Instinction
                        D1. Soaking In Water
                        D2. Seven Steps Behind

                        Misha Gray's Prehistoric Jazz Quintet

                        Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

                          A flute made out of a vulture’s wing bone was recently discovered in a cave in Southern Germany. Carbon dating shows that the instrument is 35,000 years ago. The position of the holes on the flute corresponds to the pentatonic scale. This means that the pentatonic scale has been with humans for longer than writing, agriculture and civilization. The mysterious, beautiful and powerful sound of pentatonic scales is found in almost all musical styles, from Oriental, African, folk, blues and Indian classical music.

                          This provided the inspiration for Misha Gray’s “Prehistoric Jazz Quintet”, which performs a variety of extended compositions, tonal poems and structured improvisations in an attempt to explore how the core of music has resonated deep within humans since the dawn of Man.

                          “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” is the band’s third album, featuring one composition representing each wonder. Each track brings a different colour to the palette from the fiery “Pyramid of Khufu” to the serene “Hanging Gardens of Babylon”, as well as the haunting “Mausoleum at Halicarnassus”. The album features Misha Gray as composer and pianist, Nick Walters on trumpet, Kyran Matthews on tenor sax, Hugo Harrison on bass and Johnny Hunter on drums.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Pyramid Of Khufu
                          2. Hanging Gardens Of Babylon
                          3. Colossus Of Rhodes
                          4. Zeus At Olympia
                          5. Pharos Of Alexandria
                          6. Temple Of Artemis
                          7. Mausoleum At Halicarnassus

                          Through his output both as a sound artist and through his eclectic Dekorder record label, Black To Comm (Marc Richter) has established himself as a singular voice of new music. His Thrill Jockey debut, "Seven Horses For Seven Kings", is Richter’s most direct and visceral to date.

                          A relentless sonic explorer, he approaches the studio as his instrument, using sampling, analogue production and digital manipulation to sculpt audio fragments into surprising new shapes. Samples from Richter’s contemporaries like German composer Nils Frahm are bent and compounded with elements of early recorded music and medieval song, creating pieces that transcend time and genre. Richter blurs the lines between organic instrumentation and digital production to the extent that the two become inseparable.

                          "Seven Horses For Seven Kings" was completed during a particularly prolific period for Richter. Working on a broad range of commissions since his last album - from writing for film and theatre works to composing for art installations, apps and sleep music - generated a flurry of new ideas and influences. Extensive touring would equally come to inform a key shift in Richter’s music, simulating the raw, unpredictable energy of live performances on record. While rhythm has been largely absent from previous Black To Comm releases, here the music seems totally bound to it. The album’s breathtaking pace drives Richter’s music to new levels of intensity.

                          'Black To Comm is... like an abandoned museum of late-Twentieth Century instruments whose exhibits are still running at half power.' - New Yorker

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Barry says: Pulsing doom-laiden ambience, rickety industrial echoes and foreboding strings form the backbone to Black To Comm's most evocative and absorbing work to date. Stunning stuff.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Asphodel Mansions
                          A Miracle No-Mother Child At Your Breast
                          Ten Tons Of Rain In A Plastic Cup
                          Licking The Fig Tree Threshold
                          Fly On You
                          Double Happiness In Temporal Decoy
                          If Not, Not
                          The Deseret Alphabet
                          Rameses II
                          Angel Investor
                          The Courtesan Jigokudayu Sees Herself as A Skeleton In The Mirror Of Hell

                          Six By Seven

                          Abstraktion 12

                            Recorded live at Rockfield Studios over two days by an accomplished and unique band consisting of two drummers and two guitars and vocal, it has a sound heavily steeped in rock, minimalism and psychedelia, but even with these references, we can't think of a record out there that sounds anything like this one. In this day and age, that's a pretty hard thing to do. "I'm a punk, always have been, but only in the same sense that La Monte Young was or Jason Pierce is. You don't have to thrash out bar chords on a Les Paul to be a punk. Abstraktion 12 is the most punk record I've ever made since KluBmiX!33, but it sounds nothing like it.

                            This record was abstract and unique in it's conception, it was a coming together of not just a band but also of the people who have followed the band and who joined us in the studio for the recording of the album. Having two drummers created the perfect foundation for the songs as they both play the same beats but the slight inflections and movement between them creates a constant pulsing rhythmical shift. For me it was important to be doing this album with Chris Davis, the original drummer from six by seven and someone I had grown up with in music. Without explanation he understood what was needed to make this record work. Added to this we had the technical skills of second drummer Charlie and Chris Moore on the Fender VI. Chris added a unique sound to the music and plays like no other bass / guitar player, offering only minimal tight bass lines with an occasional extra note played into the perfect pocket, just to remind you that he is there." CHRIS OLLEY 

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1. Mind (Head-Fuck) 13:29,

                            B1. Alone 17:40,

                            C1. Fade Away 4:51,
                            C2. Well 9:30,

                            D1. Mother Of Life 14:32,
                            D2. Would You Die For Me? 4:52

                            77:78, the new project from Aaron Fletcher & Tim Parkin, card carrying members of the musical kaleidoscope that is The Bees.

                            Set to pick up where the Bees left off, the album was recorded at Studio Humbug on the Isle of Wight and musically picks it way from sublime west coast harmonies that recall the frayed beauty of the Beach Boys Smiley Smile , to the ramshackle dub of King Tubby via the playfulness of early Syd Barret. The album will be available on coloured orange vinyl.

                            “Some musicians and bands definitely have their sound and stick to it, which is fair enough, but that’s just not us. Whenever we’re in the studio we’re constantly inspired to go down different musical paths, which I suppose is why the record we’ve made sounds so diverse. “

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: Perfect hazy summer psychedelia, with echoes of 60's classics, imbued with the preceding decades of production knowledge and influences make this ex-Bees side-project more than the sum of it's considerable parts. Brimming with musicality and oozing vibes, this is a summer stormer.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            If I'm Anything
                            Compass Pass
                            Love Said (Let's Go)
                            Pour It Out
                            Copper Nail
                            Shepherd's Song
                            The Wagon

                            First new album from Alan Sparhawk’s Black Eyed Snakes in 17 years.

                            Starting abruptly, mid-downbeat, the Black-Eyed Snakes' new release opens up like walking into the room where the grit and groove has already been rolling, for who knows how long. In 1999 and 2001, the Snakes released two full-length recordings that would lay the foundation and frame to what would become a unique and dynamic live force. Their shows are legendary - a chaotic swirling stomp, based on the most primitive elements of electric blues and punk. The band has become a wide regional favorite, playing festivals and bars and multiple tours in the US, UK, and Europe, sometimes opening for artists like Wilco and T. Model Ford.

                            The new record, "Seven Horses" is the culmination of a simple but visceral path cut with blood, sweat, loud guitars, and dancing. Singer/guitarist Alan Sparhawk, who is also in the band Low, howls through the squelch and bash, sometimes to rally the congregation as on "Church Song" and sometimes the voice of pleading despair as on "Don't Kick Me Out." Influenced by legends like The Staple Singers, John Lee Hooker, Fred McDowell, and Ali Farka Toure, the songs jump out of the speakers raw and heavy, inviting the listener to pull up a chair, sit in with the band and let the blues flow through them.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Walkin'/Talkin' Blues
                            2. Church Song
                            3. Losing Water
                            4. Pony
                            5. Seven Horses
                            6. Alright Boys
                            7. Don't Kick Me Out
                            8. Return Of Halfstick
                            9. Out Of My Head


                            Chilli - Inc. Dubwood Allstars Remix

                              77:78, the new project from Aaron Fletcher & Tim Parkin, card-carrying members of the musical kaleidoscope that is The Bees, release Chilli, the latest track to be taken from their debut album, Jellies, which is released on Heavenly Recordings on Friday 6th July.

                              There's just 150 copies of this life affirming 7” featuring the original version of Chilli on the A side and on the flip a brilliantly nuts (and soon to be in-demand) remix by Dubwood Allstars. 

                              Talking about the track, Aaron said:
                              "Chilli is just us being the sort of 70’s dirty ol’ roadhouse blues band that we always wanted to be....dressed in double denim and playing in a desert bar where the chilli is hot as rockets."

                              Here’s a quote from Dubwood Allstars:
                              "Looking forward to seeing 77:78 ...hope they're as good as when I saw them at The Fillmore in '75, managed to capture this stomping version of Chilli on my Nagra, been in the loft ever since…”


                              Ignite The Seven Cannons

                                Anyone who’s been living on the grapevine these past few years must have heard the rumours about the coming of the FELT reissues – well they’re here.

                                During the ‘80s Felt made ten albums and ten singles for the Cherry Red and Creation labels. This beautifully produced series examines the work of one of the greatest underground groups of modern times. These records, unavailable for many years, have been remastered and revisited by Lawrence, and he has fashioned the ultimate definitive collections.

                                Produced by Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins and featuring the skyscraping vocal of Elizabeth Fraser on the mighty Primitive Painters. Felt found themselves at the top of the independent charts. Unhappy with the overall sound though – it was as if some of Lawrence’s best songs were lost in an “ethereal swirl.” John A. Rivers has been given access to the original master tapes and six songs have been remixed. Also – side 2 has been focused, edited and “made symmetrical.” Finally these songs can be heard as intended by Felt. It has become at long last a cohesive whole.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Disc 1
                                1. My Darkest Light Will Shine (Remixed)
                                2. The Day The Rain Came Down (Remixed)
                                3. Scarlet Servants (Remixed)
                                4. I Don’t Know Which Way To Turn (Remixed)
                                5. Primitive Painters
                                6. Textile Ranch
                                7. Black Ship In The Harbour (Remixed)
                                8. Elegance In D
                                9. Caspian See (Remixed)
                                10. Southern State Tapestry

                                Bonus 7" (Comes With Deluxe CD)
                                1. Mexican Bandits
                                2. The World Is As Soft As Lace

                                Sorry Bamba

                                Du Mali (1977)

                                  One of the most pivotal figures in the history of Malian music is Sorry Bamba. His work spans five decades and his music bridges the gap between Mali's cultural traditions and new the music which arose from the musical cross overs which occurred in Mali's post-Colonial period. Bamba was born in 1938 in Mopti. Bamba's father was a distinguished veteran of Emperor Samory Toure's military and a nobleman in Malian society; however, this meant young Sorry was forbidden to make music, as under the nation's caste system, music was an art form reserved for the Griots.

                                  At the age of 10, Sorry's parents died and in traumatic times that followed the young teen found solace in music, absorbing the rich tapestry of musc surrounding him; traditional Malian music, highlife from Ghana, local accordion master Toumani Toure and European singers and musicians.

                                  In 1960 Mali gained independence from France and Bamba and his group benefited from a new openness toward local music on the state-run radio network Radio Mali. Sorry then went on to form two award-winning, further collectives Bani Jazz and later the Kanaga Orchestra. They fused Latin jazz, Western R&B, Psychedelic and funk, and traditional Malian styles made them a favourite in Mali and beyond.

                                  In 1977 Sorry produced his second LP for the Paris based Sonafric group. Long out of press, the re-issue benefits from extensive restoration and re-mastering to a spectral analysis level, bringing and polishing long lost and distorted sounds.

                                  Having formed in 1994, Six By Seven have gone through various incarnations, with the only constant being singer and composer Chris Olley. They recorded three albums for Mantra Records via Beggars Banquet - ‘The Things We Make’ (1998), ‘The Closer You Get’ (2000), ‘The Way I Feel Today’ (2002) - toured extensively, had two hit singles - ‘Candlelight’ (1998) and ‘I O U Love’ (2002) - recorded five Peel Sessions and appeared on Later With Jools Holland (December 1998). Despite heaping praise on Six By Seven’s breakthrough second album ‘The Closer You Get’, the press seemed confused as to how to categorise them. The band straddled a fine line between post-Brit Pop, British rock and a much edgier kind of punk. Inspired by The Pistols and The Stranglers as well as US bands such as Sonic Youth and Mercury Rev, Six By Seven consciously wanted to write songs that would get played on the radio, as Chris Olley explains: “We wanted to fill a gap I think, fill it with the sort of music we would like to hear and buy ourselves; sort of Captain Beefheart doing pop.”

                                  Mixing misanthropic lyrics with Olley’s distinctive vocal style, the music was underpinned by malevolent, slow-burning guitars, creating a menacing, dense wall of sound. Chris Olley continues; “There is a great sense of vitriol running through ‘The Closer You Get’ both musically and lyrically.” Journalist Sharon O’Connell commented in her review for Mojo; “Few bands now have the courage to make noise as meaningful as this; it’s like warming your heart against a limited nuclear strike.”

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A Beautiful Shape
                                  For You
                                  IOU Love (Single Edit)
                                  So Close
                                  Catch The Rain
                                  New Year
                                  Eat Junk Become Junk
                                  Bochum (Light Up My Life)
                                  Oh! Dear
                                  Always Waiting For...
                                  European Me (Student Radio Session)

                                  Seven Davis Jr releases his debut album 'Universes' via Ninja Tune – his most honest and heartfelt musical statement to date. Recorded in LA, San Francisco, Amsterdam and London, it’s a unique exploration of his musical landscape, traversing tempos and flipping styles with typical panache but always embedded in the bedrock of soul and funk.

                                  Born in Houston, Texas, before relocating to Northern California, Seven Davis Jr was raised on the classics - from Michael Jackson and Prince to Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin. He studied gospel and jazz singing, inspired by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Burt Bacharach. During his teenage years he discovered dance music, specifically house and jungle.

                                  SDJR’s early Bandcamp output was more closely aligned to Los Angeles’ vibrant left-leaning electronic underground. Nurtured by the Hit+Run crew, he owes his first official release to Kutmah (who bagged "Thanks" for his ‘Worldwide Family Vol.2’ compilation on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood imprint in 2012). It was the only four-to-the-floor jam on an album curated by a DJ who is rarely drawn to that style and that fact alone is significant.

                                  When he’s making straight ahead house music, the swing is reminiscent of classic Todd Edwards and the drums bump ‘n’ shuffle like Tuff Jam and Derrick Carter. And the vocals… well at times it’s like he’s channeling the spirit of George Clinton, offset with the sweet character of Peven Everett - the perfect balance of rough and smooth - it’s that undeniable funk that hooks in the hip-hop fans, the cats that don’t generally mess with “house” music. "Good Vibes" (feat. Julio Bashmore) nails this dynamic in a whirlwind 3 mins 18 secs that recalls Daft Punk at their boisterous best - proof that sometimes all you need is a chopped-up disco loop and a hook.

                                  Elsewhere on "Universes" Seven brings a similar soulful energy that Moodymann or Theo Parrish purvey. "Sunday Morning" picks up where Seven’s "Wild Hearts" 12” left off, a mighty ditty with the cheeky mantra “I bet ya never had a love like this before?” sitting pretty upon bustling drums and bass punctuated with snatches of guitar. “It’s about having healthy confidence in yourself and what you can offer the world,” says Seven. There are more introspective moments on the record too – such as "Fighters" and "Afterlife" (feat. Kutmah) – that explore murkier downtempo depths.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Sunday Morning
                                  Everybody Too Cool
                                  Good Vibes Ft Julio Bashmore
                                  Be A Man Ft FLako
                                  Afterlife Ft Kutmah
                                  No Worries
                                  Welcome Back

                                  Sunday Morning
                                  Everybody Too Cool
                                  Try Me (I’ll Funk You)
                                  Good Vibes Ft Julio Bashmore
                                  Be A Man Ft FLako
                                  Afterlife Ft Kutmah
                                  No Worries
                                  Welcome Back

                                  BE (Garth Be)

                                  The Seven Movements

                                    In the mystical cycles of the sonic universe, every so often Manchester conjures up, seemingly from nowhere, an absolutely mind blowing LP; up there with anyone else the world over. Following in the footsteps of Moodymann's "Black Mahogany", Trus'me's "Working Nights", Floating Points' "Shadows" and more recently, Kyle Hall's "Boat Party" and llum Sphere's "Ghost's Of Them And Now", we have this expansive, full-vision of sound presented by our fair city's very own Garth Be. I don't make these comparisons lightly, but it's rare that something quite so perfect reaches our shop - and it's with great honour that I write these notes. "Marquis" opens with delightfully radiant pads and glowing licks that wrap around a bouncy, disjointed groove which Kyle Hall would be proud of. "Dreamline" retains that jazzy bounce and bright, optimistic keyboard work; joining the esteemed ranks of Vakula and all the aforementioned cats when it comes to sophisticated organic sound palettes. Then he flips the script. "Don't Want" is a PERFECTLY constructed MPC jam which should have Andres wetting his pants and Theo scratching his head. So onto the B-side and "Housekeysonbrandy" moves towards a 2AM dancefloor, rolling a tough mechanical train wreck across deep aquatic pads. The perfect pairing of hard edged tension coupled with blissful release. Smoothly inserting another smoky sample from the archives of Afro-American heritage. "Monday Club / Tuesday Nite" is possibly the elevated 'top ring of the pyramid', and aptly titled "On and On" - you won't want this beauty to end. Simple but ridiculously infectious, think "JB's Edit" on Theo’s SS001 - it really is that good. "GYB3" is the celestial workout you've been waiting for, and oh so perfectly timed! It's like Garth's some cosmic shaman, guiding us through our trip like a seasoned galactic explorer. In his own words - 'find your place in the cosmos and unwind your mind!' I felt like I'd been on a 250mics acid trip by the end of this track. Finally we have the most delectable of outro's with "Teakayo" - again working the MPC like Shane Warne works the reverse swing. Leaving you desperate for more, BE keeps things painfully tight and succinct, not a single groove on the record is wasted, and at least three of the tracks could well be extended across a whole side of a twelve inch. It's that Madlib-styled intensity which cuts each track at its very peak, keeping you riding the wave till the very end, with absolutely no room for boredom. Unrivalled.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: In the beginning there was Moodymann’s ‘Black Mahogany’, then came Trus'me and ‘Working Nights’, and the world of soul-infused crate-dug house music was good. Carrying on in the tradition of such luminaries we have our city's very own Garth Be, instantly making me draw comparisons to the aforementioned 'classics' of the genre, alongside more recent titles - Floating Points ‘Shadows’ and Kyle Hall's ‘Boat Party’. Distinctly informed by North England's rich dance music heritage, ‘The Seven Movements’ goes everywhere it's possible to go in seven tracks, from jazz-inflected house jams, celestial, meditative states and MPC grooves executed with all the style and finesse of a Shane Warne leg break. Garth Be is a cosmic shaman, guiding us through our trip with ease.
                                    In his own words: "Find your place in the cosmos, and unwind your mind!" When the needle reaches the end of the record, you feel like you've been on one hell of a hallucinatory journey. A glorious story which ends perfectly with him securing Piccadilly’s coveted number two spot. Garth privately pressed the album himself at the start of the year, having no idea of the Earth-shaking, bar-raising potential hidden deep within the wax. It’s been an absolute pleasure both seeing the album gather momentum, writing the first set of sleeve notes and, most importantly, inflicting its mesmerising tones on our customers! Leaving you desperate for more, BE keeps things painfully tight and succinct, not a single groove on the record is wasted and it's that Madlib-styled intensity which cuts each track at its peak, leaving you riding the wave till the very end, with absolutely no room for boredom. Unrivalled.

                                    Patrick says: We've been waiting for this to drop ever since we heard "Monday Club / Tuesday Nite" on the TP. Incredible, organic and soulful, this is the one.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    A1. Marquis
                                    A2. Dreamline
                                    A3. Don't Want

                                    B1. Housekeysonbrandy
                                    B2. Monday Club / Tuesday Nite
                                    B3. GYB3
                                    B4. Teakayo

                                    James Fountain / The Montclairs

                                    Seven Day Lover / Hung Up On Your Love - Northern Soul Film Edition

                                      THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2014 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                      In celebration of the forthcoming film and soundtrack album, for the first time ever - 2 of the most iconic Northern Soul tracks ever recorded on one disc!

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      James Fountain - Seven Day Lover
                                      The Montclairs - Hung Up On Your Love

                                      Douglas Dare

                                      Seven Hours

                                        London-based singer-songwriter Douglas Dare releases debut EP Seven Hours as the newest artist on Erased Tapes.

                                        The EP was recorded in various spaces, including drummer/producer Fabian Prynn’s home-studio in South London. The four tracks are the first recordings the musicians have made together and with all songs written by Dare and all tracks engineered, mixed and produced by Prynn, it is a true collaboration.

                                        With the songs beginning as poems and short prose, Dare later improvises melodies and piano parts. This process was continued by Prynn with all the percussive rhythms coming from improvising to the original pieces. The performances were captured using a cassette recorder, keeping recording fresh as full takes had to be committed to at the recording stage. This process led to unexpected parts and ideas that now are integral to the sound and feel of the EP.

                                        IN HIS OWN WORDS:
                                        ‘‘I'm incredibly proud of this EP. I feel the songs have been captured in just the right way and I hope that, if only for 15 minutes, listeners will be able to escape; if they do, then I have done my job. It's a real thrill to be working with Erased Tapes, a label whose artists have inspired me from the beginning and whose ethos I share wholeheartedly. This is an exciting time to join the family and I'm truly privileged to be a part of it.’ – Douglas Dare

                                        ABOUT THE ARTIST:
                                        Douglas Dare is a London-based singer-songwriter, originally from the coastal town of Bridport, South West England. The son of a piano teacher, Douglas began composing instrumental music from a young age but it was not until studying popular music at University in Liverpool in 2008 that he began songwriting. Douglas’ rich and haunting vocals are combined with lyrics crafted from his own poems and short prose, a writing style that gives his intimate songs wisdom far beyond his 23 years. After supporting Ólafur Arnalds on his recent 16-date European tour, Douglas is performing at a few selected festivals and will embark on a UK tour in support of his debut release on Erased Tapes.

                                        Warp Records are pleased to announce the release of Oneohtrix Point Never's 'R Plus Seven'. The album contains many familiar sonic touchstones for listeners who have followed the acclaimed electronic music composer’s development over the last half-decade, his Warp Records debut is a major departure from his previous work. Lopatin’s experimental inclinations lurk behind the scenes - in the concepts and procedures he adopted to create the tracks - while the music itself comes as close as he's has ever got to anything resembling traditional song structure. Which, for the producer, is only so close: The work is full of overlapping, abstract musical through-lines, puzzle-like pieces that, taken together, might allow you to glimpse an overarching tableau.

                                        The Brooklyn-based artist has always deftly balanced the experimental with the accessible: He has released several albums under his Oneohtrix Point Never moniker on various independent labels - including the 2013 3-CD/5 LP 'Rifts', a compilation of his early work - as well as amassing a large catalogue of mini-album tape releases. His most recent disc, 2011’s 'Replica', was built around samples of television commercials.

                                        OPN has built live soundscapes at the Museum of Modern Art; collaborated with Montreal-based ambient electronic music composer Tim Hecker on the largely improvised 2012 'Instrumental Tourist'; and recast the title track from his 2010 disc 'Returnal' as an elegant and emotive piece for piano, featuring the otherworldly voice of Antony Hegarty. Advertising powerhouse Saatchi & Saatchi tapped Lopatin for an installation event at the 2012 Cannes film fest and Sofia Coppola’s longtime cohort Brian Reitzell invited him to create original music for Coppola’s The Bling Ring.

                                        'R Plus Seven' is disruptive and hypnotic in equal measure, and the fun of it lies in trusting Lopatin as he guides you past - and often through - its succession of walls and mirrors.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        01. Boring Angel
                                        02. Americans
                                        03. He She
                                        04. Inside World
                                        05. Zebra
                                        06. Along
                                        07. Problem Areas
                                        08. Cryo
                                        09. Still Life
                                        10. Chrome Country

                                        Nottingham’s six. by seven, released their first album, The Things We Make to rave reviews in 1998. Five Peel Sessions followed, an appearance on ‘Later With Jools Holland’ and much touring. The band gained a strong underground following, and released four more albums. Lead singer and creative force, Chris Olley preferred to shun the limelight, releasing internet only albums of wide ranging music and building valve distortion boxes for a number of famous bands with fellow guitarist, Martin Cooper. In 2011, Olley formed the drummerless version of six. by seven, macabrely named ‘The Death Of Six By Seven’ with long time original member and Hammond Organ player, James Flower and ex-six. by seven bass player, Pete Stevenson as well as Martin Cooper on guitar. Gigs followed and so did five singles and an album. After a wrong phone call to a music shop and a chance meeting in London, Olley found himself having a beer with ex Placebo / Boo Radleys drummer Steve Hewitt.

                                        It turned out to be a magical and divine coming together as Hewitt said, “There’s nothing for it, I should throw my drums in the car and come up to Nottingham and get you rocking again.” What followed was four months of rehearsing old songs Olley had written over the last five years, before the band recruited producer, Dan Austin (Massive Attack, Doves, Biffy Clyro) and recorded 9 tracks at the legendary Moles studio in Bath. This July sees the release of what is arguably seven’s most accomplished album. Nine songs of pure drumming dynamite, feral guitars, and a string of songs dealing with the human condition and its broken dreams. It’s a new start by a band that refuses to lie down and stop rocking.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Standing In The Light
                                        The Rise And Fall And Decline Of Everything
                                        Fall Into Your Arms

                                        Get Well Soon

                                        The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads - Bonus Tracks Edition

                                          'Get Well Soon are one of Germany’s most prolific bands of the decade and certainly the most extravagant!

                                          We would even go further and claim, that Konstantin Gropper is the Caspar David Friedrich of his generation; strictly musically speaking, of course. In case you don’t know, Friedrich was the most important romantic painter of the 19th century. Similarly, Konstantin’s musical vehicle, Get Well Soon is best known for its hugely romantic, allegorical songs, full of drama, morning mist and night skies. No gothic ruins though.

                                          Their new album ‘The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads’ is one of the most sophisticated pop albums of the year. The album features 13 new, wildly imaginative and of course opulently arranged songs. It is, in certain moments, a colourful and beautiful nod to the genre we know as ‘Cinema Italiano’ (think Nino Rota or Argento), though these masters of the strange, wild and adventurous are just one of the 3,227 inspirations that went into the making of this new ornate Get Well Soon masterpiece.'

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Prologue
                                          2. Let Me Check My Mayan Calendar
                                          3. The Last Days Of Rome
                                          4. The Kids Today
                                          5. Roland, I Feel You
                                          6. Disney
                                          7. A Gallows
                                          8. Oh My! Good Heart
                                          9. Just Like Henry Darger
                                          10. Dear Wendy
                                          11. Courage, Tiger
                                          12. The World’s Worst Shrink
                                          13. You Cannot Cast Out The Demons, You Might As Well Dance

                                          CD Disc 2: ITZTLACOLIUHQUI (Comes As Downloads With The Vinyl)
                                          Lesson 1: You Are Welcome!
                                          Lesson 2: Soon!
                                          Lesson 3: Take Shelter!
                                          Lesson 4: Absolution And Eternal Refuge
                                          Lesson 5: Break The Cycle! Break Your Chains!

                                          World's End Girlfriend

                                          Seven Idiots

                                            World's End Girlfriend is a Japanese composer whose work blends complex sound structures with beautiful melodies, reaching from electronic glitch to jazz-infused rock to modern classical. Captivating, enthralling and like nothing you've heard before, WEG makes for a surprising yet central addition to London contemporary music label Erased Tapes.

                                            His brand new album "Seven Idiots" will finally be released outside of Japan this April. Shifting seamlessly from catchy pop hooks to elaborate orchestrations and brutal IDM drones, it's an irregular pop album - filled with twists and turns that will have you reaching for the repeat button. At first recorded with vocals, he took the unusual composing method of building up the songs before erasing all of their vocal parts. By dismantling and re-constructing each track, WEG has produced a genre-defying album that truly transcends categorisation.

                                            World's End Girlfriend hails from Nagasaki Kyushu, Japan and currently resides in Tokyo. Fascinated by his father's classical music collection, he began his foray into sound at the tender age of 10, creating his early compositions on keyboard, guitar, tape recorders and computers. To date he has composed more than 600 songs, for the most part unreleased testaments of his early experimentations.

                                            WEG first came on Europe's radar in 2002, invited to perform at Barcelona's renowned Sonar Festival. On the back of the collaborative album 'Palmless Prayer / Mass Murder Refrain' with Japanese post-rock band Mono, he embarked on extensive tours in Europe and North America in 2005, returning for an appearance at ATP Festival in 2008. Recently performing as a seven-piece ensemble, WEG's ostentious live show is currently selling out 800 capacity venues in Asia. Filmmakers seem smitten too, with the Go Shibata directed movie 'Late Bloomer' (2004) and the internationally renowned 'Air Doll' (2009) by award-winning director Hirokazu Koreeda both featuring soundtracks created by World's End Girlfriend. The music video for 'Les Enfants du Paradis', taken from 'SEVEN IDIOTS', has already received over 90.000 views on YouTube. Directed by Yohei Saito, this beguiling visual represents the high level of interest given to WEG's music, not widely available outside of Asia - until now.

                                            Voice Of The Seven Thunders

                                            Voice Of The Seven Thunders

                                              Named following the rare find of an 1870's tome full of lectures on the Apocalypse, Voice Of The Seven Thunders is the new project from Rick Tomlinson - the distillation of years of divergent musical exploration that have followed his much-acclaimed Voice Of The Seven Woods debut (Twisted Nerve, 2007). Taking leave of his previous incarnation, this new project is a notable departure; with infernal and primitive energies mingling with the bucolic reveries that won him previous acclaim: this time round, multi-instrumentalist and sound sculptor Tomlinson introduces us to his fully-fledged rock group.

                                              "Open Lighted Doorway" begins the album with a glimmer of what went before, the pastoral shades of Tomlinson's earlier recordings appearing soaked in reverb as if corrupted by time. Giving way to the monolithic "Kommune" its rhythmic percussive layers of huge primal weight and beat, and a build up of rolling guitars. "Out Of The Smoke" follows with its acerbic electric and acoustic contrasts, "The Burning Mountain" like flames erupting from an Anatolian mirage, a tide from the East; its fury subsides only for the exceptional, purely acoustic, respite offering "Dry Leaves", before "Dalälven" breaks the spell with its vertiginous howl. "Cylinders" swells from dark kosmische drones into warm opiate depths, only for "Set Fire To The Forest" to erupt like a nefarious dervish, a blinding acid haze that is quenched by final track, stripped down vocal harmony - the nostalgic, introspective "Disappearances".

                                              Already drawing comparison with bands from the heyday of 70s acid rock and the likes of Amon Düül II, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Japan's Flower Travellin' Band, the early years of Pink Floyd and the Velvet Underground's drone jams, as well as the electronic kosmische of Cluster and the unhinged organic grooves of International Harvester. The album was recorded in just three days in the spring of 2009 - featuring long-standing collaborator Chris Walmsley on drums and Rory Gibson on bass, without prior rehearsal, in Andy Ramsey's Stereolab studio with engineer Jimmy Robertson.

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Darryl says: A stunning album from Rick Tomlinson and his new rock band; scorched psyche, kosmische drones, nostalgic folky intricacies, and heavy doses of narcotic Eastern delight.

                                              7 Dollar Taxi

                                              Come And Figure It Out

                                                Swiss indie-rock band 7 Dollar Taxi give out blasts of 60s beat music clashing with 80s post-punk, all freshly and colourfully wrapped up in a British manner and with a garage attitude that makes established bands look like greenhorns.

                                                The Black Seeds

                                                Into The Dojo

                                                  Similar to Fat Freddy's Drop, The Black Seeds are already superstars in their home country of New Zealand. The eight piece band, who have been active for nearly 10 years, have gold and double platinum status at home. Finally, with the release of their third album "Into The Dojo", it's now time to introduce The Black Seeds to people further afield.

                                                  Sufjan Stevens

                                                  Seven Swans

                                                    THE PICCADILLY RECORDS ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2004

                                                    This is wonderful! Sufjan has created another stunning album, by blending pastoral folk songs, with a whole host of unusual instrumentation, including electric piano, xylophone and glockenspiel that at times are reminiscent of Philip Glass, occasional bursts of frantic but melodic banjo, and various brass and woodwind instruments and the whole thing is held together through out by some stunningly simple acoustic guitar and fragile, half whispered vocals.

                                                    Jan Hammer

                                                    The First Seven Days

                                                      Artistically and influentially Jan Hammer's "The First Seven Days" had a major impact on its release in 1975. It was one of the first attempts to fully realize a fusion of electronic, pianistic and progressive styles into a singular vision. Hammer's work with the Mahavishnu Orchestra enabled him to build his own studio at home in rural New York state and this pastoral setting infuses much of "The First Seven Days" with an underlying calm over which Hammer multi-tracks his keyboard frenzies and unique artistic vision. International success with "Miami Vice" was a decade away but this work is an amazing example of his talent as performer and composer.

                                                      Adequate Seven

                                                      Songs Of Innocence And Of Experience

                                                        Paraphrasing William Blake in their album title is just one aspect of Adequate Seven's unusual penchant for strange bedfellows. Who else could blend skacore brass, bouncing grooves and hardcore vocals into such a distinctive groove-laden hardcore sound. They make it work and use influences as wide as Funkadelic, AFI and Sick Of It All to make a whole new sound. Live they've toured with Capdown, Lightyear, and Hundred Reasons. Now, fresh from touring with Fishbone, the band release their debut full length album on Household Name, a label that rarely lets you down.

                                                        764 Hero

                                                        Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere

                                                          764 Hero return with their second album proper. Coming from the same area and musical spectrum as Love As Laughter, Modest Mouse, Built To Spill and Beck, the album runs the gamut from hook laden, fuzzed out rock songs to introspective ballads.


                                                          Seven Evenings, Seven Mornings

                                                            Shantalla have been compared to the great Irish bands like Planxty, Altan and the Bothy Band and it's easy to see why. Four brilliant Irish musicians and a wonderful Scottish vocalist in the mould of Capercaillie's Karen Mathieson in Helen Flaherty.

                                                            Jerk Magnet

                                                            Seven Minutes In Heaven

                                                              Having already taken over the NY punk community Jerk Magnet release this great debut, sounding like a cross between New Found Glory and Sum 41 but with more energy and bite. These young guys could go the distance, they're certainly contenders.

                                                              Various Artists

                                                              Freezone Seven Is Seven Is

                                                                Volume seven in DJ Morpheus's compulsory purchase nu jazz series. 23 exclusive tracks from the likes of Fauna Flash, Landslide Feat Victor Davies, Juryman, Robert Hood, Kid Koala, World Of Apples, Dzihan & Kamen, Burnt Friedman, Nubian Mindz Vs Nu Era, Earthbound etc. VERY VERY ESSENTIAL!!!

                                                                Six Going On Seven

                                                                American't (Or Won't)

                                                                  This is a release which is creating excitement and a buzz around the emo rock scene. Six Going On Seven have been described as a punk rock version of The Police and I think the comparison is quite apt. Tuneful and melodic but with a punchy,punky edge.

                                                                  Ink And Dagger

                                                                  Drive This Seven Inch Wooden Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart..

                                                                    The critically acclaimed debut full-length from Ink & Dagger. The US's answer to Refused. From their explosive stage shows to their displays of intelligent "brain violence," Ink & Dagger insures their audience something completely different than the staleness and complacent efforts of their peers.

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