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Nouvelle Vague

This Is Not A Best Of - 2022 Reissue

    Originally released in 2010, Nouvelle Vague's Best Of is now released on vinyl for the first time.
    French musicians Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux are the duo behind the cleverly named Nouvelle Vague, which translates as new wave in English and bossa nova in Portuguese. The name gets to the very essence of the idea behind these songs - post punk new wave tracks re-played in a mellow bossa nova / easy latin style.


    A1. I Melt With You
    A2. Just Can't Get Enough
    A3. Ever Fallen In Love
    A4. Love Will Tear Us Apart
    A5. Heaven
    A6. Guns Of Brixton
    A7. All My Colours (Feat. Ian Mc Culloch)
    B1. Making Plans For Nigel
    B2. Blue Monday
    B3. Teenage Kicks
    B4. Dancing With Myself
    B5. Master And Servant (Feat. Martin Gore)
    B6. In A Manner Of Speaking
    B7. Our Lips Are Sealed (Feat. Terry Hall)
    B8. Too Drunk To Fuck

    Various Artists

    Des Jeunes Gens Modernes Vol 3. - Post Punk, Cold Wave, Et Culture Novo En France (1978 - 1983)

    Through the 24 pieces, rare and unpublished, carefully selected for this double LP, Beatitude agnès b. Musique and Kwaidan Records offer a retro-futuristic sound journey through this musical period so rich, so diverse and so innovative. And, in order to properly celebrate the launch of this long-awaited volume 3, the 1st Des Young Gens Mödernes festival will be organized in November 2020 at La Station - Gare Des Mines, with an intergenerational line up highlighting the musical lineage and the influence that this cold wave scene continues to exert on many emerging artists.


    A1. Analoid - Sans Issue
    A2. Alena - Les Ailes De La Nuit
    A3. Abitbol & Desperiez - Substance M
    A4. Martin Dupont - Nice Boy
    A5. Warum Joe - Ralph Und Karl
    A6. Les Magistrats De Syracuse - Genese
    B1. Codek - Demo
    B2. Tintin Reporter - Chocs Emotionnels
    B3. Tokow Boys - Swinging-pool
    B4. X Ray Pop - L'Eurasienne
    B5. Elise Cabanes - Loup Garou
    B6. Les Stagiaires - Charles-Hubert
    C1. Les Anonymes - La Prochaine Crise
    C2. Opera De Nuit - Ami! Amant!
    C3. Takenoko - Lee Harver Oswald
    C4. Nini Raviolette - Je Te Nous
    C5. Megaherz - Manche Atlantique
    C6. Performance - Merveilles Attendues
    D1. Spleen Ideal - Encore Un Jour
    D2. Berlin 38 - Guerre Apres Guerre
    D3. Oto - Anyway
    D4. Jours Meilleurs - Petruchka
    D5. Raison Pure - Data Girl
    D6. Atom Cristal - Boulevard Circulaire

    Nouvelle Vague

    Version Francaise

      The 80s owed everything to the punk revolution ... and betrayed it time and again.

      ln 76-77, the incredible explosion of English-speaking bands focused the energies of a whole generation of Western youth - rebels ready to pick up a guitar and use it like a weapon. Yet more than punk music itself, it was the creative burst it triggered that radically shaped 80s pop and heralded an unending stream of inspired performers.

      Although we often speak of the British and American golden age of post-punk from 78 to 84, with artists that included Talking Heads, Joy Division, PIL and Devo, France (together with Switzerland and Belgium) joined the movement too. Today, on a new album, the group Nouvelle Vague have paid tribute to this sumptuous "Frenchy" period clothed in the nihilism of punk, along with bitterness fuelled by the economic crisis and, paradoxically, the bewitching spirit of pop.

      lts title, Couleurs sur Paris (Colours on Paris) is based on both a famous postcard collection and Oberkampf's 1981 punk anthem, and reflects the period, which oscillated between elation and despair. Written by artists sometimes known as "the modern young people" and including faux naïf electropop nursery rhymes by Elli & Jacno ("Anne cherchait l'amour", 1979), Lio ("Amoureux solitaires" , 1980) and Etienne Daho ("Week-end à Rome", 1984), along with Lili Drop ("Sur ma mob", 1979) and Taxi Girl ("Je suis déjà parti", 1986), the songs clearly express the hopes and disappointments of the day.

      The sense of melancholy suggested by the disenchanted lyrics of "Déréglée" - performed in 1977 by Marie-France, an icon of Paris nightlife - is even more noticeable on the 1981 hit by The Civils, who cynically sang, "Tonight, they're dying in Chad, but l'm buying my dream Walkman" before taking it to the chorus: "The economic crisis is fantastic, decadence is the right feel".

      The punk shockwave con also be felt in the music of bands who radically shaped French culture and song. Like Rouen, with Les Dogs ("Sandy, Sandy", 1982), every provincial town and city in France began to produce bands at the end of the 70s and the start of the 80s. Wunderbach's 1983 punk pamphlet "Oublions l'Amérique" was a foretaste of what is now called alternative punk, a genre that won acclaim in 1988 with Mano Negra's "Mala Vida". Indochine, French pop legends for the last thirty years, also encouraged the trend in the summer of 1983 with "L'aventurier", after a first single brimming with the spirit of rebellion, "Dizzidence Politik".

      Rita Mitsouko, the duo that emerged from the underground Parisian punk scene of the late 70s, rocketed to stardom in 1984 with "Marcia Baïla". Equally baroque, TC Matic - the first band fronted by Belgian singer Arno - released an ironic, political underground hit in 1983: "Putain, putain". Other artists fuelled a post-punk movement that explored the romanticism of machines and the darkness of new wave, including the cult, much-neglected duo from Nancy, Kas Product ("So Young but so Cold", 1982) and Switzerland's Stephan Eicher, whose "Two People ln A Room" (1985) followed on from "Eisbaer", a hit in a more underground style written with Grauzone in 1981. However, the genre's most influential practitioners were certainly Noir Désir. From their first single in 1987 ("Où veux-tu qu' je r'garde?"), they won mainstream success with their unique fusion of 80s gloom and power rock. Beyond from the meteoric success of Bordeaux's Gamine ("Voilà les anges", 1988) and the subversive spirit of Jad Wio ("Ophélie", 1989), French post-punk reached its climax with the success of Noir Désir, Rita Mitsouko, Stephan Eicher and Manu Chao, whose albums reigned supreme in the 90s French charts. From the underground scene to gold records: the eternal story of pop.


      A1. L'Aventurier (Featuring – Helena Noguerra, Louis-Ronan Choisy)
      A2. Putain Putain (Featuring – Camille)
      A3. Marcia Baïla (Featuring – Adrienne Pauly)
      A4. Sandy Sandy (Featuring – Soko)
      A5. Où Veux-tu Qu'je R'garde (feat. Emilie Loizeau)
      A6. Two People In A Room (Featuring – Cocoon)
      A7. Déréglée (Featuring – Mélanie Pain)
      A8. Oublions L'Amérique (Featuring – Nadeah Miranda)
      B1. Voilà Les Anges (Featuring – Cœur De Pirate)
      B2. Week-End A Rome (Featuring – Vanessa Paradis)
      B3. Mala Vida (Featuring – Olivia Ruiz)
      B4. Anne Cherchait L'Amour (Featuring – Julien Doré)
      B5. Ophélie (Featuring – Yelle)
      B6. Amoureux Solitaires (Featuring – Hugh Coltman)
      B7. So Young But So Cold (Featuring – Charlie Winston)
      B8. Je Suis Déjà Parti (Featuring – Coralie Clément)

      Bossa Nova = Nouvelle Vague = New Wave.
      This transliteration was the starting point for Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux’s unique project, which, by appropriating the punk and post-punk cannon and running it through the Bossa Nova filter, reinvented the cover band genre, revealing new and brilliant talents along the way: Camille, Phoebe Killdeer (whose Fade Out Lines was remixed by The Avener,) Nadeah, Mélanie Pain, and, soon, Liset Alea.

      The gambit paid off, with sales of over one million records over four albums released between 2004 and 2010, and world tours that included stops at venues such as London’s Royal Albert Hall, L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl and Paris’ Olympia. Since 2011, Nouvelle Vague had stopped recording, focusing on an innovative live show created in collaboration with the mythical Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (Ceremony and Dawn of innocence,) and branching out into different projects: Olivier’s Uncovered Queen of the Stone Age, and Marc’s Bristol, along with his Kwaidan label. The time seems right to write a new chapter in the Nouvelle Vague saga: with a new album “I Could Be Happy” and live show, the band and its coterie of female vocalists continue their time travels with a renewed alegria.

      Nouvelle vague by Nouvelle Vague and Some Friends is thus more of a nexus of forthcoming projects: a new album comprised of punk and post punk standards imbued with the inimitable Nouvelle Vague touch, and, for the first time, a bevy of surprising Collin/Libaux which prove that the two producers are more than prodigious arrangers. This album is also the opportunity to gather again the pioneer singers of Nouvelle Vague: Élodie Frégé, Mélanie Pain, Liset Alea, Nadeah and to find other guests as Camille or Clara Luciani.


      Barry says: A euphoric and heady mix of electronica, indie, downbeat and everything inbetween. Nouvelle vague have always been masters of constructing many disparate elements into a cohesive and bracing whole, and this is no exception. Brimming with groove, and filled with eminently satisfying melodic flourishes.


      1. Athol-Brose
      2. Love Comes In Spurts
      3. I Wanna Be Sedated
      4. I Could Be Happy
      5. All Cats Are Grey
      6. No One Is Receiving
      7. Maladroit
      8. Algo Familiar
      9. Loneliness
      10. La Pluie Et Le Beau Temps


      While The Heart Beats....

      Produced by Rob Ellis ( PJ Harvey, Bat for Lashes, Anna Calvi) and Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague)) 'While the Heart Beats...' is a departure from the 1930's musically styled ‘Venus Gets Even’ and touches on a more electro-funk vibe, reminiscent of her earlier guitar-based musical endeavours. It speaks about the human condition- heartbreak, hope, fear, addiction and celebrates all aspects of the human experience, good and bad.

      Why the title?

      “I was reading a George Elliot story and this was the stand out line.

      -While the heart beats, bruise it. It is your only opportunity-

      It touched me because sometimes you really do wonder what the point to pain is. This line reminded me that unless, along side your joys and successes, you experience failure, betrayal, disappointment and allow it transform you for the better, you have not really lived. Without the shadow feelings you don’t really know, experientially, the magnitude of life and the richness of all its guises . Maybe I am wrong. Maybe this is just bullshit pop psycho-babble. But it made me feel better about the fact that sometimes, life can be really tough. It reminded me that there is something incredibly valuable about these emotions which I had previously done everything within my power to avoid.”


      1. Met A Man
      2. One Way Lie
      3. Ordinary Colours
      4. Kansas
      5. Unknow
      6. Run
      7. Darling
      8. Get Out Of Your Head
      9. She Said
      10. RH Jam
      11. Pocketful Of Holes

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