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Kolour LTD 10's Vol. 9

By all rights, the name Chevals might be a new one on a few folks out there. But, we encourage you not to confuse pedigree with quality of output because with Chevals - the two go hand in hand.

His first two outings on Homage & Better Listen Records soared to the top of the sales charts and we're stoked to finally release our 10" with him to help keep the momentum for what is sure to be a successful run for the French beat-smith.


Kolour LTD 10’s Vol. 8

Kolour Ltd finish off the year with a potent LPB (last possible blast). Ten inches of pleasure from Belarus' Funkyjaws. Hailing from the Grodno district this cat has dropped some of Kolour's best records to date and here we are with two new joints. "Them + Us" sees a rich palette of percussion combine to create one of those organic, flowing grooves you might associate with The Rotating Assembly. Tribal chants as a live B-line take it firmly into deep house territory, reminding me of a more upbeat version of Rick Wilhite's "Tribute & Respect". "Peasant Dance" occupies the flip and sees a pretty straight up disco groove taken carefree into wild free jazz and Arabic-tinted areas through a crazed sax section and some mental keyboard parts later on which reminded me of Omar Souleyman's rabid keyboard playing. Pretty far out but good nonetheless.

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RT @Sinkyateeth: DEBUT ALBUM out 1st June!! Pre-order VINYL or CD here:
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