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Alex ‘Kiwi’ Warren’s passion for music has been a fire that has long burned within. With acclaimed releases on Disco Halal, Optimo and others, Kiwi’s work has earned him a wealth of support from some of the scenes biggest names such as Andrew Weatherall, DJ Harvey and Gerd Janson. He now joins Edinburgh’s Paradise Palms for the latest installment of their highly regarded 7” series which has previously seen groovy, off-beat offerings from Tom Blip and Justin Robertson.

"You Want Her To" is a playful, low slung, slightly cosmic plodder featuring a slowed-down, flanging house pattern, pads and a catchy oddball chant from Warren himself. It's so incredibly simple yet so stylistically beautiful that there's no danger of this burning out in a hurry, and I wouldn't be surprised at hearing this soundtracking Summer dances well into NEXT year, nevermind this one! "Peeling Oranges" ups the NRG and uses an Italo-strength arpeggiated bassline to great effect, resulting in a shuddering peaktime climax.


Matt says: Slo-mo moocher with tons of class, Parardise Palms' pocket rocket, delivered on tiiiight 7" format, battle ready and mobile. You need.

Ian Blevins

The Serpent/ Unse - Inc. Austin Ato & Kiwi Remixes

Innovative opener ‘The Serpent’ is a suitably snaking, slithering groove with acid twitches, rubbery drums and raw percussive energy. It pings about in dynamic fashion and really keeps you on edge. First up to remix, Austin Ato takes the ‘The Serpent’ on a luscious and deep trajectory that would make Larry Heard proud.

The second standout original is 'Unse’, a dark stomper with cosmic rays that strike right to the heart of the dancefloor. It’s menacing and absorbing music that is steely and unlike anything else. To remix is 17 Steps regular Kiwi, who takes ‘Unse’ in a tougher and more robust direction that will really make you sweat properly.

As ever this is a brilliant and stylistically diverse package from Me Me Me. We hope you appreciate the quality that is presented here. 


Sil says: Although a dancefloor-made record, I find this one to be as good in my headphones or laying on the sofa as it is on a dark, humid basement with a huge smoke machine, strobe lights and a red velvet carpet. Excellent output from the Man Power towers.

A production ‘tour de force’ over the last decade, Joe Goddard has had his fingers in many pies (Hot Chip, The 2 Bears, Greco-Roman Soundsystem to name but a few) but it’s on this Cin Cin debut that he bares his solo chops and delivers something for the floor. The darker roots of acid house are channelled on “Jack Come Back”, with a rubbery bassline and churning keys loaded over the vintage drum machine rhythms as the deviant vocal calls out the track title. “Moebius Trip” takes a headier journey through wave upon wave of melodic modular synthesis and crumpled beats, with a nod to Detroit’s techno-soul heritage, whilst packing a punch with the energy levels.

Kiwi has been making huge leaps and bounds with his music over the last few years, racking up memorable releases and remixes on labels like Futureboogie, 17 Steps and Correspondant. He kicks off the new-year with a brace of futuristic disco stompers. “LakE” delivers with punchy drums and frenzied arpeggiation, a chattering vocal dispatches a warm human feel to the cold (but ever so funky) electronics. On “KatE”, double bass slaps against a rigorous rhythm section and haunting pads, as delaying distant voices ping-pong psychedelically across the deck. 

Next up on Dusky's renowned 17 Steps label is the return of long term pal Kiwi. Having supported the lads on 9 of the 17 Steps tour dates and having also provided the 15th release in the label catalogue - the fellow Londoner now readies his "Oooh" EP which comes backed up with a remix from Feel My Bicep affiliate Hammer.

Kiwi's sound is one defined by positive, kinetic feeling - joining the dots between Detroit techno, soul and Balearic (not to mention an inspired cover of Carmen's boogie classic - "Throw Down"). Infact, his twist on established themes and melodies from other songs seems somewhat of a regular fixation, as lead track "Oooh" bathes a very well known vocal line in a pool of Detroit swirls and gentle percussion.

"Andromeda" seems to be full 100% OG - utilizing a stepped square wave sequence with ruff DIY edges in a merger between vintage Euro-disco and proto-techno.

Feel My Bicep star Hammer closes proceedings with a somewhat hallucinogenic take on "Oooh" with LFOs, analogue sweeps and blobs of acid bleeding together to cap off an altogether warm and woozy trip. 

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