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Off Dat

    Matveï is a one’s to watch of the new generation. Brought up on Electronic and Rap music, the French producer makes up an exciting cocktail of international house and urban club sounds. Spotted by Kitsuné while just turning 18, his first releases quickly raised his profile on international tastemakers radar – with support from Martin Garrix and official remixes for the likes of and Future Classic, Liv Dawson and Crystal Fighters.

    This maxi is a limited edition specially created for the 2021 Record Day Store in Europe. You’ll find the original version of the track followed by an instrumental version and a club edit.


    A1. Off Dat (Original)
    B1. Off Dat (Club Edit)
    B2. Off Dat (Instrumental)

    Tim Ayre

    Modern Life

      Tim Ayre is a singer songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Working with mostly analogue instruments and writing, recording everything himself, Tim Ayre’s music is a highly chromatic and wistful sound that draws on the authenticity of yesterday to offer a vintage aesthetic of our day. The results are a unique and infectious take on pop music. This 4 track EP provides colorful and sophisticated dream pop with a tint of psychedelia which makes you want to travel more than ever, especially nowadays. 


      A1. Mexican Holiday
      A2. Miami Drive
      B1. Modern Life
      B2. So Long

      The 11-track album was recorded in Scotland in the autumn of 2011 and produced by Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand.

      For Citizens! aesthetics in music is all-important – ‘pop is not a dirty word’ they proclaim.

      "We had this vision of the songs we wanted to write, and it was all about making pop music that was imaginative, exciting and interesting – rather than simple, ugly and horrible,” explains lead singer Tom Burke.

      And so after signing to French label Kitsuné they set about following their ‘manifesto’ and began recording their debut album in the wilds of Scotland, a process tat proved to be a little unorthodox.

      "We had a strict set of rules that we forced ourselves to abide by, One was we weren’t allowed to do any studio trickery, so there's no autotune or correcting mistakes or anything on the record. And then there was the idea that no element of any given song was allowed to sound as if it came from the same place. So the main idea behind 'True Romance' was, 'Kanye West producing an Arcade Fire song'. Or maybe it's the other way round… But it's the thing of doing what people least expect but making it sound addictive and exciting."

      The resulting 11 tracks prove to be an example of what Citizens! do best – classic pop subversion at its most cunning.


      1. True Romance
      2. Reptile
      3. Caroline
      4. Love You More
      5. Let’s Go All The Way
      6. (I'm In Love With Your) Girlfriend
      7. Nobody’s Fool
      8. Monster
      9. She Said
      10. I Wouldn’t Want To
      11. Know Yourself

      Is Tropical

      Native To

      Formed in London, the Is Tropical line up of Gary Barber (vocals / guitar / keys), Simon Milner (vocals / guitars / Keys) and Dominic Apa (drums & programming) first came to international attention with the release of their debut single ‘When O’ When’ on Hit Club Records in January 2010. Produced by Al Al Al (The Big Pink / Klaxons), the single, together with their spectral live shows, saw the band attract the attention of fans and critics alike. After signing to Kitsune and releasing the single ‘South Pacific’, they now deliver their debut album.

      ‘Native To’, produced by the band with Jimmy Robertson and mixed by Lifelike, features twelve new tracks including the recent single ‘South Pacific’ and the forthcoming new release ‘The Greeks’. Effortlessly swooping from raw pop anthems to lo-fi dance songs with fantastic results, as well as the two singles other standouts include ‘Take My Chances’, ‘Lies’ and ‘Think We’re Alone’.


      01. South Pacific
      02. Land Of The Nod
      03. Lies
      04. The Greeks
      05. What???
      06. Clouds
      07.take My Chances
      08. Oranges
      09. Berlin
      10. Think Were Alone
      11. Zombie
      12. Seasick Mutiny

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