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King Creosote

Rocket DIY

    ‘Rocket D.I.Y.’ is the home-recorded follow up to 2003’s ‘Kenny and Beth’s Musakal Boat Rides’. Instead of a collection of songs spanning several years, ‘Rocket D.I.Y.’ contains 12 songs, all written and recorded over a period of weeks. Acoustic guitar and piano based songs have been embellished with accordion, banjo, electronics and a smattering of samples. Collective drummers OnTheFly and Captain Geeko deliver an altogether new punch, with Pip Dylan’s pedal steel adding that final twang. ‘Rocket D.I.Y.’ can best be described as a recollection of a hectic year. From the cosmic highs to the lunar lows come world weary themes of age consciousness and humdrum household chores sitting alongside wideeyed travel adventures and far-fetched yarns. With its scratchy sentiments, anthemic yearnings and downright nonsense, ‘Rocket D.I.Y.’, like ‘Kenny and Beth’s Musakal Boat Rides’ before it, takes you on a Neukian journey possibly not as far as the stars but one you’ll want to take again.


    Twin Tub Twin
    Saffy Nool
    Cor’ws Feet
    Spooned Out On Tick
    PH 6.5
    Circle My Demise
    King Bubbles In Sand
    The Things, Things, Things
    A Month Of Firsts
    Thrills & Spills
    The Someone Else

    King Creosote

    From Scotland With Love

      Composed of eleven stunning and emotive tracks, ‘From Scotland With Love’ was written by King Creosote and produced by music supervisor and guitarist David McAulay, with additional production by Paul Savage, in Chem19 Studios in Glasgow.

      The record features King Creosote accompanied by his band - Derek O’Neill (keyboards), Andy Robinson (drums), Pete Mcleod (bass) and Kevin Brolly (clarinet) - as well as an additional string section (arranged by cellist Pete Harvey) and a choir of backing vocalists.

      ‘From Scotland With Love’ was created in collaboration with director Virginia Heath and producer Grant Keir as an audio-accompaniment to a poetic documentary film of the same name, to be released for the Commonwealth Games this summer. Featuring archive footage but no narration or interview, the film works around themes of love and loss, war, resistance, emigration, work and play and is driven as much by the music as it is the images. For the first time King Creosote found himself being able to write from other people’s perspectives, such as the female characters found in the archive (the ‘fisher lassies’ inspired the moving track ‘Cargill’, for example). The result is ‘From Scotland With Love’, one of King Creosote’s most widescreen cinematic and finest pieces of work to date.


      Something To Believe In
      Largs (Short)
      Miserable Strangers
      Leaf Piece (Short)
      For One Night Only
      Bluebell, Cockleshell, 123
      One Floor Down
      Crystal 8s
      Pauper’s Dough
      A Prairie Tale

      King Creosote & Jon Hopkins

      Diamond Mine

        "Diamond Mine" is a unique and heartrending collaboration between Scottish Fence Collective boss and singer King Creosote and electronic talent and sound sculptor Jon Hopkins.

        Described by King Creosote as a 'soundtrack to a romanticised version of a life lived in a Scottish coastal village', the record weaves in field recordings of Fife life, bike wheels, spring tides, tea cups and café chatter to produce a beautiful, unique and timeless album.

        The album is already being talked about as King Creosote’s masterpiece, a modern equivalent of Talk Talk’s "Spirit of Eden".


        1. First Watch
        2. John Taylor’s Month Away
        3. Bats In The Attic
        4. Running On Fumes
        5. Bubble
        6. Your Own Spell
        7. Your Young Voice

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