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Open The Door

    Introducing Oslo’s next big exports, Veps. Open The Door is an introduction to their nineties tinged, pop rock and out September 3rd on Kanine Records.

    Hailing from the eastside of Norway’s capital, Veps have known each other since elementary school and began playing music together in middle school, aged 14. Although growing up with very different influences, the girls had a common sense as outsiders and while making a short film together decided to make an impromptu band. With Helena, Laura and June already accomplished at their instruments, Maja was assigned as drummer, she had never touched a drum set before, and Veps was born. Already causing a stir playing a series of DIY shows wherever they could, the band self-released Do I Hear A Maybe? and Funny Things.

    Equipped with their stunning debut EP which showcases songwriting beyond their youthful years, Veps signed to New York label Kanine Records, planting them firmly as one of the most exciting bands to watch.


    Side A
    1. Girl On TV
    2. Do I Hear A Maybe?
    3. Ecstasy
    4. Oliver

    Side B
    5. Funny Things
    6. Colorblind
    7. Do I Hear A Maybe? – Acoustic Version
    8. Oliver – Acoustic Version


    Welcome To Paradise Lost

      "Ever try to escape your bedroom, but feel like you're still asleep? Ever try to wake up, but find yourself back in the dream? Ever try to take off your mask, but another one pops up beneath it? Ever try to consult your inner self, but inside your skin is merely a rotting corpse? Ever feel like every path you take is just another mobius strip leading you back to where you first began? Congratulations, welcome to the Psychocastle." – Taraka

      Since the breakup of the legendary underground cult duo Prince Rama, former frontwoman Taraka has thrown herself headlong into the dark existential world of her “inner teenager," merging bastard elements of outsider-psych, post-edenic grunge, kaleidoscopic punk and post-adolescent angst to create her debut solo album.

      A departure from Prince Rama’s sparkly dance-pop sound, WELCOME TO PARADISE LOST is a primal, electrifying, dirty and unapologetically life-affirming celebration of ennui and disillusion. Taraka's disheveled anthems fuse a combination of lo-fi opulence with ecstatic punk ritual, like the vivid visions of the disturbed daughter of Kate Bush and Johnny Rotten who drank ayahuasca at the gates of Warped Tour ’02.

      Welcome to Paradise Lost was conceived while Taraka (pronounced like maraca) was living in solitary confinement in a hot Texas gallery with a live serpent in an attempt to return to a pre-internet Eden. She was without a band, without a label, without a future, and had vowed never to make music again. Disenchanted with the world, she sat in her trashed simulated Garden of Eden smoking mapacho and listening to old school punk, grunge, and obscure psych records that excited her as a teenager in a small redneck town, learning to skateboard and discovering her first power chord.


      01 Once Again
      02 Welcome To Paradise Lost
      03 Sad Blue Eyes
      04 Ride Or Die
      05 Psychocastle
      06 Total Failure
      07 0010110
      08 Lucifer Exit
      09 So Happy For You
      10 Practice Makes Perfect
      11 Bad Bonezz
      12 Thank You
      13 Deep Hollow
      14 Old Gloves

      Pearl Charles

      Sleepless Dreamer - 2021 Reissue

        Before 2021’s “Magic Mirror”, Los Angeles songstress, Pearl Charles released her debut album “Sleepless Dreamer” in 2018. 


        Side A

        01 All The Boys
        02 Beginner’s Luck
        03 Sleepless Dreamer
        04 Long Hair
        05 Only In America

        Side B

        06 Ghost
        07 Night Tides
        08 Blue-Eyed Angel
        09 Behind Closed Doors
        10 Phases

        Surfer Blood

        Astro Coast 10 Year Anniversary Reissue


          Includes download code.Limited to 2,000 copies worldwide.Gatefold vinyl.Exclusive color vinyl.In 2010, Florida natives Surfer Blood released their debut and indie breakout album.They made a splash at CMJ and SXSW with a Best New Music Pitchfork album review for Astro Coast coming in between.They spent the year touring around the world playing major festivals in Tokyo, Australia, United Kingdom and at home.They have continued to tour and release music in the past 10 years.For the anniversary, Surfer Blood will revisit their most popular release and include some never before heard material.

          Grizzly Bear

          Horn Of Plenty (Reissue)

            The debut album from Grizzly Bear will be repressed on cloudy clear vinyl for its 15 year anniversary.

            Before they were sound tracking Super Bowl ads, headlining festivals, making TV appearances and opening for Radiohead, Ed Droste started Grizzly Bear as a pet project meant only for friends. 15 years ago, Horn of Plenty was created in his Brooklyn apartment and after hooking up with multi-instrumentalist Chris Bear, Horn of Plenty was released by the new, upstart Brooklyn label Kanine Records in 2004. One year later, Horn of Plenty was rereleased with a bonus remix album, which will be included in the download card of this release. The rest of Grizzly Bear’s rise is history.

            "The Grizz offer tender and creepy folk mantras that function as a Paxil substitute or antidote, depending on your disposition." Spin Magazine

            "The gentlemen of Grizzly Bear paw around in wholly distinct regions of gentle, nocturnal psych-folk, conjuring visions of an imagined bedroom collaboration between the Doug Yule-era Velvet Underground, Nick Drake, and a pajama-clad Pooh with his head jammed in a honey jar." Pitchfork Media

            "Grizzly Bear captured its etherized folk on the beautiful Horn of Plenty (Kanine), a dreamy, evocative record that sounds like it was recorded a mile below sea level." Time Out NY

            "Dreamy vocals and pillowy, guitar-driven effects that evoke Neil Young on cough syrup." V Magazine

            “The pure atmospheric power of the songs is more than enough to hypnotize” Rolling Stone

            TRACK LISTING

            Side A

            01 Deep Sea Diver
            02 Don’t Ask
            03 Alligator
            04 Campfire
            05 Shift
            06 Disappearing Act
            07 Fix It

            Side B

            08 Merge
            09 A Good Place
            10 Showcase
            11 La Duchess Anne
            12 Eavesdropping
            13 Service Bell
            14 This Song

            Drink Up Buttercup

            Farewell Captain / Sosey & Dosey

            Born in a Buck's County barn on a frigid winter night, Drink Up Buttercup has gained an international following in only one year's time. After being kicked out of their practice space for disturbing the horses, Drink Up was soon besieged with praise in publications like Philadelphia Weekly, and in blogs such as Almack's Dance Hall, Ear Farm, and The Music Slut. 'Philly quartet Drink Up Buttercup build you up with the post-Beatles harmonies of the La's and the post-Beatles surrealism of Electric Light Orchestra or Super Furry Animals'. -

            Sweden's Holiday For Strings features John from Peter from Bjorn, and John, as well as Pontus from Thieves Like Us. According to The Wire they sound like: 'an unholy alliance between The Monochrome Set and the B52s'.

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