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Lucid Express

Lucid Express

    Lucid Express is five young dreamers who create a stunning airy blend of shoegaze and indie pop amongst the skyscrapers, mountains, and packed alleyways of Hong Kong. The name itself a modest mission statement of the band’s intent: lucid in the poetic sense of something bright and radiant. The group formed as teens in the winter of 2014 in the turbulent weeks just prior to the Umbrella Movement. Vocalist/synth player Kim says “at that time it felt like we have a need to hold on to something more beautiful than before. Like close friendships, the band, our creation.”

    Listening to their blissful, dreamy compositions, it may come as no surprise that these songs carry the mood of their times of inception. With all members of the band working late-night shifts, this led to a rehearsal and recording schedule that found the band playing between midnight and 4am and then crashing together on the studio floor before returning to work early in the AM.

    Debut album Lucid Express was given an extra sparkle thanks to the creative mixing of Max Bloom (Yuck), operates as the service to take the listener on a journey through the band’s color-soaked sounds


    Side A
    01 North Acton
    02 Hotel
    03 Ado
    04 Sore
    05 Hollowers

    Side B
    06 No Talk 65
    07 Aquarium
    08 Wellwave
    09 Prime Of Pride
    10 Ride Of The Night

    Surfer Blood

    Carefree Theatre

      The Carefree Theater in West Palm Beach, FL was the only real venue in town for most of John Paul Pitts childhood. It was where he would go for anything from shows to theatrical productions. It was just the kind of exposure that showed him there was a whole world outside of Florida, the kind of experience that would inform a twenty-one year old student to drop out of school and start a band.

      He did just that. Surfer Blood’s rise was remarkable – and just recently recounted in detail with the 10 year anniversary of their debut and breakout album Astro Coast. A decade ago. That’s a long time. Where a lot can happen.

      Surfer Blood have released Carefree Theatre an album that bring them full circle. Pitts returned to Florida, returned to Kanine and created an album worth of short pop songs.


      1. Dessert Island
      2. Karen
      3. Carefree Theatre
      4. Parkland (Into The Silence)
      5. In The Tempest's Eye
      6. In My Mind
      7. Unconditional
      8. Summer Trope
      9. Uneasy Rider
      10. Dewar
      11. Rose Bowl

      'Interrupt' is the follow up to Philadelphia based Bleeding Rainbow 2013's "Yeah Right". If you are counting, it's the fourth full-length LP, though only second as a full blown rock quartet. With "Interrupt", the aim was to keep things simple and to the point. Recording instrumental tracks live and grabbing some songs in one take, the album is more powerful and raw. It exudes a new found confidence but with the same optimistic songwriting, boy-girl harmonies and punk rock laced with shoegaze that has come to define Bleeding Rainbow.

      “This new band Bleeding Rainbow…have you heard this fucking band? They’re great man.” – Dave Grohl

      “Bleeding Rainbow rock hard, stuffing their tracks with aggressive chords, pounding drums and exploding layers of fuzz.” – Rolling Stone


      1. Time & Place
      2. Tell Me
      3. Start Again
      4. So You Know
      5. Dead Head
      6. Out Of Line
      7. Images
      8. Monochrome
      9. Cut Up
      10. Phase

      Philadelphia's favorite indie-pop duo formerly known as 'Reading Rainbow' is now a full-blown rock quartet.

      Bleeding Rainbow. "Yeah Right" is the follow up to their 2010 indie breakout album "Prism Eyes", and it has a much bigger sound directly influenced by the band's teenage musical taste.

      Sonic Youth, My Blood Valentine, Nirvana and Yo La Tengo to name a few. Mixing hints of Greg Sage's anthemic, anxiety-ridden punk riffs, with equal parts drone and noise swells overlayed with boy-girl harmonies, Bleeding Rainbow channels the Mamas and the Papas as if backed by early Smashing Pumpkins.

      Piccadilly Records exclusive! - Each copy includes a 2 track bonus 7".


      1. Go Ahead
      2. Pink Ruff
      3. You're Not Alone
      4. Drift Away
      5. Shades Of Eternal Night
      6. Fall Into Your Eyes
      7. Inside My Head
      8. Waking Dream
      9. Losing Touch
      10. Cover The Sky
      11. Get Lost

      A Drift Away
      B Wasted Youth

      Eternal Summers will detonate your chill vibe. While you've no doubt spent the Summer soaking up beach-y sounds of Best Coast, Beach Fossils and Dum Dum Girls, Nicole Yun and Daniel Cundiff have been cutting loose in the back woods, creating their fuzziest, jangliest statement yet: "Silver". On "Silver", Eternal Summers has streamlined and then leaped beyond their original sound.

      Where their previous EP was sun-drenched and simple, "Silver" is far-reaching and ambitious despite its minimalist drums-and-guitar cast. The album mixes 90-second fist-pumpers and dreamy, six-minute meditations, noisy highs, and uncomfortably quiet hums. "Silver" captures the energy of their live shows which has inspired the lead single "Pogo" and calls to mind early indie legends like the Raincoats, Galaxie 500, Beat Happening, and Unrest. Worried about those impending autumn blues? Best get "Silver" into rotation now, and let their self-described dream-punk carry you through the winter.


      Shout It Out

      Princeton's "Shout It Out" from their debut full length album "Cocoon of Love" has been remixed by Samuel Bing of Fol Chen, synched in a Ford commercial, and is being released as this 7 inch single to coincide with their first European tour.


      Laura says: There's still a hint of the afro rhythms here on "Shout It Out" despite it being much more low-key and mellow than their previous release. It's a well crafted pop song embellished with strings and nice little guitar flourishes.

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