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Kandodo 4

Burning The (Kandl)

    RIYL: The Heads, Loop, Popul Vuh, Parson Sound, Amon Duul, Neu!, Spacemen 3, Harmonia, Moon Duo, Carlton Melton, Fripp and Eno.

    kandodo was invited to play at the 2015 Roadburn Festival as part of The Heads residency. Robert Hampson from Loop/MAIN was also going to be at the festival and so it seemed a good opportunity for him to join kandodo for this gig along with Wayne and Hugo from The Heads (who are also the Loop rhythm section as well as part of kandodo). Rehearsals were set up in Bristol and the gig in Roadburn was a couple of nights later and that is the recordings gathered here for "Burning The (Kandl)" with running order changed to help fit over these 2 hefty slabs of vinyl. So get ready for a total immersive trip through a psychedelic vortex . A glorious head nodding voyage into inner space where the vast churning of fuzzy guitars / keys / bass and drums phase in and out of focus with your inner core.

    Released in an edition of 500 and pressed on heavy black vinyl - Burning The (Kandl) is presented in a special lenticular effect outer sleeve.

    Kandodo 3


      Brand new studio full length from Bristol based sike-o-nauts, orbiting in the Heads’ realm and led by Heads’ Simon Price.

      For fans of: Popul Vuh, Parson Sound, Amon Duul, Neu!, The Heads, Spacemen 3, Harmonia, Moon Duo, Carlton Melton, Fripp & Eno.
      k3 continues the trajectory of outer space excursions found on previous kandodo releases.

      Recorded over the past three years and aided by fellow Heads types H O Morgan and Wayne Maskell, this album was recorded in Bristol and on Price’s 4 track.. Mastered once again at Optimum by Shawn Joseph.
      Out of focus, relaxed and expansive vibes fuse together into serpentine rivers of minimalist rhythms and echoed tones, drawing the listener into tunnels of sound and scorched sonic landscapes.

      It's one for the headphones at 30,000 feet or late night deserted drives.
      k3 finds three heads taking time out to dive into the dronal repetitions of deep space, 3 psychonauts killing time in the only way they know how; head-nodding drumfuzz layered with creamed strings. Guest guitar from fellow sike-head John McBain on the final half of the 40 minute trip which makes up sides 3 and 4.

      k3 takes the autobahn, veering left past the sun and heading on till morning. There are no black holes 'cos we're in it: just do the half. The colours will come back with the dawn.

      Settle in for the long haul and ….


      Barry says: Hazy sun-dappled ambient psychedelia doesn't come any more satisfying than this, with slow-mo Earth-like progressions and weighty clean guitar plucks meander over a satisfyingly hypnotic undercurrent of staggered distorted bass and whirling sine waves. Properly hypnotic stuff here, perfect for phasing out in the sunshine.


      King Vulture
      Everything - Green's - Gone
      Holy Debut
      The Gaping Maw
      Lounge Core
      High On Planes/Drifter

      Kandodo / McBain

      Lost Chants / Last Chance

        A meeting of like minds surfing the sonic highways to tonal oblivion.
        These four castaways on Sonic Island (this may be too much) have delivered an album that evokes the long lost and revered genre “Drug-Rock” a true mind melt of acid abandonment! Tab-era Monster Magnet, Sessions Era- The Heads… purely visceral and pummelling workouts of a krautrock and pschedelische (surely the most overused term of now..but finally in its right place) from these masters of the art.

        Lets not beat about the burning bush here, this is an original Monster Magnet member and three of the Heads… this is pedigree not to be overlooked.

        Tune in, Turn on, droned out!!

        Mutually appreciated riffs, drones and tones floated across the oceans (via the internet). Conceived by Simon Price, Wayne Maskell, and Hugo Morgan and their US conspirator John McBain.
        They’ve created a modern masterpiece, straight from the off, the album feels like it has been hurled from riff valley, laden with trips aplenty.. catch a sonic wave here fellow psychonauts!!!
        (Liquid aural lava, it will encase your brain with a sike glazed crust.)

        Mastered by John Mcbain for full sonic immersion, and cut at 45rpm to enable a further immersion into the molassess when sped down to 33rm… this works so well, that the CD comes as a double with CD one a 45rpm (normal) master and CD 2 the treacle trap murk of it slowed to 33rpm.. the come down stretched further… a psychedelic morass..all encased in a sike glazed crust of quality packaging.

        Wig out and get your oblivion set, strap this on and soar into space.



        CD DISC ONE (or LPs At 45rpm)
        1 Blowed Out (45 Rpm)
        2 Holy Syke (45 Rpm)
        3 Megladon't (45 Rpm)
        4 Chant Of The Ever Circling (Last Vulture) (45 Rpm)
        5 Pelagic Blue Haze (45 Rpm)

        CD DISC TWO (LPS At 33rpm)
        6 Really Blown Out (33 Rpm)
        7 Holiest Syke (33 Rpm)
        8 Megladon't Ever (33 Rpm)
        9 Chant Of The Ever So Slowly Circling (Last Vulture)(33 Rpm)
        10 Pelagic Deep Blue Haze (33 Rpm)

        Carlton Melton & Kandodo 3


          Carlton Melton lead the charge with three new tracks, recorded at the Dome with Brian MacDougall taping it down and John McBain mastering it for vinyl perfection. This is the Melton soaring into the stratosphere with their own take on spaced travel via olfactory motion. Many would simply say "psych", we say "SPACE" and "NO frontiers!", fly on brothers.

          Kandodo 3 is the new "nom de plume" for Simon Price's (The Heads) Kandodo project, having roped in fellow Heads' Wayne Maskell (drum patterns and rhythm driving) and Hugo Morgan (bass throb and guidance) to record under the name Kandodo 3. They take up their whole side with one looping soundscape that jitters and skitters into and around patterns of dub and space, this exhilaratating take on an already pre-determined trajectory is as awesome in its scope as it is in its journey, catch a ride! Mastered by Shawn Joseph (Optimum)

          Simon Kandodo Price artwork..... 500 copies only on blue coloured vinyl.

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