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The Rice Tape

    From the muddy banks of the Mersey comes this 5 track mini-album by the front-runners of the New Liverpool Underground... their (long-gone) cassette release now on vinyl. Twenty two minutes & fourteen seconds of white hot Granadaland Gnarl fusing paint-stripping Post-Punk with "Back From The Grave" Garage Rock Gunk ...not to mention a heavy, heavy dose of Metalcore Skrunk. Dig The Fall? The Gories? The Common Cold? Arndales? Imperial Wax? Sabbath? Replacements? This is for you, Daddy-o... this is for anyone who still believes in the R&R dream ... R&R as primal scream... OHMNS ain't no slackers & are playing constantly around the North and sometimes further afield (France, Italy, Denmark even) Should they arrive near you not miss!

    Star Spangled Banana

    And Now!... The Gum Drops

      Do you remember when Rock was young? Do you remember when Rock was fun? It seems some folks still do cuz some bad bad Bananas did a heist on the Buddha vault, lifted the hooks from Shakin' Street, & opened up the Joey Johnny Dee Dee Tommy throttle and let 'er rip.

      Five years on from their debut album of stompin' Bubblegrunge covers of Garage Rock staples by Paul Revere, The Monkees, Chocolate Watch Band, 1910 Fruitgum Company, Flipper et al ("Pebbles 2000" on Agitated Records, folks) the five-piece from the western shores of Granadaland return with a new album of all-original hip-shakin' nuggets to make your feet move and your head spin!

      That's right! That's right! 14 tasty trips tailor made for rock'n'roll radio 4 hidden midget gems of post-punk junk for ya ta chew on" ...Plus 4 hidden Midget Gems of Post-Punk junk for ya ta chew on!

      It's greasy! It's freaky! It's insane! ...and never forget: "Bubblegrunge Music Is The Naked Truth". For fans of having a good time, all the time! Stack up your heels and party Hard with these hardcore funsters.. 


      Hang Out! Hang Loose!
      She's Got E.S.P.
      Kandy On The Korner
      U Got Shakin?
      Green Eyed Monster
      Uber Ella
      Happy Happy Happy

      Pinky & Purple
      Bubblegrunge Gal
      Hey Hey Girl
      Get Off Tha Road
      Whoa! Maria!
      Deep Fix

      Koolaid (Holy Sunshine!)

      Koolaid (Holy Sunshine!)

        Following their (Global Tyranny) incarnation the artists occasionally known as Koolaid return in their new guise of (Holy Sunshine!) to question the burning answer of our time: reality is a put-on?

        Who or what is The New Agent? Who or what are The N.W.D.F.? Where is The Canyon? Does The Canyon even exist? Can the Circuit Break? If you can grok 7 Up then is it possible to get 8 Up? Is it really just a choice between Turn On or Turn Off? ...and where did the hippies really come from? Cause suddenly they were just there... CIA / FBI / LSD / Gettin' High / Monterey Pop / Vietnam / Timothy Leary / Groovy, Man...

        It's a whirlwind double-tryptamine blast thru Acid Rock, West Coast Tech, Surf Sitars, Post Punk Junk, 808 FolkBuzz, 303 PulseBeat, Backwoods Reverb, Unplugged No-Wave, Twin Jag Attack, Secret Agent Men... and A Sample Storm of unwitting guests such as Allen Ginsberg, Ralph Malph, The Ambrosia Singers, Art Linkletter, Herbert Marshall McLuhan, and Doctor Leary hisself.

        Peter Fonda says "WOW".

        Koolaid themselves say "did you hear the one about the love and peace movement being a
        test-tube baby birthed in a secret military lab in the heart of hippie heaven?"

        We hadn't. But could it be that Koolaid (Holy Sunshine!) are hinting that the Classic Rock Music of the late 60s & early 70s was created to brain-wash the human population of Planet Earth? When confronted with this possibility they replied "Well, it may be true or it may not, but we just wanted to kick out the jams & get it on."

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