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Jason Anderson

The Hopeful And The Unafraid

    With six officially released albums, two more in the can, four probably-never-to-see-the-light-of-day records in his closet, a few live albums on the shelf and a Myspace song-a-day project, the quietly prolific Jason Anderson returns to K with "The Hopeful And The Unafraid". While he also played guitar in Mount Eerie, has drummed with Tilly And The Wall, and played piano with David Dondero, you've probably heard little about him. "The Hopeful.." was made at Soma Studios in Chicago, on a two-day tour break in January of 2006. Recorded in a matter of hours-tracking the vocals, guitars, and drums simultaneously-Jason's goal was to make an organic documentation of songs he'd been playing every night for half a decade. Thusly, all the vocal parts are first takes. There were some indulgences, though, as some guys who used to play in Magnolia Electric Co. came by to put down pedal steel and guitar leads. The album takes a stab at capturing some of the energy Jason loves putting into every show he plays, whether there are five or fifty people present.

    Little Wings

    Magic Wand

      Little Wings is a diverse musical palette Kyle Field uses to paint stories with sound. With this album Kyle worked with producer Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studios, recruiting a variety of other artists, musical and visual, Phil Elverum (Microphones) Bobby Birdman, Lee Baggett amongst others. This album fits in perfectly with the current new-folk scene that has taken the USA and world by storm. File alongside Devendra Banhart, Vetiver, Cocorosie, White Magic, Six Organs Of Admittance and Joanna Newsom.

      The Blow

      The Concussive Caress, Or, Casey Caught Her Mom Singing Along With The Vacuum

        Khaela Maricich is the Blow, also a member of the Dub Narcotic studio gang. Khaela recorded this entire album on the Dub Narcotic 16 track tape deck, producing it herself, with guest appearances by a few friends: Susan Ploetz, Anna Oxygen, Mirah, Nora Danielson, Jason Anderson and Jenn Kliese. Like secret mantras, these are adult versions of children's rhymes adapted for more complicated situations, songs people want to sing for their loved ones, but probably never will.

        Beat Happening

        Music To Climb The Apple Tree By

        This album compiles Beat Happening songs recorded between 1984 and 2000, including material long out of print on 45's and compilations, including the original version of "Nancy Sin". The last four songs are from the Screaming Trees / Beat Happening collaboration EP. This was originally included in the Beat Happening seven CD boxset "Crashing Through" and now its available in its own right.

        Calvin Johnson

        What Was Me

          Known for his deep gravel voiced genius with Beat Happening, Halo Benders and Dub Narcotic, this collects ten bits of lifeness and spreads them thickly with voice and acoustic guitar.

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