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The Joy Formidable

Into The Blue

    A Welsh rock trio with a predilection for delivering stadium-sized riffs with shoegazey vistas and dreamy post-punk riffage, The Joy Formidable return with their new album 'Into The Blue'. Taking a cue from bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, My Bloody Valentine, and Arcade Fire, the trio have continued to push their expansive sound on previous studio albums, from the breakthrough debut 'The Big Roar' (2011), through to the last studio album 'AAARTH' (2018), whilst always maintaining the hook-driven indie rock foundation laid down on their debut EP 'A Balloon Called Moaning' (2009). Currently the band split their time between their native Wales and the closest thing they could find in the U.S, “In the middle of nowhere” Utah, where they recorded the new album 'Into The Blue'.


    1. Into The Blue
    2. Chimes
    3. Sevier
    4. Interval
    5. Farrago
    6. Gotta Feed My Dog
    7. Somewhere New
    8. Bring It To The Front
    9. Back To Nothing
    10. Only Once
    11. Left Too Soon

    SIDE A
    1. Into The Blue
    2. Chimes
    3. Sevier
    4. Interval
    5. Farrago
    SIDE B
    1. Bring It To The Front
    2. Back To Nothing
    3. Only Once
    4. Left Too Soon

    SIDE A
    1. Gotta Feed My Dog
    SIDE B
    1. Somewhere New


    Barry says: Heralding the spirit of rock luminaries past and present, 'Hitch' Is the third LP from North Wales' Joy Formidable. From the fist-raising rock anthem of 'Radio Of Lips' to the mournful reverberating piano backdrop of 'Liana', and the ambient whimpering on 'The Gift'; this collection retains a sense of melody and poise while you know behind it all there is an aggressive voice just waiting to burst through. This is emotive and raucous, but melodic and triumphant. Stadium-rock for those who tire of stadium-rock.


    1 A Second In White
    2 Radio Of Lips
    3 The Last Thing On My Mind
    4 Liana
    5 The Brook
    6 It's Started
    7 The Gift
    8 Running Hands With The Night
    9 Fog (Black Windows)
    10 Underneath The Petal
    11 Blowing Fire
    12 Don't Let Me Know
    13 The Last Thing On My Mind (Radio Edit) (CD Only Track)

    Joy Formidable

    A Minute's Silence


      Strictly Ltd Ed 12” release from Joy Formidable for Record Store Day.

      Featuring 2 brand new exclusive non-album tracks ‘A Minute’s Silence’ and a live cover version of the Bruce Springsteen track ‘Badlands’.

      Limited in the UK to 500 copies only.


      Side A) A Minute's Silence Side
      B) Badlands (Live From Sirius)

      Joy Formidable


        The Joy Formidable return with their first release from new album ‘Wolf’s Law’ on October 15th. As NME noted prior to their first UK shows of 2012 at packed NME / Radio One Stages at Reading and Leeds Festivals on hearing sneak previews of the new songs, ‘Wolf’s Law’ ‘could well see them become the next big British guitar band’.

        The finished album, for which ‘Cholla’ is the perfect calling card, takes the band’s already acknowledged mastery of melody and dynamic to another level, achieving the band’s aim at its inception ‘to keep the sense that everything is possible.’


        1 Cholla (Album Version)
        2 Tempo (Strong-Weak-Weak)
        3 Cholla (Acoustic)
        4 Wolf’s Law

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