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Dennis Brown / Prince Allah

Three Meals A Day / Naw Go A Them Burial

Two late seventies roots / dub tracks here collated for the impeccable Joe Gibbs Record Globe series.

Dennis Brown heads up side A with "Three Meals A Day". Recorded in 1979 it features energetic congas, a truly rootsical rhythm section and an empowered, riotous deliver from Brown. Produced by Joe Gibbs and engineered by Errol Thompson it's hard to find fault in this sufferers anthem. Like previous joints in the series the dub follows seamlessly from the main mix, playing right thru side A uninterrupted in a proper DJ mix stylee.

The B-side features Prince Allah's "Naw Go A Them Burial" - a more old school flavoured cut with rocksteady inflections. I have to admit, I'm struggling to work out the lyrical message in this one... summat about not going to the funeral...lucky there's a separate dub version that pushes that digi siren and punchy bass right to front of the mix saving you from pondering why indeed Prince Allah did not go to the funeral.

Limited quants as per... get dem skates on dreads!


Ltd 10" Info: Limited 10" pressing in Joe Gibbs Record Globe disco bag.

More hot stuff from Joe Gibbs' archive. Follows the instant sell-outs from Silford Walker, Dennis Brown and Dhiama.

"Babylon Too Rough" is 1975 recording on "Easy Take It Easy" rhythm. It screams pure roots and culture with both its instrumental, lyrical content AND dub inflections - it doesn't get much better than this!

Flip, and "Heart and Soul" is a 1977 recording on the 'Mean Girl'. It's a much more lover's rock flavoured cut with optimistic, bright key changes and organ part. The vocal, by Junior Byles touches on the classic vintage style as he discusses offering up his heart and soul to Jah.

Side A features vocal and dub cuts separately, while on the flip, "Heart and Soul" runs seamlessly into "Give It To Jah", the dub version.

More essential stuff from the archive - limited copies as usual!


Matt says: Another salvo of Joe Gibbs archive material lands. All of it killer, but we have to decide on one.... I love these 10"s - beautifully presented, pressed nice and loud and always including that all-important dub. So there winner, this week, is this!


Ltd 10" Info: Limited 10" pressing in printed disco bag.

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals

African Dub Almighty - Chapter Three

Another week and the third part of Joe Gibbs essential dub opus - "African Dub". Kicking off with the eponymous title track, and one of the heaviest, darkest and most well known dubs to date. The rest of the set is comparitively jubilant and cherry.

With one of the strongest instrumental line-ups of the set - Sly & Robbie, Bobby Ellis, 'Horsemouth', Eric Lindo and Tommy McCook all supplying the riddims, it's another firm pillar of dub music's foundation and sounds as clear and concise as it did back in 1978.

Limited JA-pressed copies back in stock - move quick!

Fifth and final part of the impeccable "African Dub" series and it's a doozy! It seems Joe's saved some of his most inventive and out-there dubs till last as the set opens on an amazingly electrified version of well known, "The Day After" riddim. From there on its a highly noxious affair - soaked in ganja smoke throughout as guitars ripple and perc rattles from a deep rooted rhythmic backing. Occasional horn flurries decorate the mix at sporadic intervals.

There's not much info available on musicians involved, but we can assume the all-star cast of Sly & Robbie, Tommy McCook and Errol Thompson were frequenting the studio while JB worked his magic. It finishes the "African Dub" collection in beautiful style - nodding to the future and embracing the onslaught of digital technologies as the eighties marches to their own, hi-tech beat.

A tour de force of dub reggae goodness. Every home needs some Joe Gibbs in it!

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals

African Dub - All Mighty

Reissue of this classic dub album from 1975. Joe Gibbs did five volumes of "African Dub" - with this, "All Mighty" kicking off the set. Other than Errol Thompson and Ruddy Thomas engineering, credits are quite thin on the ground, but The Professionals consisted of a huge range of musical talent - Ossie HIbbert, Robbie Shakespear, Leroy Wallace, Tommy McCook and many, many more! 

Often cited by many as their first introduction to dub, "African Dub" is a painfully pure and honest set - gentle bass undulations peppered with brass and the gentle sway of muted guitar picks. Four more volumes would proceed it but Joe Gibbs lays out his stall perfectly on this series debut.

Another essential dub reggae nugget - at an unquestionaly good price! You know what to do! 

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals

African Dub - Chapter Two

Reissue of this classic dub album from 1976. Joe Gibbs did five volumes of "African Dub". This is the second volume featuring George Fullwood, Santa Gits, Tony Chin, Dirty Harry, Tommy McCook Ellis and Horsemouth. 

It's as strong a set as the first - with one of the first incarnations of Alton Ellis' "I'm Still In Love With You" riddim dubbed out to the max on this instance. It saw the series start to gather momentum, and play a vital role in the broader popularization of the dub genre - beyond the denizens of the dancehalls in Kingston and London.

Another essential dub reggae nugget - at an unquestionaly good price! You know what to do! 

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