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Following their 2012 mini-album on Jigsaw and hot on the heels of a 7" on Dufflecoat Records, Manchester's Amida have given us a full-length (finally!), with 13 songs in under half an hour. The band has managed to follow-up on the promise that their previous releases have made, with a collection of songs that are as biting as they are melodic. Sounding like a mix between the Wolfhounds, the Monochrome Set and even a little Big Flame (and similarly noisy bands on the "other" side of C86), the speedy/jangly guitars seem to be fighting the propelling bass guitar for control, giving us some very compelling music in the process!


Ryan says: I've been following Amida for a while now, I've loved everything they've done and now there's this. Packed full of short and precise Flying Nun-esque jangly masterpieces. You need this!


My Life As A Trash Can

    The new mini-album from Manchester-based, indiepopping Amida, and their first for Seattle's legendary Jigsaw Records. “Caffeine fueled dumpster diving hijinks.”- LOOFK.

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