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New Robohands LP 'Palms' is the fifth album from the London based instrumentalist and producer Andy Baxter. Moving towards different genres and arrangements from his previous albums, 'Palms' features duelling harp parts, tape echo, double bass and draws inspiration from artists such as Dorothy Ashby, Azimuth, Alice Coltrane and Toquinho.

In parts tropical and synth drenched, and in others stripped back and acoustic, 'Palms' is a journey back to saturated analog recordings of the late 60s and 70s, with a subtle modern layer of glitch FX and pitch control experimentation in places. The album makes also reference to classic releases from jazz fusion that feature the legendary Arp Odyssey synthesiser, used by artists such as Herbie Hancock and George Duke.

The seventeen track album features performances from multiple session musicians including Jim Piela on saxophone and Marco Cremaschini on Rhodes, with Baxter taking on drums, guitar, bass, keys and also mixing duties. 'Palms' is a new direction for his project and a record that thematically journeys into modern reinterpretations of jazz, downtempo, acoustic and ambient music.


1. Palms
2. Tinted
3. Moments
4. Geodesic Luxury
5. Last Summer
6. Easy
7. Driven
8. Individuation
9. Jorge
10. Modular Life
11. Nylon Days
12. One Dimensional Man
13. For Jimi
14. Saturation
15. Ouroboros
16. Piraeus Yesterday
17. Relax Pt II

Jazz N Palms is a jazz-funk project from Italian DJ and producer Riccio. Last summer, he released his first double album "Ses Rodes", inspired by his life in this country location, to the north of Ibiza.

The soft and warm grooves which usually distinguish Jazz N Palms releases, are augmented by a more upbeat, scattering groove with psychedelic guitar on this 7 inch vinyl release on Terrasolare.

'Tormenta Tropical' (Tropical Storm) reflects Riccio's deep connection with the natural elements of his location - those moments when the cold winds and dark clouds, combine with the hot water from the sea, creating the tropical storm.


1. Tormenta Tropical, Pt. 1
2. Tormenta Tropical, Pt. 2

Jazz N Palms

Jazz N Palms 07

Volume 7: most iconic reworked, retouched, and edited tracks out from the unique and magic poolside of Pikes hotel (Ibiza). Jazz n palms is the brand commissioned to warm the monthly exclusive Ronnie Scott’s (London) jazz concerts.

Jazz music fused sartorially with Latin, funk, rock, and international sounds to be enjoyed under the palms and the sun of the Mediterranean Sea.


A1. Vamonos
A2. Con Alma
B1. Tiburon
B2. Guirnaldas

Hell Yeah is proud to present the return of Jazz N Palms with a superb new project following the success of his Ses Rodes album. 'Milano' as a 7" with radio and instrumental versions alongside an original video and expressive artwork by Parisian studio Nokko.

Jazz N Palms is a jazz-inspired project from Italian DJ and producer Riccio. He started this project after moving to Ibiza and falling under the spell of its ancestral side, its sweet and slow pace of life and the natural rhythms of the beauty in the north of the island. In summer, he served up his fantastic Ses Rodes double album which was dedicated to the original way of life that had remained almost unchanged till the early 80s party explosion.

This new track came about after Riccio heard Piera Martell's 1978 soul-jazz track 'Exotica' in a mix by Phil Mison. The idea was reimagine the song with new lyrics and set in Milan, in the early days when the town was invaded by unusual and exotic palm trees in Piazza Duomo. The song tells the story of a country teenager who is unsure about heading to a big new city after receiving an invitation. The story will retrieve familiar emotions for many of us who have faced similarly important decisions in our life, but this time married to an escapist groove.

For this release, the original 'Exotica' has been fully replayed by contemporary musicians from the multi-genre Italian ensemble 291out, with whom Riccio has worked in the past. It has new lyrics sung in Italian by fellow 291out collaborator Giovanna Lubjan after permission was given by original composer Salvo Ingrassia.

'Milano' is a luxurious soul-jazz fusion. It has exotic guitar lines and gently persuasive rhythms topped by the soaring vocal from Lubjan. A steamy sax helps the temperature rise as the track unfolds and traps you under its gorgeous spell.

This is a timeless package of blissed-out brilliance from Jazz N Palms.


A1. Original Mix
B1. Instrumental Mix

Ses Rodes is the new concept double album by Jazz N Palms for the brand-new label, Jazz N Palms Recordings. This is a lush instrumental project inspired by a move to the legendary Mediterranean island of Ibiza and the album art shows a house from the north of the island that typifies its famous architecture.

Ibiza might be known as the party capital of the world but it also has a silent and ancestral side that is sweet and slow. It's surrounded by beautiful nature and rhythms, and that is what has made artists and adventurers fall in love with the place ever since the 1930s. This new double album is dedicated to that way of life, which has remained almost unchanged till the early '80s. It is presented as a cartesian grid of Space-Time - one record is about space and the environment with tracks Mar, Playa, Bosque and Cielo meaning Sea, Beach, Forest and Sky, and the other follows the times of the day on tracks Mañana, Mediodía, Tarde, Noche, meaning Morning, Midday, Evening, and Night.

The Jazz N Palms label and producer is Riccio, who has put out a series of promotional edits on vinyl and cassette during the last three years. Ahead of conceiving this album, he met one of the youngest and most talented musicians of the island at a jazz night at the famous Pikes hotel and the pair went on to work together here. The resulting hour of music is inspired by the jazz-fusion of the late '70s, offered up in a contemporary way and was recorded in two sessions between the winter of 2020 and the spring of 2021 at Magrana Studios, where several rock bands have recorded since the early 2000s. It was mixed by island resident Ben Westbeech and Riccio.

The album kicks off with lush and breezy jazz-funk stylings and takes in lively lounge sounds, blissed-out downtempo, sunny broken beat and late-night synth laced beats that are perfect for open-air dances, cocktails on the terrace or grown-up discos.

This is a timeless album of great musicianship that taps into a very different and superbly soothing side of Ibiza.


Matt says: The mighty fine Jazz N Palms label have been gifting us some choice 12"'s for the last couple of years. Here they mature to a full length offering, losing none of the quality of the way. Inspired by a recent move to Ibiza; this is a Pikes-side collection for the more refined patron of the party island.


A1. Manana
A2. Mediodia
B1. Tarde
B2. Noche
C1. Mar
C2. Playa
D1. Bosque
D2. Cielo

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