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DJ Kicks - Jayda G

    For Jayda G, joy is a state of mind. Whether she transmits it through her upbeat productions or magnetic energy at the decks, the Canadian-born DJ and producer, real name Jayda Guy, is a beacon of empathy on the dancefloor.

    It’s no surprise, then, that Jayda G’s DJ-Kicks mix, releasing on 14 May, captures the buoyant spirit of the music that has influenced her most. “DJ-Kicks has been a personal goal of mine for a really long time. I've been a fan for decades now. I remember there was one mix by Chromeo and it had some French disco on it that always stood out in my mind,” she remembers. Clocking in at just over an hour, Guy’s mix takes you on a journey that moves through loved classics and new bubblers.

    The mix contains Jayda's Brand new single "All I Need", the follow up to Grammy Nominated breakthrough single "Both Of Us", a slinky house tune co-produced with James Ford that fizzes with shimmering energy. A rallying cry for kinship and understanding, Guy’s insouciant vocals insist “all I need is you to hear me”, gliding across the perfectly swung house beat. “Because the mix was made during the pandemic, I thought, ‘What music makes me happy?’ I want people to feel like they know me. I wanted it to be approachable, still honouring the disco and soul music that I love. I hope that translates in some shape or form.”


    Matt says: K7 presents the eclectic electronics of one Jayda G. Unmixed for the purists, mixtape style for the party heads. What's not to love?


    CD (mixed)
    ** = Exclusive

    1. Light Of The World - London Town
    2. Aged In Harmony - You're A Melody
    3. Glass Beams - Taurus
    4. KOKOROKO - Uman
    5. Atmosfear - Invasion
    6. Universal Togetherness Band - More Than Enough
    7. Royale - I Want Your Body
    8. Don Blackman - Just Can't Stay Away
    9. Gerry Read - 90’s Prostitution Racket
    10. Naomi Daniel - Stars (Dos Cult Mix)
    11. LNS - Bitumen **
    12. DJ BORING - Gardenia **
    13. Jennifer Loveless - In 10,000 Places **
    14. HAAi - Good Ol'Fashioned Rugs
    15. Jayda G - All I Need **
    16. Fred Again.. - Diana (You Don't Even Know) **
    17. House Of Jazz - Hold Your Head Up
    18. 250 Lbs. Of Blue - Rejoice! (People C'mon) (Spen's New Vocal Mix)
    19. FIT Siegel Feat. L'Renee - Tonite (Detroit Mix)
    20. DJ Koze Feat. Ada - Homesick (feat. Ada)
    21. Benny Sings - Summerlude

    LP (unmixed + Mix DL)
    ** = Exclusive

    A1. Jayda G - All I Need **
    A2. Fred Again.. - Diana (You Don’t Even Know) **
    B1. LNS - Bitumen **
    B2. Jennifer Loveless - In 10,000 Places **
    B3. HAAi - Good Ol'Fashioned Rugs
    C1. DJ BORING - Gardenia **
    C2. House Of Jazz - Hold Your Head Up
    D1. Glass Beams - Taurus
    D2. Royale - I Want Your Body
    D3. Benny Sings – Summerlude

    JFC. Last week Matt Ward accused someone (in the shop, not the generalised 'Man') of spiking the Piccadilly brews with one or more narcotics. Naturally we all laughed him out of the shop. But now, as I sit slack jawed and lost to the most profound déjà vu, I'm starting to believe the Kicking Pidge is in fact a pit canary. I walked into work as an out of shape, mildly out of touch 30-something - I still find friends funnier than I do unacceptable and haven't yet given up on Gervais - but now, as the sounds of this Romy 12" rattle through my ear drums, I'm young again, living out a Uni-era euphoria of Mkat and Mad Ferret. 

    Things are the same but different. Romy XX is on an indie label, her voice as pristene as ever, but now the line up of remixers represents the more balanced face of the industry, each one female or non binary and selected by Romy herself. Though the POV may be different, the purpose is the same, retool an indie OG for the various dance subsets out there. Jayda G takes the tech-house approach, taking the Innervisions approach of jazzy keys and moody bass whomps, while Planningtorock's "Let It Happen" remix is as close to electroclash as anyone dares to get in 2k21.Though the instrumentation may stray a little too close to Whitey's "Leave Them All Behind" the adventurous use of vocal pitch shift more than makes up for it. Kicking off the flip HAAi's in some sort of MBV meets EDM fever dream, translating the OG into a euphoric call back to Skream's "In For The Kill" remix (on a side note, the isolated vocal in the breakdown here has a distinctly Appalachian flavour - country EDM 2.0?) before local shero Anz pairs breaks and bass oomph with some rather sophisticated keys. 

    Four mixes for four different sets and one neat A Capella to show off those vocals in splendid self isolation. 


    Lifetime (Jayda G Baleen Mix)
    Lifetime (Planningtorock 'Let It Happen' Remix)
    Lifetime (HAAi’s Green Lamborghini Romix)
    Lifetime (Anz’s Togetherness Remix)
    Lifetime (A Capella)

    Jayda G releases her debut album “Significant Changes” via Ninja Tune, having risen steadily through the dance music underground thanks to her infectious energy, vitality, rhythm and boundless enthusiasm. Musically it’s a blend of vintage drum machine funk drawing heavily on Chicago’s house blueprint - a natural progression from a string of EPs both solo and alongside her friend and mentor DJ Fett Burger (Sex Tags Mania), often appearing on the Freakout Cult label the two ran jointly until 2018 and most recently her newly minted JMG Recordings imprint. Also renowned for her high-energy performances as a DJ, the past 12 months have seen her play London’s formidable Printworks venue alongside the likes of Marcellus Pittman, Moodymann and Omar-S, be invited by The Black Madonna to play at her Warehouse Project takeover, and Berlin’s iconic Panorama Bar, as well as festival appearances at Field Day, Kala, Melt!, AVA and the xx’s Night And Day to name a few.

    'I’ve gone through some significant changes personally, in terms of growing up into the person that I am, my career just morphing to a place I never dreamed or imagined possible,' explains Jayda. 'It’s about me understanding myself as an artist, understanding who that person is, and who I want that person to be, and taking more responsibility for the platform that I’ve been given.' 


    1. Unifying The Center (Abstract)
    2. Renewal (Hyla Mix)
    3. Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking On The DF)
    4. Leave Room 2 Breathe (feat. Alexa Dash)
    5. Orca’s Reprise
    6. Missy Knows What’s Up
    7. Sunshine In The Valley (feat. Alexa Dash)
    8. Move To The Front (Disco Mix)
    9. Conclusion

    A1. Unifying The Center (Abstract)
    A2. Renewal (Hyla Mix)

    B1. Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking On The DF)
    B2. Leave Room 2 Breathe (feat. Alexa Dash)

    C1. Orca’s Reprise
    C2. Missy Knows What’s Up

    Luke Solomon & Jonny Rock

    Luca Frangipan / Groovin To LA - Inc. DJ Fett Birger & Jayda G Remix

      UK house stalwarts, Luke Solomon & Jonny Rock, land on Futureboogie with a hefty EP of serious disco vibes, backed with a truly left of centre remix from DJ Fett Birger & Jayda G (Sex Tags UFO / Freakout Cult) as a vinyl only remix.

      Luke Solomon has, for years, gifted the house community with countless musical gems, via his own productions and that of Freaks (alongside Justin Harris), as well as the vast catalogue of releases on Classic, the label he runs with Derrick Carter. Jonny Rock, meanwhile, has graced labels such as Wolf & Lamb, Playhouse and Music For Freaks (another of Luke’s imprints), and has amassed a fine appreciation for music working behind the counter at London record shop institutions, Black Market and Phonica.

      “Luca Frangipan” stomps like any classic disco-house dub should do, built around a guitar hookline from the Chaplin Band's Italo classic 'Il Veliero', its funky bass lick and incessant cowbell wrapped up in guitar licks and idle piano keys. A “Dub Mix” dispenses of the bass riff and lets the synths get all ‘freaky deaky’ on yo ass.

      “Groovin To LA” on the flip features an understated vocal hook, filtering around vintage disco tropes of parping horns and sweeping strings, as the beats, that elicits that trademark sound that Luke has made his own, rattle away gratifyingly.

      DJ Fett Birger & Jayda G takes “Groovin To LA” on a wander to the seaside for a breezy and kitschy reinterpretation. Crashing waves and coastal sounds waft in and out of a gentle melodic rendition, the distorted yet supple percussive beats propping up the kooky Summer vibes just right.

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