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"Weekend Loving" from Jennifer Lara is a perfect blend of boogie funk, roots reggae and lovers rock. Produced by Black Solidarity Records in 1985, this album is a masterpiece from the Studio One princess. Recorded at Tuff Gong and Music Mountain studios in Jamaica, the rhythm tracks are played by some of the best musicians from the island in the sun: Lincoln ‘Style’ Scott (Drum), Errol ‘Flabba’ Holt (Bass), Robbye Lyn (Piano & Synthetiser), Dean Frazer & Ronald ‘Nambo’ Robinson (Horns). This reissue was carefully remastered from Black Solidarity master tape, now presented as a double LP 45 rpm DJ friendly edition. The original Limonious artwork was reloaded and a bonus track was added to complete the set: ’In My Time’, an obscure slow synth groove, full of hope and melancholy.

Jennifer Lara was first taken to Studio One in 1969 by keyboardist Richard Ace, who was a session musician. She never left the Studio One family and became resident harmonist. She added backing vocals to the songs of some of the camp’s biggest names, including Delroy Wilson, Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown and Sugar Minott. In 1974, Jennifer Lara recorded her debut album with Coxsone Dodd at Studio One in Brentford Road. The results of the sessions appeared on ‘Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara’, which was an instant success. Jennifer Lara was one of Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd’s protégés. One year after Coxsone passed, she died at the Kingston Public Hospital. She is survived by two children, daughter Ika and son Cheka. Jennifer Lara was a very likeable person, got on with everyone. She was involved in many benefit concerts to help to poor and the needy in Jamaica. May your soul rest in peace, we love you Jennifer.


Matt says: The younger or more electronically inclined might remember Lara from Rhythm & Sound's "Queen In My Empire". This set from earlier in her career displays a singer on the rise to the top; full of magic, vigor and feeling.

Currently setting a slinking cat amongst the collecting pigeons, Trinidadian eccentric Shadow has granted Analog Africa, Invisible City and Jamwax reissue rights all at the same time. Apart from providing plenty of industry action, this move means that the hitherto inaccessable excellence of the Caribbean genius is now available to us all - buzzing. After a reissue of 1984 LP "Sweet Sweet Dreams", Jamwax continue their love affair with the artist via this essential reissue of his obscure 1980 single "D'Hardest". Like much of his work, the track offers up a take on soca for the synthesizer age, with dusty electronic melodies and drum machine hits working in perfect harmony with his confident vocal and jangling acoustic guitar flourishes. On the flip you'll find the dub style Version, which strips out much of the vocal and using the chorus as a mantra-like chant.


Patrick says: The golden age of reissues continues to reward the patient collector here as Jamwax serve up a fresh reissue of the previously mythical Shadow 12" "D'Hardest". Synthesised soca for the tropical dancefloor...

Peter Hunnigale

Untamed Love

"Untamed Love" is a UFO in Peter Hunnigale’s  long and lustrous career, recorded at London's Omega studio and originally released on the Cosmic label in 1986. Tough to categorize and impossible to ignore, this one locks any dancefloor in its tractor beam, taking you on a mind expanding trip through brit boogie, rare funk, astral synth sleaze and general musical excellence. The original 12’’ vinyl record is almost impossible to find and pricier than the pair of Oi Polloi socks it's soon to knock off. Kicking off with mind warping cosmic synth licks, al fresco funk guitar and a whole load of drum box brilliance, this boogie bomb explodes in a big blast of soul glow shimmer via hefty 80s synth glimmer and Peter's top notch vocals. An excellent companion to the recently reissued "Dancing In The Moonlight" by BB Seaton, this phat slice of nebulous funk has summer written all over it. If you don't dig on vocals, skip to the flip and feel the full funk force of the bendy dub mix - far out shizzle for all the space cadets out there. Expect to hear spins at Wet Play, Full Beam!, Red Laser, Cosmic Slop and any other dancefloor worth your sweat and sex appeal. 


Patrick says: Jamwax turn up a top notch curveball from reggae don Peter Hunnigale in the form of this cosmic boogie bomb from 1986. Spaced out synth work, a cybernetic groove and so much sass - what more could you ask for?

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A definite hit here @PiccadillyRecs Gonna be on the shop player for some time to come I think.....
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