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Killer compilation of Tom Moulton mixes of some classic, under-the-radar and smoking hot disco, funk and boogie hits; all beautifully mastered, sequenced and curated across two dancefloor friendly discs!

Each given plenty of space on the wax, allowing these dazzling detailed and bright productions to really shine off the glitterball.

Fatback Band, Ronnie Walker, Street People, Joe Simon and Millie Jackson all succumb to the 'Moulton Mix' - often far surpassing the original form of the track!

Highly recommended! 


1. Spanish Hustle  (Tom Moulton Mix) - THE FATBACK BAND
2. No One Else Will Do  (Tom Moulton Mix) - RONNIE WALKER
3. Tom The Peeper  (Tom Moulton Mix) - ACT I
4. Baby, You Got It All  (Tom Moulton Mix) - STREET PEOPLE
5. Going Through These Changes  (Tom Moulton Mix) - JOE SIMON
6. Breakaway  (Tom Moulton Mix) - MILLIE JACKSON
7. Love Vibration  (Tom Moulton Mix) - JOE SIMON
8. Don't Send Nobody Else  (Tom Moulton Mix) - MILLIE JACKSON
9. You've Got To Try Harder (Times Are Bad) (Tom Moulton Mix) - RONNIE WALKER
10. Friends Or Lovers (Tom Moulton Mix) - ACT I (Raeford Gerald) 

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