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Telefís (Cathal Coughlan & Jacknife Lee)

A Dó

    Telefís is Cathal Coughlan & Jacknife Lee. Features guest appearances from Sean O'Hagan, Will Sergeant, A Certain Ratio and Jah Wobble.

    Telefís, the groundbreaking collaboration between two Irish iconoclasts, revered singer-songwriter Cathal Coughlan and world-renowned producer Garret "Jacknife" Lee, will release their second album "a Dó" (number two) on October 7th. Following the release of "a hAon" (number one) in March 2022, Cathal and Jacknife continued to work on music and completed the record at the end of Spring. Then sadly Cathal Coughlan died on May 18th. Their debut album 'a hAon' was widely acclaimed by the UK and Irish press and received national radio play on 6Music, Radio X, RTE, Newstalk, and dozens of other outlets. The album playfully dissected the early days of Irish society in the TV era through a prism of electronic dance music, drawing on what they saw as a 'corrosive nostalgia'. It also paid homage to their musical heroes of the punk and post-punk era. Kraftwerk fighting with The Human League for a parking spot on Capel Street.

    But amongst the muscular beats and distressed synth stabs there were also strange ballads, haunting melodies and somber reflections. 'a Dó' continues to broaden these sonic horizons and opens up the band's output to outside collaborators. We have guest appearances from Cathal's longtime friend and Microdisney co-founder and High Llamas main man Sean O'Hagan on the first single "Space Is Us", Echo & The Bunnymen's Will Sergeant guests on two tracks, legendary Mancunians A Certain Ratio on another. The inimitable Jah Wobble also contributes bass smarts following his dub odyssey with the band on their single "Falun Gong Dancer" earlier this year.

    As with the first album, national UK and Irish press and radio will be solicited from all the key outlets, with a series of excellent singles leading the charge, accompanied by arresting visuals and videos created by Jacknife Lee.

    This album will stand testament to the ingenuity of Cathal Coughlan, one of Ireland's most revered singer-songwriters, lyricists, commentators and polymaths. RIP.


    01. Seo É Glór Na Teilifíse
    02. Swinging At The Hypnodrome
    03. Space Is Us (with Sean O'Hagan)
    04. Stock Photo Guy (with A Certain Ratio)
    05. Hare Coursing In Mayfair
    06. Airstrip
    07. The Age Of Cling (with Will Sergeant)
    08. The Casiotone Angelus
    09. Strawboy Supernova
    10. Feed The Light
    11. We See Showbands
    12. The Carthagians
    13. Circling Over Shannon (with Jah Wobble)
    14. On A Country Road

    Luke Haines, Peter Buck And Jacknife Lee

    Wild Companion (The Beat Poetry For Survivalists Dubs) (RSD22 EDITION)


      Beat Poetry For Survivalists - the unlikely collaboration between Peter Buck & Luke Haines has been reimagined and remixed in to ten Dub cuts by JACKNIFE LEE. Garret "Jacknife" Lee reworked and remixed it in to ten magnificent cuts of Dub, Bass and Beats. This is Wild Companion - an exclusive vinyl release for Record Store Day 2022.

      Jacknife Lee

      Made It Weird / Sisa Wabaya Inc. Open Mike Eagle & Muthoni Drummer Queen

        These are the first two songs released from “The Jacknife Lee”, the new album from Jacknife Lee. "I wanted to work with people i’d been a fan of so I found out their email addresses and sent beats. Open Mike Eagle was the first person i contacted and he came to the studio and we did “Made It Weird””.
        The track is built around sample of Francis Lai’s “Young Freedom”.

        "I loved “Kenyan Message” by Muthoni Drummer Queen and dm’d her on instagram. I sent her three beats and she chose this one. “Sisa Wabaya” is about being a wild badass. Muthoni tours all the time so she recorded her vocal in Switzerland with some friends”. 

        Jacknife Lee

        Hit The Bell / Firewalls Inc. Sneaks And Haviah Mighty & Petite Noir

          This is the second 7” released from the album “The Jacknife Lee” by “Jacknife Lee”. I absolutely loved the first two Sneaks albums, I just couldn’t get enough of them and I sent a fan letter to Eva saying if she ever wanted a studio or anything i would love to help out, and so we began working together. She sends ideas and I send her ideas. “Hit The Bell” was one of those. Eva came up with the chorus and then it needed some verses. Haviah Mighty released one of my favorite records last year so I asked her to try something.

          Petite Noir’s “Blame Fire” and “Beach” blew me away. We met up in London last summer and came up with “Firewalls” one night. This is one of my favorites on the album.

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