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    Playhouse follow up Isolee's brilliant "We Are Monster" album with this Jorn Elling Wuttke (Alter Ego) compiled singles collection. Some tracks, like the beautiful New Order-esque "Initiate II", Freeform Five mix of the classic "Beau Mot Plage" or Burial Mix / Basic Channel style "Monitor", are from Rajko's early days, while tracks like the electroid disco of "Lost" bring his sound right up to date. Managing to create a sound that is at once clinical, warm, electronic and funky is no mean feat, yet Muller carries this off with aplomb.

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    Tom Verlaine 1949 - 2023. Thank you for the music.
    Sat 28th - 10:48
    After doing a shop window take over back in Nov with empty sleeves. The vinyl is finally here 🙌 Léna C - Promenade…
    Fri 27th - 4:24
    Free promotional candles on the counter for the new album from Samia @samiatheband ‘Honey’ out today via…
    Fri 27th - 3:47
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