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tunning compilation from Invisible, Inc featuring Laraaji, K Leimer, Secret Circuit and Tonto's Expanding Head Band!

“The story begins in 2006.

That summer I developed somewhat of an obsession with Tonto’s Expanding Head Band after having seen them perform at the Big Chill festival that year. The music blew my mind. Later upon my return to civilisation and the ensuing 'research' which then began in earnest I became as much blown away by the enormous T.O.N.T.O. (The Original New Timbral Orchestra) modular synthesizer that had created the music as I was by the music itself. Built in the early '70s, it's still the largest synthesizer around today. With the live show still resonating in my head I tracked down everything Tonto had ever recorded. One of these tracks was an obscure outtake from the time T.O.N.T.O.’s creators, Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff, were producing and engineering for Stevie Wonder in the ‘70s( The track, Bittersweet, only ever appeared on a highly limited self-released CD put together to coincide with their appearance at the Big Chill. Consequently I featured it on a few mixes I did over the years and invariably I’d be asked “what’s that track?” by those with an ear for something unique. And invariably these same people, many of them DJs, would turn away disgruntled when I informed them it was CD only. Although I didn't know it at the time, the seed was definitely sown for this vinyl compilation that you now hold in your hands.

I first contacted Malcolm Cecil in 2015 not long after Invisible, Inc. had launched with a proposal to putting the track out. There was always the question of what else would go on the record alongside Bittersweet? More Tonto tracks? Tracks by other artists? Other reissues? New material like the Invisible Family series? Or should it be just a single sided colour vinyl 12” celebrating the majesty of this wonderful piece of otherworldly yet emotive downtempo synthesizer funk?

As time rolled steadily onwards I realised at the end of 2017 that the 20th Invisible, Inc. release (a fair landmark for a small independent label) would soon be upon us.

I’d always thought of celebrating reaching the 10th, 20th, 30th release with a mix CD using tracks from the back catalogue.....but by the time INVINC 10 came around I'd missed the boat. I decided I wouldn’t let commemorating the 20th release slip me by and a compilation seemed the most fitting way to do this...and why not go the whole hog and spread it across two discs, house it in a gatefold sleeve and turn it into something rather special?

It took three years. From first contacting Malcolm in 2015, until shortly after his 81st birthday in January 2018, that we agreed to reissue the track on vinyl! The timing was perfect.

The hunt then began for other music to compliment Bittersweet. I'd heard some remixes legendary cosmic DJ Daniele Baldelli and Marco Dionigi had done of '80s synth pop/electronic founding father Richard Bone that had appeared digitally that I immediately thought would fit the bill. Likewise I'd heard an astonishing collaboration between psychedelic techno/dub duo log(m) (formerly Legion Of Green Men) and ambient pioneer Laraaji that seemed greater than the sum of its parts (keep an eye out for a double album from this melding of minds in early 2019). K. Leimer was another hero of mine, active since the '70s, who I'd been in touch with for a few years. We'd never managed to get a full album off the ground so I was thoroughly over the moon to get a contribution from him for this compilation. Many emails and Skype calls later and the rest all fell into place. I'm so proud to be able to also feature the music of Baikonour (another long time favourite), Eva Geist with Epsilove, Randweg, Causa, Ulysses, and of course those that have already appeared on Invisible, Inc. previously: the inimitable Secret Circuit, Sordid Sound System, Komodo Kolektif, Higamos Hogamos presents Spacerocks, Bal5000, Natural Sugars and Bronze Savage. I couldn't have done it without these people, many of them on board from the very beginning and who I love and respect all the more for it. Invisible, Inc. wouldn't be what it is now if it weren't for them.

That being said, “Lost Transmissions From The Off-World Territories” is just a tiny fragment of some of the amazing music available to us today. I urge you to further explore the artists represented here. Some of them have a body of work surprisingly different from the piece of music you are listening to right now. I'll let you go down the rabbit hole yourself. This process is fun if you like a good dig....but beyond that is that every so often you'll find something, as I have done, that'll completely take your breath away and move you to marvel at what an incredible world we're living in; where music can express our most abstract thoughts and deepest feelings in a way that words could never do. Enjoy!

Peace and love

GK Machine

15 May 2018”

Secret Circuit's 2nd EP for Invisible Inc, the cryptically titled "Out Of Body Interiors".

Featuring four exclusive new tracks of the acid drenched, dubbed out, tropical disco variety Mr Ruscha, as always, delivers a sonic palette you won't find on many other imprints: from the turbo-charged homage to early 90s bleep meets indie rave euphoria of "Stomping Ground", through the chugging, motorik groove of "Crazy Ways" which sounds like it's blasting out full volume from a smoke-filled Space Patrol hovercar gone rogue then flipping over to side B and waking up in Mali, Andromeda in a haze of syncopated percussion, other-worldly guitar licks and a billion new synthetically generated sounds that you may strongly suspect you just imagined.....Finally, "The Feather Drop" which brings entirely new meaning to the word deep and which fires technicolour sounds of profoundly immense variety at the synapses at a rate of knots not many other producers can keep up with as all the while the bass holds court and keeps things deep rooted and dub heavy.

Secret Circuit (aka Eddie Ruscha V) has had a plethora of releases on an equally expansive plethora of labels under such names as The Parels (Lal Lal Lal), Blasé (ESP Institute), Food Of The Gods/Laughing Light Of Plenty (Whatever We Want), Odd Numbers ('No' Label), Shadow Kids (El Diablo's Social Club) and of course as Secret Circuit (Beats In Space, Emotional Response and Invisible, Inc.)


Matt says: Slow and steady, but powerful and heavy, like tectonic plates swaying under great pressure; just waiting for an eruption... Wrought iron tension doesn't come much more pleasing than this.

Sordid Sound System

Psychedelic Dungeon Disco Vol. IV

Having recently relocated to the remote redwood forests of Northern California in order to set up a satellite mixing studio for his old stomping ground, Glasgow’s Green Door Studio; Sordid Sound System returns to Invisible Inc with 4 cuts of "Psychedelic Dungeon Disco" - volume 4!

The EP opens with his most blissed out track to date "Die Ewige Nacht", an eight and a half minute inverted sun ritual based around shimmering cascades of dubbed up electronic percussion and an overdriven tintinnabulated FM arp.

Hi-NRG meets 80s B-Boy electro on "Crescent City" with a careering off-road excursion into tripped out mutant carnival cavalcade territory.

"Dia De Muertos"’s offbeat eerie percussion and driving low frequencies are met with spectral buzzing melodic refrains from the furthermost reaches of a decaying Oaxacan cemetery.

The acid drenched ambient lullaby "You & Me" brings proceedings to a fittingly fucked up close.

Already big with the right side of freak, DJs Manfredas, Trevor Jackson, Sascha Funke, Optimo’s JD Twitch and Thomas Von Party are big supporters and this should also appeal to the current wave of Dusseldorf obsessives and EBM lovers. TIP! 

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