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Last time out on International Major Label it was Ruutu Poiss dropping the heavy duty freak-beat, now Giuseppe Leonardi follows up last week's Balearic dancer on Second Circle with a fresh batch of high-grade weird shit. The slow rolling "Maga" squirms out the traps with a lopsided and lowslung bassline, rattling percussion and mournful pads adding to its uneasy atmosphere. Combining Compass Point dub, Latin funk guitar and a driving Balearic beat, the cut keeps the body moving throughout, especially when the spidery guitar licks and skronking sax join the party. The titular "Jack Of All Trades" grasps the baton, continuing the slow and low theme thanks to a moody bassline, pinging rhythm idents and Miami Vice style synth riffs - stake out music if ever I've heard it. Flipping the disc, "Invitro" ushers in an optimistic mood, all disco shuffle, tropical keys and digi dub skank, while "Apona & Ataraxia" is a strung out slice of medicated cosmic, perfect for all the sofa surfers out there. 


Patrick says: Trippy heat from Giuseppe Leonardi here on International Major Label, combining the best bits of digidub, slow disco and Jan Hammer's Miami Vice score into four excellent examples of Balearic beat.

After last year’s widely appreciated 12” with two extraterrestrial dancefloor cuts on Jon Rust's Levels imprint and a handful of now hard-to-find 7” releases, the Estonian musician/producer Ruutu Poiss returns to his minimal funk and leftfield synth-pop roots releasing a debut EP on International Major Label. The six selected home recordings from 2011-2016 reflect almost a chronological and kaleidoscopic journey through the authors musical explorations, instrumental storytelling and unique sound design, imaginatively non-locking to existing genres. From subtle vocals to vicious toms; celestial soundscapes over restless rubbery bass; shimmering synths over polyrhythmic structures - an environment of romantic futurism and organic transformation appears, surrounded by a warm psychedelic sound palette.

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