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June 8th, 1984, a deadly F5 tornado nearly destroys the town of Barneveld, Wisconsin, killing 9 people, injuring nearly 200, and causing over $25,000,000 in damage, only five months later Nenad Markovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. May 3th 2000, a rare conjunction of 7 celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, planets Mercury–Saturn) occurs during the New Moon, few weeks after that in his room on the 10th floor of a new belgrade skyscraper nenad made his first steps into the wild blue yonder. December 27th, 2005 – Astrophysicists from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching near Munich measure the strongest burst from a magnetar. At 21:30:26 UT the earth is hit by a huge wave front of gamma and X-rays. It is the strongest flux of high-energetic gamma radiation measured so far. September 23th 2008, in the Akihabara area of Tokyo, Japan, a 25-year-old man stabs seven to death and wounds 10, before being arrested, that night nenad adopted his pseudonym 33. 10. 3402 (33th of october threethousandfourhounded and two) Jun 11th 2009, a Texas mother was hit by lightning while standing in her kitchen inside her Texas home. Witnesses say the lightning came through a light fixture and struck her chest and exited her foot. Her 9-year-old son franticly called 9-1-1 to save her life. She had to spend three days in the hospital. Few months later nenad performed for the first time under the name 33 10 3402 along with Dj Brka in “The Wash” club. From that time on, nenad had numerous gigs in prominent Belgrade clubs. Dec 8th 2010, with the second launch of the SpaceX Dragon, SpaceX becomes the first privately held company to successfully launch, orbit and recover a spacecraft. The same year nenad become resident in famous balgrade club “20/44”. Nenad is not responsible for many of these events, nonetheless,he is constantly on the move.


Barry says: Another outstanding release from Markovic for Prins Thomas' Internasjonal imprint, with clattering percussion, sleazy samples and tropical atmospherics. Thumping house kicks mix with snappy sine waves and glitzy Rhodes keyplay. As funky as it is relaxed, this is a cohesive and well realised Septology, perfect for the front room, or the ballroom.

Emperor Machine

2500 Vol 2 - Inc. Wolf Muller Remix

Emperor Machine, everyone's favourite synth-fetishist returns to Intersnasjonal with the second half of his retro futurist masterpiece '2500'. Continuing the floor-filling, wall shaking, bleep blasting form of Part One, Mr Meecham goes for the jugular from the get go, laying the wall-flowers to waste with the A-grade audio Weedol of 'UMO'. An insistent bass pulse and clattering industrial drum pattern bore a massive hole in your cerebellum, creating the space for the wriggling acid line and needle-point tone offense to turn you into a shoulder rolling rave gremlin. Things take a turn for the cosmic on A2 cut 'Back To Bali', as Andy soars through the night sky on a wave of kosmische sequences, proggy guitar and hypnotic percussion. Speaking of cosmic, Dusseldorf Power Ranger Wolf Muller makes an appearance on the B1, sticking his sonic screwdriver into the heart of 'Africa' and turning out a thoroughly wonky breakdance scrambler packed to the brim with mechanical funk and fire ant garble - top stuff. Emperor Machine returns to close the set out with his own twist on 'Africa', a B2 V2 complete with bubbling synth bass, errant laser fire and More Cowbell! Twisted disco for the medicated masses!

A brilliant new outing for Midnight Dicers / Samy Morpheus on Prins Thomas' Internasjonal up next, full of exactly the sort of lumbering sycopated shuffle we've come to know and love from both Internasjonal and Full Pupp. We kick things off with The Smagghe & Cross remix, slowly blooming from a satisfying bassy analogue swagger into a towering stack of detuned synths blasting out the harmonic octaves. It's a technique that is well known, and for good reason, giving the approaching melody to shine without requiring too much embellishing, and in this instance it works perfectly to leave space for growth without assaulting the senses. The OG leans a little more towards gloomy rock, with hazy distorted guitars and echoing spoken-word accentuating the driven rhythmic foundation. The Prins Thomas rework kicks off the flipside, taking the swirling guitar riff from the original and weaving it through galloping bass octaves and rapidly decaying kicks. Snappy snares build up into a chaotic scattered dancefloor pre-drop before fading out once again into a swirl of cosmic detritus, taking us into the dub rework closer.  


Barry says: Another killer from Internasjonal, mixing cosmic swirls, off-kilter dancefloor hustle and psychedelic deep house. Superb.

Emperor Machine

2500 Vol. 1 - Inc. Prins Thomas Remix

Emperor Machine and Internasjonal! It's the kind of collaboration we dream about here at Piccadilly HQ, and now it's a reality. Despite working solidly in the stratospheric end of the cosmic dancefloor, this is the first time Mr Meecham has made an appearance on the exquisite Norwegian imprint, and the UK legend celebrates his debut with three squirmy synth jams backed with one top notch Prins Thomas rework. Opening cut "2500 Edit" starts out life as the kind of stomping space techno you'd expect to hear on Thomas' Rett I Fletta imprint. The burrowing bassline and terse machine beats pick up momentum as they go, cartwheeling between new beat, dancehall and grime while still bearing that trademark Meecham synth magic. Wicked! We enter "System 700 Jam" to the sound of serious laser fire, corrosive acid spillage and the kind of bleepy warehouse leadline I last heard in a Ben UFO set. Veering between R&S wallshake and the powerhouse prog of "Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise", this infectious, hyperactive cut should have them swinging off the rafters in your nearest rave cave. Squirming down the pavement like a totally toxic Krang (if released from his robo suit), "System 100 Jam" brings the original portion of the release to a close, finding the mutant funk mayhem at the intersection of acid, techno and streetsounds electro. Now to the remix. With the upmost respect to The Emperor Machine (one of my all time fave producers), Prins Thomas (another of my all time fave producers) has royally stolen the show here! Like some sort of sci-fi botanist, Thomas pulls apart the stems and splices them into his mainframe, transforming "2500" into a hypnotic, tribal technoid groove mission nuanced with occasional bass bubble, clattering bells and intergalactic interference. If you dig on Sued, Dresvn, Sex Tags etc., then this is the track for you. Superb stuff!


Patrick says: Two of our favourite producers throw down on one dance disc here, and the results are every bit as good as you'd hope. Mr Meecham plunges his fingers directly into the mainframe, bouncing all around the dancefloor world in pure synthetic joy before Prins T takes us on a hypnotic, tribal techno groove trip.

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