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Hard Work is the first release on Industria, Robi Insinna’s brand new project.

Back in 2001 Robi Insinna founded the seminal Relish label in direct response to a then dominant sound in club music. Its catalogue is as vast as it is varied and foreshadows the music he’d go on to make himself under Headman / Manhead. Fast forward to 2018 and after more than a decade he’s on the move again launching new label, Industria with ‘not quite an album, not quite an EP, "Hard Work".' Released under his own name, "Hard Work" occupies that well celebrated territory between punk-funk, Balearic grooves and dubby disco. As such you'd easily catch DJs like the Idjut Boys, The Glimmer Twins and Harvey & Baldelli to find use for this highly engrossing jam. It mixes Robi’s disco leanings with an opiated, smooth, stoned groove. The dub rolls in next, further stretching and twisting the guitar and giving the rhythm more space to swing. Drawing for the darkest underbelly of disco-dub, with the sound of stuttering percussion, a wry smile, and a knowing wink running throughout.

Düsseldorf Krautrockers Die Wilde Jagd take over remix duties and cast "Hard Work" off into unfamiliar and experimental territory, using bright synth splashes, squashed vocal samples and a pulsing rhythm it fits in with the mutant rainforest movements of Tolouse Low Trax and fellow Düsseldorfers, Aiwo records' exotic arsenal.

Side 2 kicks things off with "Some Believe", coming to life with arpeggio’d synth shapes and snappy boogie drums. Playful and groovy, this is sure to get the freaks pulling some shapes late on into any session.

Gentle marimba meets frenetic percussion and detailed synthesis on "The Kiss". A dramatic bass leads with the glassy mallets tentatively hammering out a lead. Holiday music for the psyhedelically inclined...

Closing track "Oct17" rounds off the record and puts an ever more personal spin on retro analogue sounds with synths and drummachines . A razor-sharp snare fires against the bassline and what sounds like a sliced vocal loop before these elements settle into a more measured thrust with the undulating synth tones offset by funkier ingredients.


12" Info: Blue Vinyl

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