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People Plus are CZ Wang and Joli B transmitting outta a remote Hut in deepest BC.

Side A belongs to “Olympus Mons”, a song as big as the mountain it's named from. Snake charmer synth lines and vocal roars backed by the baddest rhythm section in a while… wait for the solo! The B side holds “Work It Out”, with broken 4-to-the-floor drumz and revving echo effects supplemented by a phosphorescent bassline that's highly reactionary in air! Taking the coveted B1 spot is the always-smashing “Second Cycle” - a rock solid construction of wooden breaks, gurgling subs and nagging acid shards that together combine to make an unstoppable house music framework that'll lock the dancefloor into its incessant groove.

High end hippy house hoppers from a dream pairing - don't sleep! 


Ltd 12" Info: Limited run, metallic print sleeve

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RT @JASONBOARDMAN1: @PiccadillyRecs Grooveryder in full flow & talking sense.
Wed 14th - 8:56
This is straight after our End of Year Booklet launch party @yes_mcr which is from 6.30pm - 10.30pm. Free entry to…
Wed 14th - 8:14
Thank you for the kind words. 🙌🏻
Wed 14th - 7:46
RT @AptaMusic: ACE interview from P-dog here. @PiccadillyRecs at 40!
Wed 14th - 7:20
RT @Susan_Griffin: 40 years on and still standing...great to chat to @PiccadillyRecs' Patrick Ryder about the shops's survival, breaking st…
Wed 14th - 6:56
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