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Jon Sable & Huerta

Alishan Forest Railway / Housework

The Alishan Forest Railway is a 86 km network of narrow-gauge railways running through the forests of Alishan Mountain in Chiayi County, Taiwan. During the Spring months, the iconic red train passes through an endless array of cherry blossoms and small, untouched villages. This peaceful scene is set in contrast to the stories told by locals, of wandering spirits seen deep in the forest. The spirits are believed to be the lost souls of the 32 passengers, who perished in the tragic derailment of the train in 1981.

Burn a candle in remembrance when you play this record at the club.

Chaos In The CBD

Orange Blank / Green Dove

Chaos In The CBD have become an institution already here at Picc HQ with each record before this, on their own In Dust We Trust label, becoming feverishly collected items by house heads and music lovers alike.

Sticking to the previously celebrated format, the pair return with another double A-side of rich deep house flavours. "Orange Blank" actually recalls the acid-Balearic brilliance of Gat Decor's "Passion" as its fluttery leads and enveloping pads sweep over the listener; you could well be 3 pills deep sat on a protruding rock off the coast of your favourite holiday house destination - eagerly anticipating that classic breakbeat drop to elevate you further on your high.

Or on "Green Dove", a more obvious reference to the golden days of MDMA-fuelled revelry across abandoned warehouse and motorway bridges, and again packing a retro-inspired punch that aligns it with the best of the proggy warehouse vibes of the era. More gated vox flutter through a heady mix of breakbeats and warm strings; bolstered by a punchy low end b-line and carried on the wings of e'd-up angels.

Number six in the series and just as imperative as each one before it. Do not sleep on this! 


Matt says: Chaos In The CBD drop two blue punishers and raise our spirits into the clouds with an XTC-flavoured deep house romp.

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