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Jon Sable & Huerta

Alishan Forest Railway / Housework

The Alishan Forest Railway is a 86 km network of narrow-gauge railways running through the forests of Alishan Mountain in Chiayi County, Taiwan. During the Spring months, the iconic red train passes through an endless array of cherry blossoms and small, untouched villages. This peaceful scene is set in contrast to the stories told by locals, of wandering spirits seen deep in the forest. The spirits are believed to be the lost souls of the 32 passengers, who perished in the tragic derailment of the train in 1981.

Burn a candle in remembrance when you play this record at the club.

Jon Sable continues the feel good vibes emanating off the In Dust We Trust label. Following the last serotonin-flooding release, the New Zealand native and label owner drops three tracks of smiley house goodness, perfect for your next session on the Blue Punishers!

With pad presents as expansive as the ocean and bass as warm as hot chestnuts, all that's left is to add some authentic and ridiculously infectious house drums - which Jon does with a supreme sophistication. Seriously, future classic doesn't even come close. This is 110% pure spirit thru and thru, and should be top of your purchases this week if you're in any way into authentic HOUSE music. 


Sil says: Top house record here for the true diggers. Deep as they come, as soulful as you like. Top draw!

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