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Te Puke Thunder is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most sought after cannabis strains.

Hailing from the volcanic regions of New Zealand, Te Puke Thunder is prized for its larger buds and higher potency. Gaining popularity in the 70s, the polyploid plant succeeded in becoming a well renowned strain and was notably displayed in a number of Amsterdam coffee shops.

New Zealand authorities believe they have successfully wiped out the majority, if not all, possible trails for the whereabouts of the venerable strain. Some believe there may not be a single seed left with the unmatched genetics of the original Te Puke Thunder strain.

If any old timers are still growing it, please contact - we would love to talk.

For now, the hunt for the elusive strain lives on…


A1. Chaos In The CBD & Jon Sable - Mahia Madness
A2. Chaos In The CBD - Coral Castle
B1. Chaos In The CBD & Jon Sable - Te Puke Thunder
B2. Jon Sable - Ascension Island

Jon Sable returns to In Dust We Trust with three new tracks which bring his love of dub influenced house to the forefront. Starting off the record with the title track, ‘Endorphin Loops’ centers around evolving synths and a heavy low end layered with tripped out synths resulting in an energetic sound for late night dancefloors.

On the B side ‘Sleep Suit’, is a rolling chunk of dub influenced house with layers of pad textures and percussive elements that form a heavy yet meditative listen.

‘Soft Focus’ closes out the record featuring atmospheric pads layers over an energetic garage influenced beat forming a unique sound with nods to his previous home town of London.

Likely to be very much in demand like his first record, there’s an air of sophistication, poise and panache that put Jon miles ahead of the pack. Highly recommended and endorsed by us all here at HQ! 


Matt says: Jon stable's exquisite, dreamy production returns. Two excursions into 4/4 dub-house luxury, plus one two-step groove also blanketed in his velvety prowess. TIP!


A1. Endorphin Loops
B1. Sleep Suit
B2. Soft Focus

Chaos In The CBD return with "Brainstorm". Our trusty New Zealand based stoners have steadily been supplying us with some stunning deep house that tips its hat towards the rich tapestries of Ron Trent, whilst exploring the more dubby atmospheres of Basic Channel and Deepchord.

This dubby influence in really apparent on "Echolocation’", a track that could well be from Rod Model's songbook; hovering, floaty, distant pad stabs ricocheting against the deep rooted kick and sub patterns. Before that however we have "Echolocation" - an amazing terrace friendly track that combines a well know soundbouy shout-out with shoulder-rolling deep house grooves and channeled sub bass pressure - a guaranteed heater no club crowd is gonna frown about.

Flip for "Brainstorm", which ups the BPMs and energy levels whilst keeping things decidedly focused and driving. Heads down business this one, with shuffled hats and a 4AM lost-in-the-smoke number vibe to the whole thing.

"Mind Massage" concludes with some OG mid-90s house flavour. Reminds me of summat Toko would put out (think their recent Clarky Cat reissue). Dreamy, sublime, angelic house music that's as timeless as rubies.

Another faultless and highly desirable EP from the NZ stars. Don't sleep!


Matt says: Deep, dubby, highly frenetic house music from brothers Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales who are fast becoming two of the most skilful and craftiest producers in the game. Slick, stylish and sassy, this'll have the place humming in no time.


A1. Echolocation
A2. Liquid Experience
B1. Brainstorm
B2. Mind Massage

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