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Ibibio Sound Machine / Throwing Shade / Machinedrum

AmaiNdiwulule / Lewasi / Dream Scene

    Ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey made 35,000 recordings across Africa between the 1920s and 1970s, in an epic bid to preserve the music of Africa for future generations. 65 years later, artists are being allowed to access the archives of the International Library of African Music (ILAM) for the first time, with contemporary producers putting a fresh perspective on the never-heard-before sounds to help bring them to a new generation. Beating Heart is a music initiative which seeks to use sounds of the past to address problems of the present - money raised from the sale of these EPs will go directly to help communities where the music was originally recorded.

    This three tracker kicks off with the uplifting sounds of Ibibio Sound Machine's 'AmaiNdiwulule' which combines a mid-tempo groove with children's singing, blasting brass and Eno Williams's distinctive vocal chants. Machinedrum ups the pace and ups the bass on 'Lewasi', a Shangaan style slammer with sweet vocals and intertwined acoustic guitars. Lastly Throwing Shade builds layers of kalimba (thumb piano) notes on 'Dream Scene' creating a beautiful shimmering acoustic piece reminiscent of Michael Nyman's minimalism as well as far eastern sounds - Balearic heads take note!

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