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Kerrier District

Kerrier District 1 - Hypercolour Edition

Originally released in 2004 on Rephlex, Kerrier District’s debut has long since gone down as a classic album, a kaleidoscopic ride through disco, funk and MPC beats. The mastermind of Luke Vibert, the Cornish acid pioneer and grand exponent of mischievous electronic sounds under a variety of guises, the Kerrier District debut has long been of press.

Following 2015’s successful re-entry on Hypercolour, with the critically acclaimed album ‘4’, the label remaster and reissue this landmark release. Faithfully recreating the original 3LP vinyl set, and reissuing on CD alongside a bonus disc that features the second Kerrier District EP (‘2’, originally released in 2006).

What we said at the time: 

Fresh from furnishing Rephlex with four Amen break sampling EPs Luke Vibert returns with a whole LP dedicated to disco! This triple pack uses his awesome technical studio wizardry to create ten tracks of warm, deep, electronic, instrumental disco that you're just gonna love. In places similar to Metro Area, but often more joyous, this is sure to be a favourite in 2004!! (it was)

"Strange Directions" is album number 21 from DMX Krew - one of the UK's most enigmatic and prolific underground producers - and lands once more on Hypercolour. You’ll know what kind of ride you are in for from the first few bars of album opener "Snowy Blue"; hypnotizing bass and spatial keys float over dusty micro breaks, produced with an infectious aesthetic that continues over the long player’s fifty-five minute tenure. Experimental and expansive joints such as "Odd Chill" and "Strange Directions" sit comfortably alongside funkier techno jams such as "Thin Hype" and "Zero Sum", whilst the melancholic synth sensibilities of tracks like "Hip Hopeless" and "Axial Mode Beat" catches our Ed in fine form. There's moments of tongue-in-cheek pop brilliance ("U Talk 2 Much"), displaying a playful, fun loving producer who, although one of the underground's most celebrated heroes, not to mention a true exponent of electro, electro-funk, boogie and synth-jizz; never takes himself too seriously. You won't find Ed ever charging over thirteen quid for a one-sided twelve; just a guy intent on keeping that free party, rave / acid spirit alive and well in 2017, not to mention one of the most skilled synthesizer shaman currently living amongst us. Ed DMX we love you! 

West Norwood Cassette Library, AKA Bob Bhamra, has been digging through the vaults of his extensive production library, serving up this delightful double pack of gems and nuggets. Some of these tracks have been buried deep for a few years, others have been 'dubplate only' for a while, so you're definitely opening up a Pandora's box of delights here.

‘Acid Jazz' cuts and chops the classic breaks and samples with some frenzied acid action, whilst '(We Have To Live) In The Future' holds a dusty and raw disco house vibe. Elsewhere on the double pack, 'Innervisions' slams down a solid Todd Terry-esque breaksbeat pattern, peppered with all the hallmarks of the classic London garage sound. 'Roots' plunders the WNCL influences, a hybrid track that fuses electro and drum & bass with ease, whilst 'Body Rock' and 'Time Loops' showcases his love of jazz and funk, always cutting and chopping but with a contemporary presentation on the music.


Let It Go - Inc. Eats Everything Remix

    Huxley is just unstoppable at the moment; here he goes smashing another one out the park on Hypercolour, featuring a suitably nawty reworky b Eats Everything. If you've been in the vicinity of a dancefloor over the past couple of months, then chances are you've been rocked by this bass heavy new wave house track. Armed with a nu garage percussion shuffle and a huge vocal sample "Let It Go" is perfectly crafted to do serious peak time damage to main rooms across the world. And just in case you thought you'd peaked after the first 4 minutes, just wait for those strings. HUGE! If you like things a little ruder and with a lot more funk, then Eats Everything will gobble you up on the flipside with their chopped up squelch funk rework.

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