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Reissue of this highly coveted Crazy P relic. Originally released in 2009 it features four tracks picked and edited by the crew. Raw Silk, Quincy Jones, Raul Midon and No Doubt all get inspected by Ron, Toddy & Dani, who in turn subtly work the tracks' texture ever-closer into their sultry and sexy sound dimensions. "Do It To The Music" becomes "Do It", stripping back this highly funky boogie arrangement into an almost Idjuts-esque, dubby disco gem. "Betcha" is in fact Quincey's "Betcha' Wouldn't Hurt Me", which the gang tactfully update for more intensified play. Raul Midof's "State Of Mind" sees it's vocal and acoustic guitar pushed to the foreground, cementing it as a feel-good, sing-a-long Balearic beach bar classic, for many years to come. Finally, if you were left wondering when No Doubt would crop up, the turn of the millennium pop-rocker "Hella" becomes "Keep On Dancing", utilizing the catchy guitar hook and transforming it into a dancefloor friendly instrumental. Second chance to own this CP nugget. Don't sleep!


Matt says: Massive Crazy P edits twelve here. Bin out of press since about 2010. All hitter no....

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