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Gazing at the stars is looking at the past. The galaxies send you messages from thousands of light years away. That overwhelming feeling is present on "Free Andromeda" by Timothy J. Fairplay. An album grounded on Earth while floating through eternity with a loose connection to the Milky way.

This nine-track record is, as always with T J. F. a delicately balanced mix between dark and light, analogue and digital, vast space and tight basements. With an impressing collection of premium synthesisers and drum machines, TJF showcases some of the most exquisite electronically generated soundscapes heard on this side of 1984. His sound on "Free Andromeda" can be described as leftfield goth disco; inspired by various John Carpenter-and Italian horror movie soundtracks together with some West German Kosmische Musik and a fair amount of the ALFOS patented 'drug chug' that catagorizes much of the Höga Nord catalogue.

Timothy J. Fairplay, somewhat of a veteran on the label, makes deep and warm electronic music celebrating underground sounds from the last five decades. This album is no exception. For all you introverts dreaming of a life in the starshine – here’s "Free Andromeda"!


A1. The Gang Sets Free
A2. Dreams Of Andromeda
A3. Maniac Death
A4. A Remarkable Claim
A5. Satanic Cults
B1. Free Andromeda
B2. All Eyes Over The City
B3. Underwater Struggle
B4. The Source Of This Energy

The Idealist

Cosmic Music For Higher & Lower Awareness

Noga Nord continue to rouse spirits from the dead with this latest release from The Idealist. A creepy, acid-driven, sonic voodoo ritual with the 303 the main tool of manifestation; it lurks in the shadows waiting to entice the weirdos and freaks away from the mainstream beige.

Both primal and modernist in equal measure, there's a tense, foreboding overtone to it all which makes it sound like a lost soundtrack to a film about witches, ghouls and goblins. With elements of dub, cosmic and acid all thrown into the cauldron oblivious to the multi-dimensional fallout and ramifications which might occur. We highly recommend listening accompanied by a recognized spirit guide. 


Side 1
1. Universal Lover (10:07)
2. Elevation Dub (feat Goran Kajfes) (5:23)
3. 23 Dead (7:11)
Side 2
1. War Chant (4:19)
2. High Times (5:18)
3. Animal Man (6:55)
4. Mind Dub (5:00)

Listening to Græns album ”Musique Pour L’Esprit En Expansion” is an awakening experience. This record pours new poison over rock music, a genre which the band’s founder Axel (Graveyard, Big Kiss etc) has a lot of experience from and, in his own words “a love/hate relation to”. That objective and sober perspective on the genre may be the main reason for the loosely assembled set of influences, put together by Axel, Lisen Rylander Löve (Midarcondo, Union Carbide Productions, Amason etc) and Rickard “Bobban” Johansson (Den Stora Vilan, Hills etc.), three experienced and wide eared musicians with a fearless approach to their main instruments and music in general.

With song titles like “Björkarnas Sus” (Whiz Of The Birch Trees) and “Commodification Blues”, ”Musique Pour L’Esprit En Expansion” mixes nature romanticism with raw political comments about consumption. The sound moves from stooges LA blues-land to Swedish progg with each instrumentalists shining through in grand style! Axel describes the less song-oriented tracks as “directed improvisation” – it’s loose but not eclectic.

Whatever sense you are using to catch this music, Græns message of cosmic unity and creative freedom will carry through to you!


Barry says: Yet another genre-defining outing from the ever reliable Hoga Nord here with the wonderful Graens encompassing aspects of Prog, Krautrock and even hints of slow folky minimalism. It's an intoxicating and fulfilling listen and one that cements Hoga Nord as one of the most continually exciting labels around.


A1. D-Takt I D-Dur (D-Beat In D-Major)
A2. Open Up Your Fears
A3. Commodification Blues
A4. There Is No Origin
A5. Universal Dub
B1. Bjorkarnas Sus
B2. Le Ravail Continue (Melodie Par Et Pour Nordholm)

Minami Deutsch

Tunnel / New Pastoral Life

    Sunrise, Sunset, Wherever. And who are ya!? We are Höga Nord Rekords and we´re busy keepin on. This time with a fresh 7" release from Minami Deutsch. Pure kraut live and direct from Tokyo. The quartet released their debut during 2015 on Chapata Records/Cardinal Fuzz (UK) and Guru Guru Brain in Japan. Of course you can hear their love for kraut-rock legends such as Can and Neu! But more interesting is the bands members definition of themselves as repetition freaks.

    A-Side New Pastoral Life sounds like a repetitive mystic chant that wants to communicate with Klaus Dinger on a ouija board in a distant and deep forrest.

    B-side Tunnel offers a straight forward monokrautriot. Kyotara Miula (guitar, vocals, synthesizer), Taku Rauschenberg (guitar), Keita Ise (bass) and Hikari Sakashita (drums) surely comes from the same strain as Bo Ningen, Cybele no Nichiyobi and Kikagaku Moyo. Act like you know! 

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