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Hilton Felton

Be-Bop Boogie

    Hilton Felton was a jazz organ player from Norfolk, Virginia. He at one time played with Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers. He later recorded on a live album session with Eva Cassidy “A Man For All Reasons” is his signature solo album from 1980, now impossible to find on LP vinyl. It includes this 'rare groove' jazz funk dancer “Be-Bop Boogie” recorded at the same studio as Gil Scott-Heron's "The Bottle”. At over nine minutes long, the 7” breaks this down into Parts 1 and 2, a rare Japanese 7” edition doing the same from 2011 now commanding £75. Over the years, breaks from the track has been sampled by Bill Riley, DJ Sensei and Chris Energy


    1. Be-Bop Boogie (Part 1)
    2. Be-Bop Bogie (Part 2)

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