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Ahead of his brand new Cantoma LP, Balearic hero Phil Mison whets our appetite, whistle and pants with a brand new remix 12" of forthcoming track "Kasoto", recored in Gambia with the help of Advoms Skhaan and featuring the vocals of Jojo Mendy. 
Phil starts the beach party himself under his Noche Espanola guise, slipping us a rather frisky Balearic house bomba, all flamenco guitar, hand claps, kora and carefree vocal with a sublime diversion into early Noid dubspace. Not only is this one seriously refreshing treat, but Phil sticks the umbrella in the cocktail on the A2 in the form of a bonus beat for anyone looking to get creative during happy hour. Over on the B-side, the scourge of Easyjet, DJ Speedy Boarding (best name of the week!) strips the more frivolous elements of the original back for a steamy mid tempo jacker topped with an 8-bit motif a la "Dream Beam". Finally, mysterious Japanese do Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu serve up a version for the sundowners, embracing the widescreen with a panoramic variation rich in nuanced percussion, gentle nods to folk and swelling pads. 


Patrick says: With summer just around the corner, Mr Mison trails his forthcoming Cantoma LP with this jolly remix disc including his own Balearic house version (plus bonus beats), an Adriatic jacker from DJ Speedy Boarding (lol) and a sublime sunset edition from Karel Arbus and Eiji Takamatsu.

Now we're talking! After an endless winter of doom, gloom and cold war revivalism, Noche Espanola is here to herald the return of warmer days, white sands and primo pingers (our current batch are windmills - reassuringly expensive). The man behind the music, Balearic legend, production whizz and melodic maestro Phil Mison, forgets the stress of current affairs and takes us back to the glory days of Balearic house. The Outdoor Mix of "Domino" locks into a precise 4/4, flirts with some gorgeous conga rolls then lets Phil take it away with breesy acoustic guitar licks. From there we feel the force of a girthy synth sequence, delivering the neccessary bassweight to balance out the pitched down vocal sample - the crowd will go wild! On the flip, the Indoor Mix ditches the acoustic guitar, pushes the synths to the forefront and slots into heads down groove mode, additional cowbell and crystalline keys an added bonus. Phil drops a beatless synth outro as the umbrella in our cocktail then takes his lilo elsewhere - job done.


Patrick says: It's always a good day when a Highwood box arrives, and Senor Mison's latest EP offers a much needed dose of dopamine in these uncertain times. This is Balearic house at its best, effortless, melodic and totally evocative of carefree days on the dance floor.


12" Info: Limited Hand Stamped 12" + Sticker

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