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Hidden Spheres supplying the fruits once again. More tried and tested club material from the Fruit Merchant main man. Love Hate EP is a tale of two sides.

On Side A Hidden Spheres proves there’s no messin’ with ‘Step to me’ & ‘Don’t Front. Flipping over to the B we see that he’s really just a lover at heart, not a hatter, with the swung out sounds of ‘LUVR MAN’ and the deep sleaze of ‘SO SXY’..


Barry says: Shop favourite and all-round good egg 'Spheres presents another deep suite of jagged dancefloor melodies and rich, syncopated FM hits. Tom's instantly recognisable style and angular swagger shine through on these tracks, but with a step towards the more wonky side of house. Another classic and impeccable sonic fusion from Hidden Spheres.


A1. Step To Me
A2. Don’t Front

Fruit Merchant returns with head honcho Hidden Spheres supplying the goods once again. Following on from the success of his last Rhythm Section release 'Tanzen', Hidden Spheres is back in turbo mode, this time with 'Get Lover' a true tried and tested dancefloor destroyer.

The Fruit Merchant crew had only one artist in mind when it came to remix duties and that is local Manc supplier of dancefloor bangers DJ Absolutely Shit.


Matt says: A double whammy of Manchester magic from your local superstars Hidden Spheres and DJ Absolutely Shit. The tropical-proto-house vibes of Hidden Spheres' "Get Lover" are twisted into a rushing, piano-breaks anthem in the hands of Irlam's finest. Mega tackle.


A1. Get Lover
B1. Get Lover (DJ Absolutley Shit Remix)

Sometimes writing press releases is really hard. There’s a certain artwork to summing up the essence of a composition to someone who hasn’t yet heard the music.

Thankfully - this is not the case with the latest EP from Manchester's Hidden Spheres. Tom is in his purple period - and after nearly a decade of releasing delicately constructed songs that sit in the hinterland between dancefloor and home listening, he’s finally cracked the code for creating ABSOLUTE BANGERS, with all the class and lightness of touch present from his previous work.

Hidden Spheres is in turbo mode - and you’ve most likely heard these tunes without knowing it - "Tanzen" has been a staple in Bradley Zero’s set for the last year and has always, always caused complete dancefloor destruction. Add in the Italo flavoured Paula Tape remix and you have one of the most exciting dancefloor propositions of the year.


Matt says: The Mancunian producer / DJ and Rhythm Section all star drops a fully club-focussed EP that's been causing 'nuff damage to those lucky enough to have an upfront promo.


A1. Tanzen (ft. Ina) (club Mix)
A2. Tanzen (ft. Ina (mate Mix)
B1. Mind Over Mate
B2. Not Of This World
B3. Tanzen (paula Tape Remix)

Hidden Spheres

Drum Chums Vol. 6

Summertime sounds abound on the sixth Drum Chums disc, which comes lovingly dubbed and diced by our friendly Fruit Merchant Hidden Spheres.

Known globally for his free-flowing DJ sets, halcyon house hits and mastery of melody, Tom's been at the top of his game for time now - just check those releases on Rhythm Section and Scissor & Thread - and it's a pleasure to carry his drum sticks for this one. Cracking open his vault of top secret DJ tweaks, Spheres explores sweltering proto-house, tropical disco lilt and deepest waters across three floor-ready cuts.

The Fruit Merchant plucks something ripe from the Kalimba Tree on the A side, starting the party properly with joyous Afro-house jam 'Stolen'. Carnival-friendly drums and a Boyd Jarvis bassline wind up your waist while the call-and-response vocals and exuberant brass send hands and heads skywards before the track transitions into an utterly ecstatic sax-led breakdown. This is magic.

For the B-side, Hidden Spheres treats us to a couple of deep digs from his time in Australia, both originating in the Aboriginal community.
Emerging from the astral vibrations of a didgeri-drone, 'You Better Dance' casually locks into an irresistible 105bpm groove, strolling through the echo-laced dub space as its poetic vocal speaks to your soul. Balearic-paced and cosmic-minded, this one plays perfectly next to those I-Level 12's.

For finale 'Together', Spheres shifts back into proto-house mode, locking a hypnotic piano riff into some militant snare rolls to lay the foundation for the impassioned vocal. Delivering the occasional diversion into more mournful territories, Spheres reminds us why deep house deity DJ Sprinkles always takes his calls.

100% Drum Fun Guaranteed.


Mine says: We have the B1 playing on the shop deck as I type this and I'm swooning over it big time! That's not to say that the other two tracks aren't worth your while. As with everything Talking Drums put out, it's a well-rounded 12" of dub-y cosmic delights. Buy on sight!


A. Stolen
B1. You Better Dance
B2. Together

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