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Les Vikings De La Guadeloupe

Best Of - Enko On Ti Tou

The return of the most important French Antillean band of the 60’s and the 70’s. They bring a unique mix of Biguine, funk, Latin, compas and early zouk.

Camille Sopran’n, who founded the band with guitarist Guy Jacquet and bassist Pierre-Edouard Décimus, personally selected this compilation from the Vikings’ vast discography of about 20 albums, starting in 1967. They obviously inherited a lot from “roots music” (Gwo Ka), jazz and the beguine that had been played on the island since the late 19th century, and of which they give a dazzlingly modern version on “Tou Touni”.

Their music is buffeted by the artistic winds that were sweeping the Caribbean: “Rumbo Melon” is influenced by Latin music; “Assez Palé” is a cover of a number by the great Haitian saxophonist and composer Nemours Jean Baptiste, who is often presented as the inventor of kompa; and “Ambiance” offers a new take on “Guhe Huiamo” by the Ivory Coast singer Amédée Pierre.

Various Artists

Ethiopiques Box Vol. 2

    Reissue for the first time of original Ethiopian 7inch with the beautiful artwork. 6 different 7inch plus a poster and 6 stickers included in a boxset. Track Selection, by Francis Falceto (ethiopiques series founder and Ethiopian music specialist).

    Following the success of volume 1, sold out at the record store day 2017, Heavenly Sweetness decided with Francis Falceto to give a follow up to this boxset of Ethiopian singles. Francis plunged into his impressive collection of Ethiopian records to bring out colourful pearls.

    There are great names of the golden age of Ethiopian music such as Mahmoud Ahmed, Alemayehu Eshete, Ali Mohamed Birra but also less known artists to be rediscovered as Muluquen Melesse, Alayew Mesfin or Seyoum Gebreyes. This box is a tribute to the Ethiopian music producer Ali Tango, who produced most of these EP’s.

    Edmony Krater

    An Ka Sonje

      Following the reissue of his cult 1988 album ‘Tijan Pou Velo’, Heavenly Sweetness decided to continue their collaboration with Guadeloupean musician Edmony Krater and record a new album together, his first one in 30 years!

      As an avant-gardist percussionist, singer and trumpet player, Edmony Krater has always worked to develop and promote the gwoka music of Guadeloupe and to feed it with different influences, from jazz to reggae. This approach is again evident on ‘An Ka Sonje ‘ as he merges these influences and sounds to mesmerising effect.

      Various Artists

      Ethiopiques Box



        Box set of six original Ethiopian 7" singles. Reissued for the first time with beautiful artwork. The booklet includes photos, track selection and liners notes by Francis Falceto (Ethiopiques series founder and Ethiopian music specialist).

        Many of the tracks were later included on the iconic Ethiopiques series of albums and compilations, which brought the treasures of the Ethiopian music scene of the 60s and 70s to a wider audience.Includes tracks by Mulatu Astatke, Getatchew Mekurya, Mahmoud Ahmedm Girma Bèyènè and Alemayehu Eshete.

        The original 7"s are almost impossible to track down these days and sell individually for jaw-dropping amounts online, including one for over £600!


        7" Box Set Info: 1 copy only!

        After introducing the wider world to the DIY electronics and sunkissed rhythms of the French West Indies via their first volume, Heavenly Sweetness wow us once again with the mighty Digital Zandoli compilation. Compiled by world renowned French diggers Julien Achard (Diggers Digest) and Nicolas Skliris (Superfly Records) Volume 2 contains twelve new musical weapons for the dancefloor from the French West Indies Zouk scene.
        This second instalment kicks off in wall shaking style with the tough beats, sound system bass and zouk/dancehall hybrid of "Ban Di Fwan" by Coco / Fabert, before cooling down via an instrumental of Wach' Da's "Confrontation", a sultry poolside roller with fat synth bass and airy flute riffs. Michel Alibo brings the tonalities of US RnB to his tropical rhythm on the A3, before the B-side brings the soulful sound of Osmose, Juliane's synth-zouk stepper and a loved up romp from Champagn'. Onto the second disc and we get a synth-disco stomper from Jo Star (killer!), Alex Rosa's "Sistern" (file next to your Tabuley Rochereau "Hafi Deo") and the body bending banger "Pou Qui A" by Patrick Nuissier. There's no let up on the heat as we hit the D-side, riding the digitally flipped tradional rhythm of Vik'In's "Tension La Ka Mont", chanting along to the gruff vocals of Joyeaux De Cocotier's funk bomb, a skanking with a smile to Djeminay's dubwise "Sun Plash".
        Once again it's an all killer, no filler affair, shining a well deserved spotlight on a forgotten corner of the global music map. 


        Patrick says: I was over in Paris recently on a digging mission, and the flea markets, pound bins and second hand stores are swamped with shit zouk records. It's with this in mind that I give Julien and Nicolas my utmost respect for wading through the wasteland to find only the finest cuts from the French West Indies. Volume One was amazing, but this is better! Bon chance!

        Last volume of this killer compilation series and again a great one. Containing lots of amazing tunes from across the globe that you may or may not have been looking for! Over the last five years and as many volumes of their "Beach Diggin’" compilations, Guts and Mambo have explored the reefs of five continents, dredged the sea beds of countless seas and oceans, examined every single seashell with the aim of making sure that no vinyl pearl should escape their notice. Tunisian reggae, Japanese disco, West Indian jazz-funk, the duo’s aesthetic dribbling skills would stop the savviest Brazilian football player dead in his tracks, and it was with this in mind that they proceeded to select their discoveries. With a marked preference for meditative free-diving rather than tour package scuba diving, and isolated spots rather than massively overdeveloped beachfronts. For this latest instalment of their adventures, Guts and Mambo have organised another expedition around the world, to salute the spots where for the last five years they have uncovered rare specimens, saving some of them from total extinction, while shining a light on others that amply deserved it.

        Though each "Beach Diggin’" compilation can be listened to independently of the others, the five together now form a kind of navigational chart signalling with its green flags the places where, in Africa, Europe, Asia, America, and the South Pacific, they gambolled on sandy beaches, avoiding the well-trodden path, becoming more and more demanding with each passing year.
        Beach diggin’ is a state of mind...


        Patrick says: Guts & Mambo dodge the novelty beer coolers and errant Frisbees to deliver a fifth volume of the globe-trotting groove fest, ‘Beach Diggin'. Amongst other summery gems, we're treated to Japanese jazz-funk, a Caribbean Sade cover and an African street soul flip on a Bob Marley love song. Fine by me!

        Classic sounding but contemporary hip-hop here from beatmakers Tagi & Steven Beatberg who, after previously producing instrumentals finally get round to presenting a comprehensive, multi-voice album with a wealth of collaborators. Falling in the same vein as the conscious, chilled and weed-friendly styles of DJ Food, Mr. Scuff, Dilated People's, Blackalicious, DJ Shadow, The Roots etc. The album features rapper Big Pooh, former member of the Little Brother group, the contemporary soul star Lisa Spada, alongside, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Tiemoko from Paris and many many more. Boom-bap beats; dusty, sample heavy grooves and smooth-ass vocal deliveries that encourage the listener to pay attention and explore the lyrical content. I really like this, it brings back fond memories of days spent skateboard and smoking weed, late afternoons catching the bus home as the sun sets on an industrial landscape. Of hanging out in small terrace house bedrooms and backyards. There's a real emotion, spirit and flavour to nearly every track. 

        After the success of ‘Kouté Jazz’, Heavenly Sweetness comes back with a dancefloor compilation, something keep your feet moving through the whole summer! 13 disco, boogie and zouk tracks recorded in the 80's in the West Indies.

        This is a dancefloor album compiled by Digger’s Digest and is a great project for fans of the Tropical music movement and electronic music with 12 tracks that have never compiled before.

        The advantage of this selection is that it reveals a broader spectrum to the Zouk music style that is poorly defined. Consider the tracks hidden gems, despite previously being interpreted by some big names in Caribbean music (Pierre-Edouard Decimus / Patrick St. Eloi / Eddy La Viny). These Tracks reveal this will of singularity, this merger between traditional and other rhythms genres (funk, disco, afro-beat, Latin Brazilian), with the addition of new instruments such as synthesizers and drums machine in the creative process.

        In many Zouk's albums, this period often included one or even several tracks that were qualified as "proto-zouk" and "funky-zouk" or the "boogie-zouk" to emphasize the fusion of genres. But these tracks have remained unknown to the general public...

        Guts - a French producer exiled in Ibiza, and Mambo - a cult Los Angeles-based painter, present their third helping of their widely acclaimed 'Beach Diggin' series, a scintillating summery selection of obscure but wonderful soul, funk, disco, Latin, reggae and tropical beats. This time round vibes arrive from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Saint Thomas, the USA and Canada. It's the season of the juiciest, sweetest fruit, of shorts, tank tops and thongs, the time of year when you look at life through a dark pair of sunglasses. Summer is also the time of year when lovers of soul, disco, funk, bossa, jazz and other similar grooves get together to enjoy the sunny vibrations sampled by Guts and Mambo from the world over. Since 2013, this duo has trademarked their discoveries with the appellation Beach Diggin', a label that certifies the quality and rarity of its products and guarantees a maximum dose of sunshine for every groove. Braving the hordes of sugar-hungry bees swarming around boxes of Caribbean records, the humidity in the holds of boats, or jostling to save 45's lying on the ground from being trampled underfoot, Guts and Mambo, at the risk of their own lives, have explored the most far-flung corners of the earth, all for a single purpose: To discover and to share.

        Elvin Jones

        Coalition (180g Vinyl Edition)

          High quality reissue of Elvin Jones's excellent 1974 album on Blue Note, from Paris based label Heavenly Sweetness. The LP features quality sound taken from the original master tapes, 180g vinyl, heavy cardboard sleeve and original artwork.

          Wonderful modal session with hard bop flavours by Coltrane's drummer, featuring Frank Foster, George Coleman and Candido. The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow awarded the album 4 stars stating "This was a particularly creative and often intense ensemble, attached to the hard bop tradition but always looking forward."

          Personnel: Elvin Jones (drums), George Coleman (tenor saxophone), Frank Foster (tenor saxophone, alto clarinet), Wilbur Little (bass), Candido Camero (conga, tambourine)

          Abdul Rahim Ibrahim, AKA Doug Carn

          Al Rahman! Cry Of The Floridian Tropic Son

            In 1975 Doug Carn split up with his wife Jean, but continued the spiritual and musical quest started with his album releases for the Black Jazz imprint. Two years later, and after converting to Islam Doug reappeared as Abdul Rahim Ibrahim with this amazing, self-produced album, "Al Rahman! Cry Of The Floridian Tropic Son". Far from the fundamentalist practices he criticises in his sleeve notes, on this album he experiments with a fusion of his Afro-American musical roots of gospel, soul and jazz with Islamic culture. The result is surprising, blending the emotional depth of Coltranian jazz and the smoothness of Californian soul as in the magnificent, hypnotic vocal version of "Al Rahman", the first sura of the Koran. Devotional and funky, the tracks on Doug Carn's album alternate between moments of pure funk like "Balancez Calinda", an ode to disco's New Orleans roots, and magnificent soul-jazz songs such as "Tropic Sons".

            "Infini" is a beautiful CD recorded recently in France, but done with the same spiritual undercurrents of 70s independent jazz vocal work from the USA. Anne Wirz sings in both English and French, and she's drawing here on some great inspirations -- material from Sathima Bea Benjamin ("Music"), Herbie Hancock and Mark Murphy ("Maiden Voyage"), Michel Legrand, and Carlos Garnett ("Mother Of The Future") as well as some of her own great compositions too! Backing is by a small combo that includes the mighty John Betsch on drums, plus piano, Fender Rhodes, bass, and a bit of harp, all recorded with a nice sense of warmth and soul, in the manner of other recent contemporary classics on the Heavenly Sweetness label.

            Doug Hammond

            A Tear / Dope Of Power Suite - Fourtet Remix

            A lovely little 7" this one guys prior to a forthcoming LP on Heavenly Sweetness, Doug drops this beautiful ballad. Side-A's "A Tear" is a lush piano ballad with Kirk Lightsey on the ivories, basically a lush spiritual paean with Dougs croon nestling sweetly over the keys. Over on side-B, Four Tet remixes "Dop Of Power Suite" into a wonky drum-a-thon, which eventually drops to a nice funky breakbeat track.

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