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The follow up to renowned French DJ/producer/digger Guts (of Beach Diggin’ fame) 2019 album of the same name! The finest selection of his favourite tracks from his DJ sets, those tried and tested dancefloor bombs he reaches for time and time again.

Covering obscure Latin, soul, Afrobeat, zouk and house, with a helping hand from Dam Swindle, with two of their remixes included.

“Any DJ set tells you, unconsciously or not, about its author. Through the record choices and the way they are organized, one can feel the DJ’s state of mind...In this selection, you’ll find 7” vinyl records available to everyone sitting proudly next to some rarities found online and acquired through nerve-raking auctions battles. There are indeed exclusive remixes along with titles that until now were only available in their digital formats. Now for the first time they are available here in vinyl format.” - GUTS


The Dutch Benglos - Shabi-Bi-Di-Do
Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band - Yamona (Dam Swindle Remix)
Pupkulies & Rebecca - Saude
La Gran Banda Calena - Que Quieres Que Haga
Martina Camargo - Me Robaste El Sueno
Mackjoss - Mounadji
Voilaaa - Limy -A Feat. David Walters, Lass & Pat Kalla
Jobby Valente - Mi Moin Mi Ou
Luis Dias - Liborio
Bande Gamboa - P Di Bissilon-Dam Swindle
Ngalah Oreyo - Aye / Alcione - Nzambi-Muadiakime
Ismael & Sixu Tour - Utammada
Pat Kalla - Canette (BOSQ Remix)
Aurelio- Nando
Chucho Pinto - Cumbia De Sal Y Azucar

Various Artists

Ethiopiques Box Vol. 2

    Reissue for the first time of original Ethiopian 7inch with the beautiful artwork. 6 different 7inch plus a poster and 6 stickers included in a boxset. Track Selection, by Francis Falceto (ethiopiques series founder and Ethiopian music specialist).

    Following the success of volume 1, sold out at the record store day 2017, Heavenly Sweetness decided with Francis Falceto to give a follow up to this boxset of Ethiopian singles. Francis plunged into his impressive collection of Ethiopian records to bring out colourful pearls.

    There are great names of the golden age of Ethiopian music such as Mahmoud Ahmed, Alemayehu Eshete, Ali Mohamed Birra but also less known artists to be rediscovered as Muluquen Melesse, Alayew Mesfin or Seyoum Gebreyes. This box is a tribute to the Ethiopian music producer Ali Tango, who produced most of these EP’s.


    Alemayehu Eshete “Tashamanaletch”
    Alemayehu Eshete “Wub Alem”
    Ali Mohamed Birra “Eshurruru”
    Ali Mohamed Birra “Inyaadi’ini”
    Ayalew Mesfin “Gud Aderegetchegn”
    Ayalew Mesfin “Feqer Aydelem Wey”
    Mahmoud Ahmed “Ere Mela Mela/Metche Ne“
    Mahmoud Ahmed “Abbay Mado
    Embwa Belew”
    Muluquen Melesse “Tezeta”
    Muluquen Melesse “Alagencewhaten”
    Seyoum Gebreyes “Metch Ene Terf Feleghu”
    Seyoum Gebreyes “Muziqa Muziqa”

    Edmony Krater

    An Ka Sonje

      Following the reissue of his cult 1988 album ‘Tijan Pou Velo’, Heavenly Sweetness decided to continue their collaboration with Guadeloupean musician Edmony Krater and record a new album together, his first one in 30 years!

      As an avant-gardist percussionist, singer and trumpet player, Edmony Krater has always worked to develop and promote the gwoka music of Guadeloupe and to feed it with different influences, from jazz to reggae. This approach is again evident on ‘An Ka Sonje ‘ as he merges these influences and sounds to mesmerising effect.


      Nou Kontan 
      Jouwé Tanbou 
      A Pa Jôdi 
      Mi Yo Rivé 
      An Ba Jouk 
      Ti Jan Ka 
      Donga èvè Sé Neg Mawon 
      An Ka Sonjé 
      Encore Un Peu

      Various Artists

      Digital Zandoli 2

        After introducing the wider world to the DIY electronics and sunkissed rhythms of the French West Indies via their first volume, Heavenly Sweetness wow us once again with the mighty Digital Zandoli compilation. Compiled by world renowned French diggers Julien Achard (Diggers Digest) and Nicolas Skliris (Superfly Records) Volume 2 contains twelve new musical weapons for the dancefloor from the French West Indies Zouk scene.
        This second instalment kicks off in wall shaking style with the tough beats, sound system bass and zouk/dancehall hybrid of "Ban Di Fwan" by Coco / Fabert, before cooling down via an instrumental of Wach' Da's "Confrontation", a sultry poolside roller with fat synth bass and airy flute riffs. Michel Alibo brings the tonalities of US RnB to his tropical rhythm on the A3, before the B-side brings the soulful sound of Osmose, Juliane's synth-zouk stepper and a loved up romp from Champagn'. Onto the second disc and we get a synth-disco stomper from Jo Star (killer!), Alex Rosa's "Sistern" (file next to your Tabuley Rochereau "Hafi Deo") and the body bending banger "Pou Qui A" by Patrick Nuissier. There's no let up on the heat as we hit the D-side, riding the digitally flipped tradional rhythm of Vik'In's "Tension La Ka Mont", chanting along to the gruff vocals of Joyeaux De Cocotier's funk bomb, a skanking with a smile to Djeminay's dubwise "Sun Plash".
        Once again it's an all killer, no filler affair, shining a well deserved spotlight on a forgotten corner of the global music map. 


        Patrick says: I was over in Paris recently on a digging mission, and the flea markets, pound bins and second hand stores are swamped with shit zouk records. It's with this in mind that I give Julien and Nicolas my utmost respect for wading through the wasteland to find only the finest cuts from the French West Indies. Volume One was amazing, but this is better! Bon chance!


        Coco / Fabert - Ban Di Fwan
        Wach' Da - Confrontation (Instrumental)
        Michel Alibo - Pou Jaloux
        Osmose - Melodi
        Juliane - Blanc E Noir (Instrumental)
        Champagn' - L’anmou Aw
        Jo Star - Demar Moin
        Alex Rosa - Sistem 
        Patrick Nuissier - Pou Qui A
        Vik'In - Tension La Ka Mont
        Joyeaux De Cocotier - Pina Colada Coco Loco
        Djeminay - Sun Plash

        Anne Wirz


          "Infini" is a beautiful CD recorded recently in France, but done with the same spiritual undercurrents of 70s independent jazz vocal work from the USA. Anne Wirz sings in both English and French, and she's drawing here on some great inspirations -- material from Sathima Bea Benjamin ("Music"), Herbie Hancock and Mark Murphy ("Maiden Voyage"), Michel Legrand, and Carlos Garnett ("Mother Of The Future") as well as some of her own great compositions too! Backing is by a small combo that includes the mighty John Betsch on drums, plus piano, Fender Rhodes, bass, and a bit of harp, all recorded with a nice sense of warmth and soul, in the manner of other recent contemporary classics on the Heavenly Sweetness label.

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