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The music is taken from a project originally commissioned by London’s Science Museum to live score Fritz Lang’s 1927 cinematic landmark, Metropolis on it’s 90th anniversary. The band performed the score live at the Science Museum’s IMAX in April 2017 in an event that was part of the acclaimed Robots exhibition and series. This new release is a studio recording of the 150 minute score, recorded in its entirety and mixed by Nik Void with the exception of the tracks ‘Heart of Data’ and ‘Babel’ which was mixed by award-winning producer Marta Salogni. ‘A Soundtrack For A Film’ will be made available for the first time as a box set comprising four x 12" vinyl on the band’s own imprint H/O/D Records.

The artwork is by British artist Haroon Mirza adapted and arranged by Nik Void in collaboration with illustrator Sam Moore. Factory Floor are Nik Void and Gabriel Gurnsey whose electronic improvisational style of performance has seen them at home in gallery spaces like Tate Modern, to clubs like fabric and Berghain to a remote volcanic Island of Stromboli in collaboration with artist Haroon Mirza. Their critically acclaimed second album 25 25 was released in the summer of 2016 on DFA Records. 

Factory Floor

Transform / Wonder

Factory Floor take to their H/O/D (Heart Of Data) imprint for the second time with toxic ooze and body move of "Transform / Wonder". Inspired by Maria's (me neither) metamorphosis from human into robot, "Transform" starts out with a swelling haze of scuzzy ambience and scattered percussion, setting an eerie tone before gradually emerging as a hypnotic, teutonic synth stomper. Deceptively simple, the track slays with solid kicks, well tempered hats and a relentless, irresistible bassline. Grunting machine idents and buzzing synths hint at a digitised soul, but really this jam's all about the body. B-side offering "Wonder" cuts a shadowy silhouette, setting mournful but moving waveforms to a sombre bassline and slow moving kick drum. Amid the whispered vocals, cinematic synth swells and vintage percussion idents, this could eaily be a rare foray into clubland for Vangelis or John Foxx. 

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