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The Third Man

Procession Part 1

    LA based independent experimental techno label Halocyan, returns with an outstanding EP from Toby Leeming AKA The Third Man (Ai Records, Sunday Best, Tabernacle Records, Chaval Records)

    Koffi is a hypnotic driving techno track. Red Boxing a low swung deep bass techno / house groove.

    Closing the EP Repeater is a deep melodic detroit techno jam. A strong EP from the young London based artist which proves he has a bright future ahead of him.

    180G cyan blue 12" vinyl with Laser-etched tracklist in double sleeves and a deluxe PvC wallet with flap. The outer sleeve is embossed with die cut over-sized centres, 2 spot uv stickers and a cyan metallic foil stamp.


    12" Info: Cyan blue vinyl.

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