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Green Day

BBC Sessions

    Between 1994 to 2001, Green Day would visit the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios in London four times and record live sessions for Radio 1’s “Evening Show” and its DJ Steve Lamacq.

    On December 10th, Warner Records will release Green Day ‘BBC Sessions’, a 16-track collection of these recordings which documents those sessions, all of which are being released for the first time.

    This compilation includes many of the band’s hits including “When I Come Around”, “Basket Case”, “Brain Stew/Jaded” and “Minority”.


    01 She (BBC Live Session)
    02 When I Come Around (BBC Live Session)
    03 Basket Case (BBC Live Session)
    04 2000 Light Years Away (BBC Live Session)
    05 Geek Stink Breath (BBC Live Session)
    06 Brain Stew/Jaded (BBC Live Session)
    07 Walking Contradiction (BBC Live Session)
    08 Stuck With Me (BBC Live Session)
    09 Hitchin' A Ride (BBC Live Session)
    10 Nice Guys Finish Last (BBC Live Session)
    11 Prosthetic Head (BBC Live Session)
    12 Redundant (BBC Live Session)
    13 Castaway (BBC Live Session)
    14 Church On Sunday (BBC Live Session)
    15 Minority (BBC Live Session)
    16 Waiting (BBC Live Session)

    Green Day

    Nimrod - Vinyl Reissue

      New vinyl pressing of Green Day’s 1997 platinum selling album Nimrod. The album features one of the band’s biggest singles in Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life).

      This pressing comes on black double vinyl with Side D featuring an etching.

      Green Day

      Father Of All...

        Formed in 1986 in Berkeley, California, Green Day are one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time, with more than 70 million records sold worldwide and 10 billion cumulative audio/visual streams. Their 1994 breakout album ‘Dookie’, which sold over 10 million copies globally and is triple-Platinum in the UK, is widely credited with popularising and reviving mainstream interest in punk rock, catapulting a career-long run of hit singles.

        In 2004, Green Day released the rock opera ‘American Idiot’ which captured the world’s attention, selling more than 7 million copies in the U.S. alone and taking home the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album. In 2010, a stage adaptation of ‘American Idiot’ debuted on Broadway to critical and commercial acclaim.

        In the UK, Green Day have scored three #1 albums, including their most recent, 2016’s ‘Revolution Radio’, as well as a further five which have hit the Top 10. They’ve also been a regular fixture on the singles charts with classic hits such as ‘American Idiot’, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’, ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’, ‘Basket Case’ and ‘Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)’.


        Barry says: It's been a good while since Green Day came out of the starting blocks like this (over 15 years in fact), but 'Father Of all..' proves that they still have all of the vim and focus on perfect punky production that has served them so well. 'Father Of all...' is definitely a return, proving they just keep bringing it right back!

        Green Day


          Do you remember when Green Day were young and loud and took meth rather than all-in-one vitamin suppliments? I do, and it was a great time. Following on from their breakout 1994 LP, 'Dookie' was never going to be easy, having amassed a ton of new fans and lost a few that didn't like their new, clean-cut major label outlook (it's just a bit of compression guys, give it a rest), 1995's 'Insomniac' was possibly not quite what people expected. 

          Expectations or not though, Insomniac couldn't be any more representative of a band launched to the limelight, with their sound maintaining it's unique bass-heavy sound but the snarling world-weary subject matters taking forefront. 'Geek Stink Breath' for example screaming about the downsides of methamphetamine use, much like Insomniac's arguable standout 'Brain Stew' (fun fact : the MASSIVE hit 'Time Of Your Life' from follow-up 'Nimrod' was in fact a B-side to a brain-shaped CD single that included Brain Stew, Jaded and a stripped-back acoustic strummed affair then titled just 'Good Riddance') 

          It's an absolutely stunning LP, and a perfect, darker flipside to Dookie's naive snarling youth.  


          Barry says: I know, I know, everyone prefers 'Dookie' but it just didn't have the wide-ranging breadth of sounds we get on 'Insomniac'. It's undeniably cleaner, but with changes in rhythm and drive, and it's more introspective moments it's a different pace, and a clear sign of their more nuanced sound.


          1. Armatage Shanks 2:16
          2. Brat 1:43
          3. Stuck With Me 2:15
          4. Geek Stink Breath 2:15
          5. No Pride 2:19
          6. Bab's Uvula Who? 2:08
          7. 86 2:47
          8. Panic Song 3:35
          9. Stuart And The Ave. 2:03
          10. Brain Stew 3:12
          11. Jaded 1:30
          12. Westbound Sign 2:13
          13. Tight Wad Hill 2:01
          14. Walking Contradiction 2:31

          Green Day


            There's no way of denying (though most of my colleagues may try and say otherwise) that Dookie was one of the most seminal albums of the 90's. From the manic drum fill before the roaring snot-nosed fury of 'Burnout', it's clear that we're on to something pretty special.

            From the reinvigorated canonical gloom of 'Welcome To Paradise' (first heard on 1991's 'Kerplunk') and the unmistakeable catchy delights of 'Basket Case' (arguably their biggest hit before the folk-tinged noughties output). We get moments of pained teen relationship woes in the dynamic but longing ('She', 'Coming Clean')  and rhythmic, poppy micro-breakdowns that epitomise the short-form 4-chord delights that Green Day have become so synonymous with. 

            It's a nostalgic, but thoroughly enjoyable journey, filled with moments of pure pop-punk perfection and holds up jast as well today as it ever did. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: This was, undoubtedly the sound of my teenage years and i'm delighted that I can finally play it in the shop (depending on who's in). 'Welcome To Paradise', 'She' 'When I Come Around' and 'Basket Case' all absolute classics, and that is by no means an exhaustive list. There's not a bad tune on here.

            TRACK LISTING

            1 Burnout 2:07
            2 Having A Blast 2:44
            3 Chump 2:54
            4 Longview 3:59
            5 Welcome To Paradise 3:44
            6 Pulling Teeth 2:30
            7 Basket Case 3:03
            8 She 2:14
            9 Sassafras Roots 2:37
            10 When I Come Around 2:58
            11 Coming Clean 1:34
            12 Emenius Sleepus 1:43
            13 In The End 1:46
            14.1 F.O.D. 4:08

            Green Day

            Revolution Radio

              Produced by Green Day and recorded in Oakland, ‘Revolution Radio’ is a potent 12-track blitz of angst-ridden anthems that unites Green Day's fully formed stylistic approach with lyrical themes that address the complexities and uncertainties of modern day existence. Musically, the album is raw, visceral, and fearless -- solidifying the band's reign as one of the leading voices in rock music. The first single, ‘Bang Bang’, released today and inspired by recent events, marks a welcome return from a band with more to say than ever.

              "Of course the world has lost its collective mind… and me, Mike and Tré are lost souls too,” said Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong. “Revolution Radio is a movement for lost souls to come together… dance together… sing together... and most of all, find each other. That's what the spirit of Green Day has been about since day one."

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Somewhere Now
              2. Bang Bang
              3. Revolution Radio
              4. Say Goodbye
              5. Outlaws
              6. Bouncing Off The Wall
              7. Still Breathing
              8. Youngblood
              9. Too Dumb To Die
              10. Troubled Times
              11. Forever Now
              12. Ordinary World 

              Green Day



                This special edition release features 18 unreleased demo recordings from Green Day’s ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré! sessions at Jingletown Studios in Oakland. Demolicious includes one previously unreleased song, “State of Shock,” and an acoustic version of “Stay The Night”.

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