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    Goldendust rides deep and dark but not free of a lush joyful pop sensibility sometimes sneaking in behind menacing moments to disrupt the darkness and let a little light through. If John Carpenter's soundtracks had more Romanticism or synth pop sensibility in there stark minimalism it would sound a bit like these songs. Still something else is at play that's not so easy to pinpoint, which is what separates Goldendust from the current crop of minimal synth revivalists. Joe's vocals are unique in their delivery like a drifters sense of space and time they come not from some urban machine view of the world but from deserted small town parking lots or streets starring out into vacant fields. Maybe the experience is what separates these songs, the identity of the duo itself not as big city chic but of rural state isolation Justin's dual analog synth approach creates the perfect balance between dense bass riffs and sharp leads and both dig deep into big melody.

    Recorded by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studio and mastered by Pete Swanson for maximum fidelity; this is a record that sounds great and is not to be missed. Artwork by Shawn Reed.

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