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Jarv Is / David Holmes & Raven Violet / Meat Raffle / Caia & Dylan Carney


It's been a while since we've heard from the good folks at Golden Lion, so imagine my delight this sunny Tuesday afternoon when the capped but golden mane of Waka strutted proudly through our door with the latest and greatest wares from the creative and magical hills of Todmorden.

Amongst this recent haul we have this extra special nugget from the label featuring no other than Jarvis Cocker, Meatraffle & David Holmes amongst some other lesser known but equally talented musicians. So opening the EP with have a live version of The Falls' "Big New Prinz" by Jarvis, recorded at Barbican Art Gallery, 5th October 2020 during the 'Michael Clark, Cosmic Dancer' exhibition.

Next up is Meatraffle's pastoral kraut anthem: "Mannaggia La Miseria" - comically highlighting the plights of our modern world to a sumptuous soundbed of Wurlitzer, motorik drums and kaleidoscope guitars.

David Holmes & Raven Violet offer up a tribute to Andrew Weatherall who was also part of the Golden Lion inner circle - bringing his ALFOS night to the pub on a number of occasions. Loosely based on Tropical Moon's track of the same name, it's has more Holmes-y instrumentation and much more psychedelic vibe than the blissed out deep house original.

Finally, Caia & Dylan Carney, two artists who you might not have heard of (as I'm assuming they're literally children); get in on the action via "Tango Fish". A short, quirky ditty with a kind of campfire / bedroom story type vibe that I'm sure the Todmorden parents will be handing down the generations...

Wonderful stuff! Limited copies as always from this cult Yorkshire label. A treasure of a record and as usual from GLS an absolute labour of love. Highly recommended!


JARV IS...- Big New Prinz
Meatraffle - Mannaggia La Miseria
David Holmes & Raven Violet - Love Is A Mystery
Caia & Dylan Carney - Tango Fish

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