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Gold Panda

I've Felt Better (Daniel Avery Remix) / Plastic Future (Skee Mask Remix)

    In November 2022, GOLD PANDA released his long-awaited album "The Work". It includes the two singles "I've Felt Better (Than I Do Now)" & "Plastic Future". These were remixed by Gold Panda's friend and companion Daniel Avery and the one and only Skee Mask respectively


    Side A: I’ve Felt Better (Daniel Avery Remix)
    Side B: Plastic Future (Skee Mask Remix)

    Gold Panda

    Good Luck And Do Your Best - 2022 Reissue

      The story of Gold Panda’s journey from an acclaimed debut record to his third full length album, is an entirely circular one. Hailing from Chelmsford Essex in the UK, in the six years since the release of his genre-defining debut album ‘Lucky Shiner’, the electronic artist most comfortable with the moniker Derwin Panda spent the subsequent years splitting the majority of his time between London, Berlin and countless excursions to Japan. As he created his third album "Good Luck And Do Your Best" he ultimately found himself back where he began, in the East of England.


      A1 Metal Bird
      A2 In My Car
      A3 Chiba Nights
      A4 Pink And Green
      A5 Song For A Dead Friend
      B1 I Am Real Punk
      B2 Autumn Fall
      B3 Halyards
      B4 Time Eater
      B5 Unthank
      B6 Your Good Times Are Just Beginning

      Gold Panda

      The Work

        It’s not too rare that an artist would be able to timeline their own personal experiences and growth via the records they release, but very few electronic artists have done it as emotively as Gold Panda. Album title The Work is both a literal statement of the record he took six years to make and deliver, and then, digging deeper, a revelation that it reflects just as much to how he arrived in this place now. The result is a rich album that exudes an assured calm and creative wonder with an artist who’s spent so long getting there


        Barry says: It's wonderful to see Gold Panda return with 'The Work', brimming with feel good glitched groove and mpc-led hip-hop adjacent instrumentals. Blissful but with off-kilter melodic counterpoint to scuff the edges of the bright synthetic scree. Really beautiful, but tinged with meditative sadness.


        A1. Swimmer
        A2. The Dream
        A3. The Corner
        A4. The Want
        A5. I've Felt Better (Than I Do Now)
        B1. Plastic Future
        B2. New Days
        B3. I Spiral
        B4. Arima
        B5. Chrome
        B6. Joni's Room

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