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Never Let You Go

    Hot on the heels of her recent critically acclaimed album ‘Seeking Thrills’, Georgia is releasing the 12’’ of her hit single ‘Never Let You Go’ with an additional remix by legendary UK DJ and producer Skream. Heavily inspired by Chicago house and Detroit techno of the early 80s, ‘Never Let You Go’ fuses analogue club sounds with solid pop songwriting and showcases Georgia’s lifelong love affair with the drums, whereas Skream delivers a driving Kraut-inspired workout of this track.


    12" Info: Indies exclusive 12".

    Georgia Ruth


      On her third album Welsh Music Prize winner Georgia Ruth returns to her roots. Having moved back to her native Aberystwyth ‘Mai’ was recorded in the town’s Grade-II listed Joseph Parry Hall over the course of one week in Spring 2019. Named after the renowned composer and professor, the room was used as a venue for chamber concerts throughout the twentieth century and offered musicians a view of the sun setting over the castle as they worked. But despite this setting Mai (meaning May) is an intimate collection of songs written from within the depths of a house during stolen moments. At its heart sits a beautiful and simple setting of Eifion Wyn’s poem – ‘Gwn ei ddyfod, fis y Mel’ (I know it’s coming, month-of-honey). Mai is a meditation on finding hope and renewal in the seasons, in a world where the certainty of Spring feels increasingly fragile. The album was produced with Iwan Morgan (Meilyr Jones, Cate Le Bon, Richard James) who also engineered mixed and mastered. Additional parts were recorded at his studio in Liverpool. With improvised strings, pedal steel and saxophone sitting alongside harp, the album presents a sound which is both lush and sparse in turn.


      Seeking Thrills

        Georgia’s new album, ‘Seeking Thrills’, is a musically daring story of hedonism, self-discovery and, above all, the transcendental power of the dancefloor.

        The North West Londoner has been on a long, dazzling journey since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album in 2015. Her first self-titled collection of percussive, punk-inflected pop songs was lauded by The Guardian, Vice, The FADER and others - but nobody predicted the about turn she would make when she returned with two rough-hewn diamonds of house music in 2019.


        Coloured LP Info: Available to independent retailers on red heavyweight vinyl with 16-page booklet and digital download code.

        Brand new on cult Manchester imprint Youth comes Firecracker-affiliated duo Georgia. Comprised of Brian Close and Justin Tripp and based in Chinatown, New York, the pair make galvanized futurescapes and granular rhythms; populated by 5D holographic melodies that hint at the oriental influences present around the act's locale.

        Utilizing intricate and advanced synthesis and sound design methods, robotized vox and thumb piano patterns are mangled and morphed on track "Baiala Ghalic" while phazed tom patterns meet reversed murmurings in a kind of Event Horizon battle cry on "Window 5". There is infact, a lot of vocal utterances that find their way into the transmission; albeit fractured, frequency shifted and distorted beyond its original intention. Perfectly demonstrated on final track: "NY MBL". When Georgia explore rhythmic canvasses it's a highly textured and detailed affair, the level of freeform development unfathomably precise yet sounding natural and loose. 

        Georgia are masters of sonic craft; equal to, and working alongside acts like Burnt Friedman, Kilchhofer, Vladislav Delay, Jan Jelinek and perhaps the electro-jazz side of Moritz Von Oswald (Trio). Recommended!


        Matt says: A tour de force of otherworldly sonic design and future-gazing synthesis; Georgia paint the soundscapes of the next millennium for us to digest right now.

        Consisting neither of one lone woman, nor hailing from either the Eurasian country or the North American state, this Georgia is in fact comprised of two human males working out of China Town, N.Y.C., namely Brian Close and Justin Tripp. Together they form a creative partnership responsible for not just a slew of output upon such highly regarded imprints as Meakusma, Palto Flats and Emotional Response, but also for a kaleidoscopic variety of multimedia work with a whole host of clients, from the corporate to the counter cultural. With an all embracing, freeform and in some ways contradictory approach to production, their sound is at turns stimulating, terrifying, comforting and confounding. Separated from any visual representation, the audio on its own becomes a soundtrack for the listeners' own intense internal projection screen.

        With 'Time', Georgia's vision is especially well realised as here, in collaboration with fellow intuitionists Firecracker Recordings, they release into this world an album which, with any luck, shall help you unlock your inner portals - should they need assistance in that regard anyway. Unquantisable polyrhythms knock against one another in an uncannily externalised, conflicting collage of half remembered dance ritual memories. Fragmented melodies, disembodied vocal snippets, a hint of ethnomusicality in places all give deep nods simultaneously to ancient experience and to post human intelligence, condensing past present and future into one eternal instant.

        'Time' the album asks us: what happens when one removes ones expectations of where in time a piece of music or art must sit? And what of time itself as a construct, now that we have myriad ways of measuring it, even at the atomic level; but still its passing is completely relative according to the observer, and indeed may all be in our minds anyway? Equally, you can always just put it on - again, and again - empty your mind of such thoughts completely, and allow all of your particles to move around freely to this joyful noise... after all, that's the point, isn't it? We're gonna have to stop asking questions eventually.


        Matt says: A thoroughly esoteric opus that sees Firecracker back on top form once again. Absolute devil's music this - rich in voodoo and black magic and definitely not of this earthly realm.

        Written, performed and produced by Georgia in its entirety and recorded in her own home-studio, ‘Georgia’ is the product of two years of obsessive work, but also a young lifetime of voracious music listening.

        Elements of the glacial yet hyper-melodic tone of early 00's grime, sweltering, mid-summer west London dub and ragga, sophisticated pop, first wave post-punk agitation, the formative influence of Missy Elliott and the high-concept, illuminated sound-design work of contemporary artists such as The Knife and Hudson Mohawke run through ‘Georgia’, a record that reveals new layers of intrigue and ingenuity with every listen. 


        Ltd LP Info: The Deluxe LP comes with a bonus 10”.

        G&D - Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins

        The Message Uni Versa

        Like some latter-day beat-centric version of Goffin & King, Georgia and Dudley have been on a collective creative roll in 2007 that shows no sign of stopping yet. Their futuristic hip hop-soul has already been aired on Georgia's "Olesi" and "Patti Blingh" albums, and their "Beautiful Minds" project with Brit DJ / producer 2Tall. Now "The Message Uni Versa" presents a further 20 tracks of the Stones Throw duo's inimitable peace, rhythm and rhyme.

        'More guns than Goodfellas, more cocaine than Scarface', F**k Me USA was started in February 2006 as a concept, a group designed as an idea; everything, from the lyrics, the notes, the artwork, the instruments and the press shots needed to be in place before a single note was played. What followed was twisted film noir storylines over a 150BPM beat, sung in a style not dissimilar to Alan Vega's from '77s New York punk scene. F**k Me USA are Chris Olley and James Flower sometime members of Six By Seven.

        Georgia Anne Muldrow

        Olesi - Fragments Of An Earth

        Inspired by 70s soul, free jazz and a bottom-heavy hip hop thump, Georgia has a unique sound that is mesmerising many of her underground peers. There's just one 22-year old woman behind such a breadth of sonic expression here – she does her own vocals, background vocals AND the beats. Georgia Anne Muldrow springs from a family of musicians in the 60s and 70s progressive jazz scene: Her father invented instruments for Eddie Harris; her mother performed with Pharoah Sanders. In 2005, aged 21, she recorded and released her own EP, "The Worthnothings" – seven chaotic and cathartic songs she wrote exploring the doubt and confusion she felt as a California native adrift in New York. She was soon noticed by hip hop trendsetters SA-RA and Platinum Pied Pipers, both of whom tapped her for collaborations (she's on four tracks on the latter's "Triple P" album). 21 awe inspiring tracks.

        Various Artists

        Deep River Of Song : Georgia

        Georgia has one of the USA's richest musical heritages. These groundbreaking recordings from the 1930's and 1940's are from the Alan Lomax collection and reek with authenticity.

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